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fitness trainers in Orange and Huntington Beach, CA

Our personal trainers provide full service fitness, weight loss, nutrition and posture therapy menu program’s so you can stay younger healthier and have an overall health benefit that you can make last a lifetime!

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11 customer reviews

21 July 2022

It’s definitely a great service and worth it, I wasn’t able to stay with it because I’m in the middle of moving but just in the few workouts I did and meal plan I was seeing results. Would highly recommend for anyone.

Reviewed on Thumbtack

23 July 2018

Taylor Roark is an awesome personal trainer. Highly Recommended!

Reviewed on Facebook

23 July 2018

Great staff of dedicated personal trainers eager to help you better yourself! With nutrition plans to personalized training, these professionals will help you achieve the results you want!

Reviewed on Facebook

25 June 2018

I haven't ever worked out before and I was really nervous but knew it was time for a change. Training can get tough but Kevin encourages me to keep pushing forward and always has words of wisdom to keep me motivated. He isn't a drill sergeant that just barks orders. He shows you how to do the exercise and watches to make sure you do it correctly to ensure you received the benefit of doing the workout right. I have seen results and it has only been a couple months (others are noticing as well). With being a mom it is easy to put yourself last but every once in awhile you need to make yourself a priority. This was my way of making myself a priority and it is paying off more than I thought it would. More...

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30 April 2018

Shape2Tone trainers are actualy trained! Kevin is a great personal trainer who actually tailors fitness plans to the person, based off of realistic goals. I get awesome help with nutrition also. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

3 October 2017

I've personally have had the pleasure workout with 3 trainers at shape2tone, Kevin Weston, Jacob Lopez and Taylor Roark, all 3 of these guys are very knowledgeable, and they all have their unique style of training but they will all make sure to motivated you to do more weight that you can handle or complete your sets for each exercise. Anytime you have questions you can just ask them and they will answer, on top of all the strength training they also provide you the nutrition information and will help you get on the right path there and continue to work with you if something is not working, I've personally been with shape2tone for 6 month now. More...

5 June 2016

Kevin explain everything in details. Excellent location. You can TRY the 7 DAYS TRIAL. I really recommend. Thanks Kevin.

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14 April 2016

I am an 80 year old man, after training with Kevin I'm much more flexible. I recommend him highly.

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20 February 2016

Kevin provided great insight and training to help me accomplish my personal goals. While I did lose weight, it was more important and exciting to increase my core strength and stamina, tone and firm my muscles and I did both! I recommend Kevin and his team to tailor your workout to match your personal needs. Not to mention, he's a nice guy and fun to work with! Cindy More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

1 July 2015

If you are looking for a trainer who is experienced, extremely knowledgeable, and passionate about his profession look no further! Kevin Weston is an expert in kinesiology and nutrition. He can help you whatever level you may be --- beginner to advanced. You will not be disappointed! Call him today! More...

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2 June 2015

From day one Shape 2 Tone never ceases to amaze me with its service. I have been training with Kevin for a little over a month and I have seen tremendous results! I lowered my body fat % from 29.6% to 24.6% and lost 8 pounds! Kevin has turned my weaknesses into my strengths by his constant motivation. He instills the belief in me that I can do anything and that I am truly stronger than I actually think. My fitness goals seemed so distant in the beginning, but now they are within reach thanks to Kevin. Each and every session he pushes me beyond my limits and increases my knowledge of fitness. He is kind hearted and puts the clients interests and needs before his own. Shape 2 Tone continues to impress me and I would strongly recommend their impeccable service to anyone. More...

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I help clients achieve their fitness goals through a interview system to make sure their qualified to receive a professional analysis-
1. Fill out a FAQ-Fitness Assessment health questionnaire based on their health & fitness goals-
2. Walk them through a basic posture analysis to evaluate if their are any chronic pains in the body
3. Describe CTA- Call To Action-this means show how to burn fat -speed up the metabolism- build lean muscle
4. Each client receives our digital software on their phone so they can receive our workouts on their phone to do on the days when I am not training them
5. Each client receives our nutrition software with a daily and time factor when to eat and what to eat based on each client-

Simple! Easier said then done-
Full Spectrum -
1. Start with daily discipline nutrition-most people have poor eating choices from lack of knowledge or their in a hurry-
2. Posture Therapy - most people have physical limitations and dysfunctions that stop clients from using the full potential of their bodies-
3. Design a custom fitness plan that is designed differently for each client-

What I love most about my job is:
1. Seeing and believing clients are actually getting results -
2. Listening to clients come to me and saying they have more energy-there sleeping better-there stress is decreasing-
3. Getting awesome reviews from clients
4. I have the flexibility to work with whom I choose based on their qualifying criteria

I started my business because of the obesity epidemic that is nationally and globally outta control-I see 80% of the population now today over weight or in some kind of physical pain alignment challenges- I have been an athlete all my life and even myself I have had many physical injuries to learn how to become pain free- how and why to eat as clean as I can- how and why to learn how to workout properly- and most important share the message to others so people can learn to better their lives and live a great healthy lifestyle-

My clients should choose from me because I have a system that is proven-it works- I have had over 200 clients to prove and show
others why we have been successful for the last 10 years- why we have been voted as the top fitness trainers in Orange 2015-2016 & 2017-

If a client makes a commitment and pours in a 100% of their effort its impossible for a client to fail-


To get the best out of your workouts is to download our mobile fitness phone app on your phone so you can also have workouts to do on the days your not with the trainer. The fitness app is a great tool to keep you consistent and log your food in so we can help you. 80% of your results will always come down to the foods you eat to look and feel your best with proper guidelines for all your macros. If your in physical pain, no problem we got your back. We offer ongoing posture therapy programs to improve flexibility, recovery and performance to get the best out of your workouts.