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Swimming Weather is a video editing and post production studio founded by Elena Moffet and Tyler Brain. We deliver emotional, powerful and clever stories to our clients, that ladder up to bigger messaging around brands, campaigns and causes. With a background in all facets of film production (we still dabble in shooting and directing here and there) we've found that editing is our sweet spot, and where we want to be the film making process.

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We love taking a mess of footage, and revealing the story beneath. Like panning for gold (which, we've never actually done), we see editing as a painstaking process of revealing what is already there.

We are motivated by the stories of people in all facets of life. We've found that running our own business, we're exposed to a great variety of people and stories. They keep us happy and alive.

We specialize in editing because it's what we love do, and we feel a lot of personal agency in making the decisions that bring a story to life. In the last few years, we've found that's there's actually very few people in the film making industry who love editing. Often, people end up editing because they also shoot or produce - but it's not their passion.

It is ours.

We've built out a powerful state of the art editing suite in Portland, Oregon from which we serve clients all over the country and world.