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As a Certified Tiny Habits® Coach & Success Principles Trainer, I help my clients go from burnout & all-over to fire up & all-in-order. I use a multitude of techniques, framework,s and strategy including the Tiny Habits® Method, Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram (NLE) & Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in my coaching.

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15 April 2021

Dearest Sarah,

When I first talked to you, I was in a mess. I was crying and telling you all the bad events which took place in my life since December 2020 onwards. I was really shaken up. I didn’t know how to re-start my life without those people who were very much important to me. You listened to me and didn’t judge me. You recommended me to take up a profiling test to understand myself better. After doing the test, next day, you sent me the result. I understood why I react and do things in a certain manner.

I didn’t want to end with the profiling test because I had to re-start my life and that point of time, I was still depressed over all the events which took place. I wanted to talk to someone as well. You prepared me a course which was of my need. 10 weeks course. Every lesson, you taught me something. I will practice what you taught me throughout the course and even now, I’m still practicing. I feel more confident of myself. I started believing in myself, I started believing in universe.

Now at this point when I look back, I’ve grown as an individual. I have courage to do things which I like. I have stop complaining like how I used to do in the past.

Thank you for this journey to transform into the new me. I know this is not over. I still have lots to learn from you. I would like to take a short break and continue practicing what you have taught me over the last 10 weeks and I want to experience the magic which the universe will do for me as I seek correctly this time.

Lots of Love,

31 March 2021

I enjoyed working with Sarah so much because every session I discovered something new about myself and what I could do to enhance or change it.

Sarah was well prepared and paid attention to what would benefit me most. She masterfully kept me on track and didn’t let me get “lost in my story” so we could make the most of our time together.

Each week there were different exercises to work with that really helped in keeping me on track.

Her disposition is great and she was a pleasure to meet up with.

Definitely giving her 5 stars!

31 March 2021

If you’ve ever been curious about what your Enneagram number is, what it means about you, and how you can take that information to increase your strengths and move away from any weaknesses work with Sarah!

Now, I thought I knew what my enneagram number was from taking online quizzes. It never quite resonated though. On one hand it seemed to make sense yet it still didn’t quite fit. Once I did the full Enneagram process with Sarah I could see how far off the quizzes were.

It makes a difference working with someone who’s trained in the details. In the coaching process with Sarah she facilitates a beautiful process of understanding what your type means while alternating with the inner work, applying how your Enneagram profiles relates and applies to you and your life. What are the practical steps to use this information to move forward.

The entire process was rewarding and filled with actionable steps I can take myself now to take what I’ve learned apply it to improving myself and my life. Thank you Sarah.

31 March 2021

Sarah was a wonderful coach! I enjoyed each lesson and look forwarded to every meeting. I love the way she taught and the little exercises we did. At the end of each session, she always made sure to answer your questions and made sure you understood the content. Working with her was great. I learned so much about myself and how to navigate through my fears and situations. More...

31 March 2021

Sarah came to my life at a critical moment, coming back home in a humanitarian flight after divorce. She has helped me get the clarity I needed to be able to focus my efforts on myself and my future life. After the 4-week clarity program with Sarah, I know what actions I can take today to get closer to my goals. She was sweet, understanding and patient with me and my situation. Neutral, objective and practical, everything I learned with her about myself has been a game changer. Most important, I know I have the power to choose and decide. More...

31 March 2021

The biggest challenge I faced before working with Sarah was to quantify my business and how much I want to earn each month. But once I did the 1st and 2nd session with here everything came easily and I got clarity.

After working with Sarah I got a clear picture of my roadmap and way ahead and was able to draw a business plan.

I liked the way she listened to me and gave me a safe space to connect with her and those small little homeworks, helped me to reach my goals. If you ae looking for a coach who can support you with all her heart in a very subtle but effective and result oriented manner you should Hire Sarah.

31 March 2021

You have taught me that just the right amount of optimism and confidence gets half the work done. The impossible only seems tricky when nothing is done about it :)

31 March 2021

Sarah introduced me to a couple of things, years ago. Self encouragement, gratitude, positivity and affirmations all seemed so alien to me when she spoke about it. She shared with me how changing my thoughts and frequency of thinking can impact my life so much. I was never used to giving simple thanks, but now I don't start my day without it. She taught me how giving myself self-encouragement, having vision boards and always going back to check on my goals can be so fulfilling and wonderful for my life. More...

