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Social Buddy is a social media marketing and growth agency dedicated to helping clients grow their social media followers and engagement on the most popular platforms. Currently serving over 100 clients and growing each month. In mid 2018 Social Buddy will launch content creation and marketing services to extend their offering beyond the growth platform.

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17 May 2022

I just subscribe Social Buddy this month not even 1 week, I sent two emails with different detailed questions, and the reply were exactly the same which you can tell they didn't read my questions at all or just ignore me and not wanting to answer them or a bot.

Until I replied with complaints and cancel right away the service (within 1 wk), then it seems to attract them to use a real person to reply me with very offending tones and attitude.

Here are the reasons I provide when I cancel the service:
Reason or comments
1. The support team is not very supportive at all. None of my questions were answered.
2. You make me follow a lot of perverts and sugar daddies who harrase me in dms.

Here's what this real person appears to be a male chauvinist pig replied 7h ago:

"Two things to remember. Our software engages with the followers of the targets you give us. If they are full of sugar daddies and perverts, then....
There's no shortage of creeps on the internet and that's not our fault. Also, you do have quite a few suggestive photos on your site and that will certainly lead to more of those issues.

I also looked at the email exchanges with our team your questions were answered in a timely manner every time. (→ using a irrelevant excuse to defend themselves, which my complaint was not answering my questions where I also indicated detaily in my email.)

I've refunded your payment and wish you the best of luck."

The audacity this "support" has, you pay highly to their service and they treat you like shit.

17 April 2021

It works to grow significant no. but you running a real risk for your account can be CLOSE DOWN. And their customer service just constantly tell you it is nothing to worry about.

12 January 2021

Let me just say, Originally I was impressed by this amazing service And even got someone else to pay for it too. I received about a full week and a half of service where the company was doing it’s job as described and I received maybe 200 followers. Great right? Then one day they completely stopped all actions on my account.

I personally used to be in digital Instagram growth and I know exactly how it works, I just pay for this tool because I am too lazy to do it myself. I have been contacting them for over a week now asking them why they aren’t doing their job anymore and I Have been getting absolutely HORRIBLE customer service from Social Buddy telling me they are still following accounts (which is a blatant lie because I am watching it.) they told me it’s my fault for picking bad accounts (which isn’t true because it was Working until THEY stopped following people) and lack any sort of accountability whatsoever when trying to negotiate through email.

In conclusion If you use this service it can be very effective. I hope it doesnt Happen, but if they just randomly stop providing you with any service at all don’t expect for them to take any accountability for it or try to help in the slightest way possible. They only give condescending and factually incorrect claims.

*disclaimer* yes I followed all of the rules and guidelines. I tried really hard NOT to give this review but i have been emailing back and forth 5-6 times getting Only disrespectful lies As replies and I am upset I even wasted my money at this point.

I would recommend a different brand.

19 November 2020

This tool is AWESOME!!! I followed the steps they emailed me and everything worked right away. No issues and my account is growing.

17 November 2020

This service is legit! I'm honestly surprised. My follower count has quadrupled in a month. I never leave reviews, but wanted to so other small business owners can take advantage of a service that works.

16 November 2020

I've had a great experience using social buddy so far

13 November 2020

Was apprehensive about using social buddy due to some mixed reviews online, but I'm blown away by their service. I know some people couldn't connect, but I didn't run into any problems. After a couple days I started to notice my account was growing pretty rapidly. Def worth it! More...

13 November 2020

Social Buddy was one of the better instagram growth tools I’ve used. I was burned in the past by some others, this one works reall well

13 November 2020

I had a few connection issues in the beginning, but the customer service team at Social Buddy were quick to help me out. Since then my account has been increasing followers consistently month to month. More...

26 October 2020

Very good service, the growth is solid and I have had no issues so far. I do wish there was some sort of dashboard to track growth, but regardless, it is nice to not have to work or stress about growing my following.

20 August 2020

This service works!! At first I only got a few new followers, but it really picked up and now my account has grown more than I ever expected. Definitely recommend!

13 July 2020

The Social Buddy service has made a dramatic improvement in my instagram strategy. A little slow in first couple of weeks but then it moved markedly since then. I would recommend them as a viable and trustworthy growth service. More...

13 July 2020

Great service from the Social Buddy team. I recommend using them for your instagram marketing. They really helped my restaurant gain followers

9 July 2020

I have had a ton of success growing my instagram following with Social Buddy! Very easy to get started and I am pleased to get actual results.

30 June 2020

We got real followers that engage with our posts – not bots that unfollow a few weeks later. Recommend if you are looking to grow your followers

26 June 2020

I used Social Buddy to grow my art account and it’s been great so far. Defiantly faster than doing it on my own and worth the cost.

25 June 2020

Our team uses Social Buddy to help reach a broader audience. We’ve seen a big increase in followers and engagement and plan to continue using Social Buddy!

