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28 May 2018

Alexis Sticker is one of those rare individuals who has mad skills but also a soft gentleness and safety that takes the nervousness out of finding a therapist.

7 February 2016

Alexis is so dedicated and compassionate in her work to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

12 August 2015

I cannot begin to thank Alexis enough for all of the help and healing she has provided to me.I grew up in a dysfunctional family where emotional and physical abuse were abundant. My parents stayed together and the children endured this abuse for many many years. Things began to change for the better by the time I was 17 and 18 however I knew I was going to leave for college (out of town) and I realized that I wouldn't have to endure the abuse as much.I went to college when i was 18 and honestly never looked back after that. The friends and experiences I made from the time I was 18-22 honestly were more life changing than any other 4 year period I've ever had (even to this day). Time went on and i met my now husband at 28 and fell head over heels and felt this complete happiness that I had never felt before. Fast forward to year 34 in my life... I had just gotten married October 2013 and felt life just couldn't get any better. Unfortunately, my past resurfaced. Anxiety issues had always been there but in 2014 I HIT A WALL. How could it be that I could be unhappy and anxious but I was married to the most amazing man, I had a great job, and a beautiful home?I was recommended to Alexis by a friend who also had a similar upbringing and issues that I had dealt with. Alexis' method of Somatic Therapy was intriguing to me as I understood the impact that cumulative stress could have on the body. Right away, Alexis helped me understand how and why this anxiety was resurfacing in my life. She helped me make sense of it and taught me techniques for managing it. As a bonus, I have an even better relationship with my husband now too! More...

12 November 2014

I met with Alexis when I was feeling stuck in various aspects of my life. At the time, I was creatively blocked, healing from an unfulfilling relationship, and struggling in my employment search. All in all, I was feeling pretty down. I had sought treatment from  therapy before and was curious about the mind-body work of Somatic Experiencing. Well, I found the right therapist *and* treatment. Within just one session, Alexis was able to help me explore deeper parts of myself that I had not previously been paying attention to. She helped me realize I was overthinking my own innate wisdom, and in doing so,  not honoring my deeper desires. I would recommend anyone with a need to reframe or move forward, contact Alexis. I found her as a conduit to giving me more confidence, both in my decisions and my creative endeavors. She is a passionate, caring individual and a very good therapist! More...

5 November 2014

Alexis embodies presence, heart & love of her work.

10 October 2014

I sought help from Alexis because I kept repeating patterns in my life that were getting in the way of my own happiness. I've been in therapy before, but never have I worked with anyone like Alexis! She helped me understand the inner workings of my mind and how to really create new paths for living with less internal conflict. She is warm, attentive, and brilliant. I highly recommend Alexis if you really want to make change happen in your life, rather than just talking about it. More...

18 October 2013

Following my divorce and then a job change, I found myself uncertain about the life path I was on and whether it would ultimately make me happy.  With Alexis' careful guidance, I was able to rediscover my dreams and connect back to who I am at my core.  Working with her helped me create an action plan to move forward through this tough life transition.  If you are looking for a somatic therapist who takes a holistic, mind - body - spirit approach to personal growth and healing, Alexis is the perfect choice. More...