31 March 2021

Thank you Sarah for changing my life. Thank you for introducing me to "The Secret" by Rhonda Bryne and for guiding me along on it at my lowest time when things were falling apart in life for me. That book and your guidance has taught me how to move on and think differently. Changing every negativity into positivity. Life has change for a better ever since I have been practicing it.Thank u.... More...

31 March 2021

Sarah Samy is a person of passion and confidence in whatever she does. She have taught me a lot on how to improve my self confidence and  be a better person. I am always grateful to her for moulding and encouraging me into the successful and confident person I am now. More...

31 March 2021

NLE greatly benefited me to understand myself and why I do things in a certain way - I am much rested in me and focused on how I can improve my strengths rather than focusing on my weaknesses. A complete paradigm shift in the way I think, perceive and do things... NLE helped me in my personal life, at work and my other relationships - family, friends, colleagues and my customers/clients. More...

31 March 2021

1st of all Thank you Sarah Samy for sharing with me what this profiling is all about.

It was an eye opener especially the part “Recognising how you are when you are under Stress” as it help me realize how people
might perceive me when I’m under stress which , little I did not realize. I have told myself I will work on that area as I don’t want to be misunderstood.

Trust I would see changes and things would progress better.
I would strongly encourage one to take this profiling if you want to learn more about your inner self and progress further.It's definitely a ROI.

Once again Thank you Sarah.

31 March 2021

Enneagram was certainly a very accurate personality assessment tool that helped me discover the strengths and weaknesses I had with my personality type.

This tool was supplemented with a personalized report on my emotions, thoughts and motivations as a whole.

The highlight was certainly the debriefing sessions with Sarah who was very thorough in sharing her expertise to overcome some of the personality challenges I had.

I gained a good understanding on how my personality reacted to the same scenario in different emotional states causing an impact on how people perceived me.

This was certainly an eye opener as it was totally different to what I thought they perceived me as. Imagine going all out to impress your clients or friends in a good way but you end up being perceived as desperate or needy?

This is where tweaking some of how you act and react with the support tools provided in this program results in healthy relationship building.

Throughout the program, I was given many strategies and tools to enhance my personality type to improve the way I deal with people from diverse backgrounds and personalities in my field of work.

I highly recommend Sarah’s program and services to those who are keen on short- and long-term personality development while learning the art of building strong and long-lasting relationships with your clients/co-workers/family or friends for a more successful and holistic lifestyle!


It's the transformation and life-changing stories I keep hearing from my clients. Many come to me feeling broken and lost but they leave feeling empowered. To be able to change someone's life just by helping them uncover what's already inside of them, the unique gift that they already possess, simply makes my life even more rewarding.

Being able to change the world, one person, at a time.

I use multiple tools & resources such as Tiny Habits®️, The Success Principles, Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram & Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

The basis of my coaching stems from the Personalized Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Profiler. It's a series of questionnaires one will go through and at the end of the questionnaire, you'll receive your very own 18-page report that allows you to understand yourself at a much deeper level and why you do what you do.

What I share is the methodology that enables people to go beyond their Personality Limitations—by developing their mental flexibility, unconscious language patterns, emotional range, and somatic embodiment.

This report goes beyond our behaviors, thinking styles, strengths, and it reveals our subconscious WHY that consistently drives us: our core fears and core motivations in life.

So, I'm not here to tell you who you are, do this, and do that (like many other coaches) without actually understanding the real you. You tell me who you are, and I'll show you the way that leads to your best life ever without compromising your values, beliefs, and who you truly are.

Yes. All my sessions are done remotely. I will provide a Zoom link and we will have our sessions all on Zoom.


Learn how you can accelerate your Whole-Person development by:

1. Deep diving into your 4Qs - Spiritual, Mental, Physical & Emotional.

2. A laser-focused personalized neuro-actionable action plan to strengthen your neuro muscles.

3. Detailed visualization session to help you see the Better Version of You.

Through the Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram, you'll be able to:

1. Have your own 18-page Neuro-Linguistic Enneagram Profile, revealing your Enneagram Type and develop a genuine acceptance of your personality structure.

2. Understand the subconscious instinctual drives (Enneagram Subtypes) and positive intentions that drive your behaviors, and how to express them in ways that benefit everyone.

3. Know how to catch your personality's downward spiral, and how to exercise your healthy qualities more and more.

4. Knowing the Impression vs Intention frame in the report where you would see more clearly how others actually experience you.

5. Build your self-awareness & self-mastery.