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Cedar Rapids, IA, Phone / Skype Therapy Services


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Get a free quote from this professional

‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


On-Line and Telephone Services.

Depression? Anxiety? A loss? A troubled relationship? Contact (text) me and the first session (30 min) is free. (319) •••-••••

Counselor focus on anxiety and emotional coaching. My services had helped dozens of people suffering from depression, anger, fear, and personal challenges;

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13 customer reviews

31 March 2020

I just finished my 6th session today with Silvia and I feel that accomplished my goal. I might start other sessions with you because I can see there is so much potential to work in better my self.

24 March 2020

I got on the phone with Silvia and she helped me quite a lot since our first session. I give her 10 stars!

19 March 2020

The support I am receiving is very thorough and timely and I feel that my issue is being addressed and sessions are helping meet my specific needs. Thank you, Sylvia, today was a very hard day for me but you were able to make me see the same problem with a different point of view. More...

19 March 2020

Great sessions! Silvia knows what she is doing and she goes the extra mile, in a friendly, relaxed, and flexible way. Not only she is very responsible but her services are way fairer than any other place I have been before. A friend recommended her to me, and I am passing this on. More...

Silvia Benitez-Richards MA CADC  crlifecoach

Reply from Silvia Benitez-Richards MA CADC crlifecoach

It is a pleasure and an honor to work for you, Gina. Thank you for your review.

25 June 2019

New in Bark, Silvia was very nice to me, I will be working with her so she can help me overcome my anxiety.

Silvia Benitez-Richards MA CADC  crlifecoach

Reply from Silvia Benitez-Richards MA CADC crlifecoach

Randy, thank you for your trust. I am looking forward to work with you. S.

24 June 2019

Estimada Silvia, no sabes lo bien que me hizo el que tuvieramos sesiones, ya estoy mas serena, tranquila y con ganas de salir. Estare practicando lo que me ensenaste. More...

21 November 2018

Sillvia, thank you very much for your information, it was very helpfull.

15 November 2018

After so many years of resentment and frustrations towards my father, I was able to heal my heart and my mind. Finally, I feel that I can move on without this heavy feeling.

12 November 2018

After learning all the techniques and tools that Silvia taught me, I was able to control my anxious thoughts.

9 November 2018

I was desperate when I contacted Silvia, my life was so bad because of me geeting angry so fast. Today, my wife and I continue together. Thank you again!

9 November 2018

I have been dealing with anxiety for over a year, and now that I started my sessions with Silvia, I feel I can go along happier with my life. I highly recommend her

4 October 2018

Gracias Silvia por esta primera de 6 sesiones. Creo que he escogido la mejor de las opciones. Hoy, despues de terminar mi sesion senti mucha tranquilidad y paz mental. Confio plenamente que con tu ayuda saldra adelante pronto. Quiero recuperar mi ser, quiero ser como realmente soy. Gracias por todo. More...

4 October 2018

Silvia has been a very compassionate, no judgmental and knowledgeable counselor. The best part is that I take my sessions over the phone and that allowed me to feel safe. I have anxiety and I am taking medications but with these sessions and the tools that she is teaching me, I feel that finally, I am controlling my fears. More...


Every person deserves and has the right to happiness. A healthy mind is what we all deserve too; to watch people full of energy, working on their normal lives and carry on with their own goals make me a very joyful person.

Mindfulness and CBT Therapy together are powerful tools. I learn about mindful therapies and how it was extremely helpful to me in hard times. I teach about compassion and how this applied to every single aspect of our lives makes us stronger, allow us to forgive and let us let go.

I want my clients to be 100% comfortable with me so, I would like to start at least a 15 min introduction by phone so you can decide if you would like to register with me. Thanks.
If you would like to know more about me, visit my web page www.crlifecoach.com or go to Health Grades https://www.healthgrades.com/providers/silvia-benitez-xymgm3r?referrerSource=autosuggest
Si deseas ver mi otros perfiles, puedes ir a www.crlifecoach.org o a Health Grades https://www.healthgrades.com/providers/silvia-benitez-xymgm3r?referrerSource=autosuggest


If you are reading this page, there is a possibility that you or a loved one has a problem that is causing pain or suffering. A couch is an expert in evaluating, comprehend and work on behavioral and emotional processes. Throughout a right comprehensive coaching, you might be able to surpass emotional difficulties that might be causing stress between friends, family, your job and you.
In general, individuals that look for emotional support might suffer from depression, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, ADD, being a survivor of domestic violence or sexual assault.
The focus of CR Life Coach is to guide and support you in finding yourself, to work on your inner-you in a way that you will be able to create, to start new objectives and goals in your life which will help you to take control of fear and anger, and use them to give you strength and power.

