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An eclectic mix of Life experiences lived through over the years can prove invaluable when the same experiences are shared in the proper context, time, and circumstance. Sharing one's life with others - as in conversations and counseling, guiding, coaching, and exemplifying - is a rare privilege. I want to share my life experiences with you.


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I love the people who journey right alongside me in their quest to find fulfillment and completion. We are all travelers on life's road. We need each other to stay on the road, avoiding ditches, ruts, and brambles. It is said, "No man or woman is an island." What I love most about people is that they are alive and animated. I learn something new each time I interact with people.

People come up to me - unprovoked - and begin telling me their life story. Why? Some, while shopping in the store, ask me for my opinion. Why? I wind up spending time listening to their story, enjoying their account, and when asked, commenting on their situation offering other points of view. When a lady offered me a dollar for steering her to the right kind of eggplant she needed to prepare with parmesan cheese, I considered that the final invitation to offer the service.

I don't claim to control what the client does and decides to do but, I can trim my sails and reconfigure my service deliverables using the client's "wind" to move forward and make progress.

I provide my services totally online via email messaging and/or text messaging, chat, and even a phone call every now and then.

I do not conduct face-to-face sessions nor do I ask my clients to come to my office for a consultation. My services are strictly offered online via the Internet, and by phone messaging.


Taking an issue, situation, or dilemma that poses an obstacle to your peace of mind, well-being, health, pocketbook, and forward progress - and using a priority tree, past experiences, and the fish analysis decision-making tools to resolve the issue or situation to its desired result.

You tell me your relationship situation, your dilemma and I will listen. I will not interrupt you - not your presentation or thought process - except when I need to reflect back on what I heard you say. Somewhere in the thick of your account, you will subconsciously hear yourself say things that will eventually form the solution to your quandary. Together we will resolve your challenge using the most effective approach that you yourself generated.

You are in a relationship. Things have been great, for a while. You work, you rest, relax, you do things with your friends. You share intimate moments with your mate. All was hunky-dory it seemed. But then somehow, something has gone wrong with the relationship. It seems as if the thrill has faded, the novelty gone. Debt, finances, personal hygiene, libido, the 24/7 wanton lust, communications, mutual trust, and respect all seem to be under attack. All around you things are deteriorating. You know the drill. What are you going to do about it? Do you want to save the relationship or is it too far gone and so you want to move on?
Let's talk.
Remember, a relationship means there are two parties engaged in a dance. The dance can be an elegant expression or a wild shakedown. It could be a serene evening accented by passionate expression or it could be a melancholy twilight excursion spent alone abandoned. A relationship is only as good as what you put in and what you take out of it.

This morning when you looked at your reflection in the mirror, what did you tell yourself? What thoughts came to your mind as you reviewed the face, eyes, eyelashes, teeth, eyebrows, lips, nose, nose hairs, deep wrinkles, receding hairline, and all the black spots left by the acne attack... I can only imagine. Well, here is where it starts - how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself. We will explore techniques proven effective in raising your self-esteem and confidence. We will also go into goal setting - how you can develop good habits, good thought patterns, and how to strengthen your spirit.

No tricks. No gimmicks. No smoke and mirrors. What you see is what you get - a dose of reality served in the most palatable way.
Here, words aren't meant to hurt or slam, or build you up on a pile of whipped cream. Let's talk turkey. Can you stand it?
But we don't lose sight of our human dignity, respect, honor, and the sacredness of human life. We are human beings created in the image of our Creator. In our heart is indelibly etched God's image. His image is what animates us. It is what drives us to do good without expecting anything in return. Can you take it?