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29 May 2018

My experience with Shannon and Endless Ocean Coaching has been tremendously life-changing. Which is awesome, because that's kind of why I needed her help! Before I began coaching with Shannon, I was paralyzed with fear of upcoming decisions looming all around me. And not just the usual scenarios that I struggled with on a daily basis -- such as what to make for lunch, which show to watch on Hulu, or whether I should spend $10 on a new shirt that I like but don't really need -- but, like, super-important decisions that would effect my life big time.The only thing I knew for sure was that a sea of change was on the horizon, and it was up to me to navigate my ship in the direction I wanted to go. I knew that I had to decide on a destination - what I didn't know (and what Shannon helped me realize) was that before I could do that, I had to believe I actually had the capacity to be the captain of my own ship in the first place.One of the most incredible things I learned from my coaching sessions was how much STUFF gets in my way. Stuff that I didn't even know about or fully understand before Shannon would take a single phrase out of something I said in passing, and we would unpack it together until I realized how hurtful that thought pattern was, and how integrated it was into all aspects of my life. Once I began to see those patterns of thinking for what they were, I could understand why I was so stuck, and, most importantly, how to get UNstuck.Being able to recognize those opportunities to question my feelings self-doubt, fear, anger, and guilt (just to name a few!) and identify their source was a powerful tool in clearing my head and getting to a place where I could not only see my path forward more clearly, but feel empowered to embark upon it with confidence.For the first time in a long time, my heart is no longer ruled by fear. I'm no longer afraid to say what I want in my life - and I mean, like, what I actually want, not just what I think is acceptable to want - and I truly believe that I will accomplish my goals and achieve my dreams.And when fear does inevitably darken my bright and sunshiny doorstep, I know how exactly to obliterate it: with the light of love that I have for myself, and the knowledge that I was created AWESOME and truly deserve to be happy.Shannon has a true gift - I highly recommend her services. Your life will begin to shift in beautiful and affirming ways after your very first conversation and the transformation will continue long after your sessions come to an end. More...

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