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Empowering clients through insightful engagement in taking ownership of their goals and aspirations in a strategic, consistent manner. Focused exclusively on the development of core competencies focused on success: step by step.

Whether you seek to improve your mindset, skillset or competencies as a whole, I can certainly assist your in developing a strategic personal, professional or organizational gameplan to achieve your aspirational goals in the process of ongoing evolution

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3 May 2022

I hired Jonathon to assist me in optimizing my business operationally and staff-wise. From day 1 , Mr. Berke gained the respect of both my team and myself with his professionalism, competency and listening skills ( He was always super prepared ) What was most impressive is how he engaged with the team and gained their buy in - not an easy task with my crew. As he prefaced, the results spoke for themselves! Ironically, 2 of my staff ended up hiring him to assist them for their own "evolution." I would certainly recommend JB without hesitation. More...

24 April 2022

Business Consulting

I must say, I was a bit skeptical but all I can say is WOW. I've been working with Jonathon only a week, but I am already experiencing results! ? Most importantly, I have a clear plan on what I need to do and clear targets / steps both personally and professionally. This guy knows his stuff , all you need to do is speak with him. Highly recommend! More...

27 March 2022

Jonathon is amazing! helped me with my business strategy and professionalizing my company. I highly recommend!

24 March 2022

Strategic Evolution Enterprises elevated my professional and personal growth.

Jonathon’s strategic, collaborative, motivational and action-oriented approach translated into enhanced leadership skills, mental acuity, and positive outcomes.

I highly recommend Strategic Evolution Enterprises as your evolutionary growth partner!


Helping people in the ongoing process of growth, achievement and ongoing evolution. More specifically, watching my stakeholders strategically overcome adversity en route to exceeding their goals and evolving in the process. Giving back while assisting other in avoiding the multiple pitfalls I have experienced throughout my life

For over 30 years I have assisted individuals and organizations prosper both internationally and stateside acting as a catalyst for evolution. Throughout this vast journey, I have experienced tremendous growth, powerful insight and have pioneered a set of guiding principles which harvest the knowledge, actions and wisdom required for long term success. I feel it is my obligation to give back, to those persons seeking credible expertise and guidence.

My unique combination of specialized education, diverse business acumen, robust teaching skills and quantifiable accomplishment offer an unparalleled foundation for success for the aspirational individudal. Some of my credintials include:

 Tenured international leader, teacher and mentor conducting business in over 50 plus countries world wide
 Certified Life coach - 2 certificates
 B.S degree in psychology and diploma in adult education
 Expert stylist in men’s apparel, footwear, watches, leather, jewelry and eyewear
 Former certified personal trainer with over 30 years of “hand’s-on” fitness & wellness experience
 Headed global training and development department for 800 million Euro global organization
 Men’s Fashion expert with 25 years of industry experience with brand such as Hermes, Coach, and Montblanc
 High level of global, business acumen in the areas of sales, marketing, training, teaching and branding
 Over 100 books read and a multitude of courses completed in the areas of personal and professional development
 Renowned speaker, instructor and deft highly emotional communicator focused on success and strategic growth
 Traveled to over 70 countries and lived abroad

Absolutely. Each client will receive a personal consult and customized program (based on their aspirations) to be "lived" and implemented daily. All online platforms are available for consult.

Each plan is adjusted and customized based on the individual and local mandates