Anxiety and stress are an uncomfortable and life-disruptive condition in which many individuals live day by day, but you don´t have to. I can help to minimize your symptoms so you can start taking control of your life again.
Some of these symptoms can be:

Accelerated heart palpitations,
the feeling of breathlessness,
excessive sweating,
nausea or stomach pain,
feeling like what you are living is not real,
numbness or
itching in hands or feet,
very hot or very cold,
fear of losing control or going crazy,
uncontrollable fear to die.

If you are ready to create some big changes and influence your surroundings in the best positive way, then you desire to initiate sessions with us.

Finding out how to better communicate with our loved ones, friends, family or co-workers can make the difference between disliking to loving what you do.

Anger, frustrations, disappointments, and unhappiness can be modified by new cognitive paths; sometimes it is necessary to talk about memories of the past to challenge, examine, and embrace them.

We will target strategies that will help you to reach your objectives and to complete or adjust new goals.
Relationship coaching consists of transforming and accepting who you are at the core, so you can understand what is happening in the life of the other people near you.

CR Life Coach ADDICTIONS COACHING offers a Tele-Health drug and alcohol support/coaching.

We treat drug and alcohol addiction with an integrative life coach approach. This philosophy addresses and treats the mind, body, and spirit. We consider that addiction is a complex but treatable disease and not every addiction action are appropriate for every person.
As we place much emphasis on the therapeutic relationship between client and counselor, we believe that the use of TELE-HEALTH is one of the most effective yet comfortable ways to experience it.

If you have been abused by your partner, either in your past or at present time, you have possibly developed an affinity for stopping negative emotions by means of alcohol, medication or drugs.
Stop using while you are in a place where you don't feel mentally or physically safe, can be almost impossible to do when you don't have a helping hand that accompanies you along the road called recovery.
Partners ofter require for you to drink or do drugs with them, sometimes they make it so you can not get away from them and keep you under control while you're still vulnerable to their mental and/or physical abuse.
There might be many reasons why you might be using, but I want you to know that what happens to you, happens to 80% of individuals who live or lived in a relationship where abuse existed.
We will focus on two things at once: your recovery from substance abuse as your emotional recovery at the same time.

Si has sido maltratada por tu pareja, ya sea en tu pasado o aún en tu presente, posiblemente hayas desarrollado afinidad por parar las emociones negativas por medio del alcohol, medicamentos o drogas.

Dejar de usar mientras te encuentras en un lugar donde no te sientes segura física o mentalmente, puede ser casi imposible de hacer cuando no se tiene una mano amiga que te acompaña a lo largo del camino llamado RECUPERACIÓN.

Es conocido por las consejeras, que las mujeres que siguen viviendo con gente que abusa de ellas, suelen buscar remedios rápidos llamados "Mecanismos de Defensa" que les ayudan a aminorar los sentimientos de sufrimiento que una relación así trae consigo.

Muchas veces nuestras parejas son las que nos ofrecen o nos obligan a usar con ellos alcohol o drogas, muchas veces ellos lo hacen para que no puedas alejarte de ellos y mantenerte bajo su control mientras tu sigues siendo vulnerable a sus abusos mentales o físicos.

Hay muchas razones por las cuales pudieras estar usando, pero quiero que sepas que esto que te pasa a ti, le pasa al 80% de las mujeres que viven o vivieron en una relación donde el abuso existió.

En CR Life Coach, nos enfocaremos en las dos cosas a la vez: tu recuperación y violencia doméstica + abuso sexual, todo al mismo tiempo.

Si tu sientes síntomas como: Respiración cortada, palpitaciones de corazón aceleradas, que te desmayas, temblorosa, sensación de ahogo, sudoración excesiva, nauseas o dolor estomacal, sensación de que lo que vives no es real, entumecimiento o picazón en manos o pies, mucho calor o mucho frio, dolor de peso, miedo de perder el control o volverse loca, miedo incontrolable a morirse
Estos son los síntomas de las personas que sufren Ansiedad. 
CR Life Coach puede ayudarle a minimizar los síntomas y volver a sentir que su vida vuelve a la normalidad.
El Estrés y ansiedad eslo más atendido por psicólogos y consejeros. Debido al ritmo de vida que llevamos, nuestros servicios son ofrecidos por teléfono y 100% en español,

Si te encuentras leyendo sobre ayuda emocional o ayuda psicológica, hay una posibilidad de que hay un problema que te está causando sufrimiento y/o dolor. La consejera es una experta en evaluar, comprender y trabajar la conducta y los procesos emocionales. Tus malestares físicos posiblemente sean manifestaciones de problemas emocionales, es posible que tu sepas la causa de este sufrimiento pero muchas veces no llegamos a comprender exactamente de donde provienen los síntomas de las dolencias. ¿Te sientes abrumada, asustada, triste, sola o aislada? ¿Reconoces que ya no eres la misma de antes y extrañas el sentirte bien contigo misma? 

CR Life Coach, es un lugar donde podrás hablar con una consejera profesional el día y la hora que sean más convenientes para ti en español.