24 June 2020

Hands down one of the best Instagram growth services out there. Definitely recommend working with Social Buddy

23 June 2020

had a good experience with Social Buddy - no complaints and saw an increase in followers

22 June 2020

My team has really enjoyed working with Social Buddy over the past few months. We were struggling to grow online even with good quality/trendy images but since starting with Social Buddy we've had steady following growth and increased engagement from real people. We recommend if anyone wants to grow their Instagram presence! More...

22 June 2020

I definitely recommend social buddy! We bought fake followers before so we were hesitant to try another instagram service, but social buddy has been amazing. We have lots of followers now and they seem to be real - they're actually liking our posts More...

18 June 2020

I don't normally leave reviews, but this company has truly impressed me!

I just started up my own business about 6 months ago and needed help growing my instagram account.

After trying a few different services, Social Buddy was the absolute best! It may have been a little bit more money - but I really saw the value compared to other services that didn't work in my opinion.

I will be recommending this service to anyone I know that may need help growing their social media accounts!

15 June 2020

I use Social Buddy for my clients and self to help grow our Instagram accounts. Social Buddy does an excellent job of gaining real followers and engagement. My clients are delighted with the results, as am I. I recommend Social Buddy to anyone who wants to grow their Instagram presence with real people. More...

15 June 2020

Really enjoyed working with the team at Social Buddy over the last year! We've had steady follower growth and it's well worth the price. We have recommended this service to others as well - it really does wonders. More...

11 June 2020

Working with Social Buddy has been a great experience so far. I've been with them for about two months. The process takes a few days to kick in - but the benefits after week two are huge. My engagement on posts has increased and I've noticed more traffic to my ecommerce site through my insta! More...

7 June 2020

My restaurant needed real local people for our Instagram page. We struggled to grow on our own, even though we were posting great content daily. Social Buddy came to the rescue and we grew by 2000 followers in the first month. It has been slower, but steady since and we are happy. More...

5 June 2020

Great growth and customer service. Growth is natural and works well with Instagram's algorithm.
My engagement has also increased since starting work with social buddy which is nice to see.

3 June 2020

Great results and customer service. We used Social buddy to help me get to 10K followers for our Instagram page. They helped get us there over a few months and Theo our account manager was a pleasure to work with.

24 April 2020


When signing up they tell you there’s a “warm up” process that takes 5-7 days. During the first 5 days they didn’t even try to access my account. On the 8th day I emailed and asked why there still hasn’t been any activity on my account. They claim that they follow people for you in order to get followers back, there was no such activity after 8 days. So, after emailing them “Theo” kept replying that there’s a “warm up process” of 5-7 days, but it had already been 8(!!) days and I received the same answer three times. He then asked if I wanted a refund, and I answered that I did NOT want a refund, I wanted to know when the service would start. They sent me a refund anyway and then said that “we can’t get on the same page”.

Sooooooo unprofessional and totally unacceptable.

Only good thing is they sent the money back.

28 July 2019

It took me a while to notice I was not gaining a lot of followers at least no where near what my plan said it would gain. When I wrote them about what I observed , they stated I was gaining a lot of followers . So I screened shot my instagram and two weeks later I screened shot it again to show them I had only gained 2 followers. So I discontinued the service. They got over on me for months. More...

30 June 2019

I've used this company for about a year now and have seen a decent increase in my Instagram followers and their engagement. I've since hit over 10k followers which allows me to add links to my Insta stories. This feature alone has helped to increase traffic to my site and overall sales of my products. If you're looking for a knowledgable team to help you grow your Instagram followers you should definitely check out Social Buddy! More...

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30 June 2019

Love Social Buddy! The team is helpful and they show results.

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19 June 2019

. The minute I canceled the service my followers started dropping like flies. On average I am loosing about 40 followers per day. I think they were padding my account with fake followers. What a waste of money. More...

8 May 2019

Social Buddy has helped to grow our Instagram following which has increased engagement by 60%! Such a great team to work with.

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8 April 2019

Social Buddy helped us grow our Instagram followers significantly! This is the first service we've used that actually helped build our audience with real followers.

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8 March 2019

Love your service. It helped me to gain almost 700 followers in the first month. The engagement is fantastic. People like and comment my posts like crazy. Thank you very much!

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8 February 2019

Social Buddy has been a great partnership with helping our social channels gain engagement through relevant content and targeting the right audiences.

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6 February 2019

They were linking a bunch of one page sites to my follower list. I did not see anything strategic with this company. It looked very generic and not appealing. Everything I worked at to qualify my page was wiped out within 1hr More...

8 August 2018

We've had a wonderful experience working with these guys. Went from 1K followers to 4K in about a month with real people the results are showing in our bottom line.

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8 August 2018

Very satisfied with the service. Your account won't blow up with followers from one day to the next, meaning you will get actual people to follow you, not bots, but it will grow very well. Definitely a go to if you are starting up and building a business. And guess what..., if you call them, someone will actually answer your call. More...

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8 August 2018

Great communication and super helpful!

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8 August 2018

I really enjoyed the service. It helped me connect, engage and grow my audience.

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8 August 2018

Just started working with Social Buddy and everything is going great! Im growing a larger following of people that interact with me because of my content.

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