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Ignite your brand's personality with Stoke Design Co. We specialize in crafting brands through brand strategy, digital design, content creation, and strategic marketing.

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The ability to express your brand will be your single greatest asset.

When you've identified your ideal customer and know how to talk to them, your brand and website will become your single greatest conversion asset.

What are the goals for your project?

Do you have a brand style-guide?

Who is your ideal customer?



The basics of a great photograph are: lighting, composition, and story. A lot of the magic happens in post, as we transform the RAW image to truly make the story come to life.

What are the goals for your project?

Do you have a brand style-guide?

Who is your ideal customer?



I use a phase-based approach to all creative projects:

1. DISCOVERY: We'll meet. I'll get to know you, your brand, and your customer. If you don't have great messaging or your ideal customer identified, we'll knock that out in this phase.

2. RECON: I'll do industry research, work with you to identify your competitors and other brands in the space. We'll learn what they do well and where you can stand out.

3. APPLICATION: We'll discuss and plan out the application for your creative project. Where will people see the work? How can we optimize the look/feel of the project to maximize the impact and return.

4. CONCEPT: Stoke will get to work, creating the inspirational assets for your project. We'll review the concept art with you and down-select based on what fits the best.

5. DIGITIZE: We'll take the best concepts and begin a finalized digital design. This is where the end-use assets are created.

6. REFINE: We'll review and critique until everything is just right.

7. DELIVERY: We'll wrap up the finalized creative assets and deliver to you.

What are the goals for your project?

Do you have a brand style-guide?

Who is your ideal customer?



I love to help businesses share their story with the world. As you begin to share your message and your story, you will become a brand. Taking part in this transformation is what I love most.

I love helping brands create their authentic visual identity that reflects their values and their care for their customers. I started this business to help business afford full-service professional creative and marketing without having to hire an entire marketing department!

We are your fractional creative and marketing department! You get the services of a fully-staffed marketing department (and creative) at a fraction of the annual cost required to hire internally.

We specialize in flexibility, where you can shift your budget to focus on your specific needs that month.

Yes. Most of our design and marketing services can be provided online and remotely.

Photo and video content that requires on-site capture cannot be completed remotely.

We make sure to keep our employees safe by offering flexible and remote work. Our on-site Covid-19 accommodations promote the health and wellness of our customers and employees.


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