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Durham, NC

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I help my clients to achieve their goals, overcome obstacles, deal with complex emotions, navigate difficult life situations, handle career transitions, and simply solve the problems and issues that arise in day to day life utilizing mindfulness, emotional awareness, and positive coping skills.


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I enjoy connecting with individuals and being able to discuss your issues so that together we may strategize a pathway forward. Seeing my clients experience growth, change and development by executing plans we have made together is the highlight of the work that I do.

I love working with people, and I absolutely love coaching. I kept being urged by friends and folks in the corporate arena to go into this as a private practice and I decided that I should.

I’m empathetic, caring, kind and more than anything I have had some of the very experiences you will come to me with. So, I think that who better to work with you than someone who has been where you are?

I can provide my services online/remotely. I can use Zoom/FaceTime. If you need to use alternate services I can accommodate that as well.

I am operating 100% remotely utilizing zoom, FaceTime or the remote service of the clients choosing.


Help clients clarify goals, identify the obstacles holding them back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. In creating these strategies, I help clients target their unique skills and gifts. By helping clients make the most of your strengths, I continue to provide the ongoing support they need to achieve long-lasting change.

Assist clients in identifying personal goals, developing leadership skills and planning career moves. Duties may include helping clients hunt down new employment opportunities, providing feedback on resumes or cover letters and strategizing for a successful job interview.

Work with clients could span a week to several years, depending on an individual's needs. Anyone can use a career coach- whether it’s for climbing the corporate ladder in your current role (aiding with professional development and having a place to vent and just lean out) or whether it’s for seeking new opportunities and looking for change in a role. Career coaching is always beneficial for professionals.

Trauma Recovery Coaching consists of helping functioning (even partially) individuals set and achieve goals, overcome obstacles, and maintain motivation while trying to move past trauma that they have suffered as a child or adult. It’s for anybody that has suffered a traumatic event and sometimes finds themselves stuck emotionally in a place that prevents them from being progressive in their personal or professional life. It can work in tandem with therapy or work once someone has been through therapy already.

I help my clients modify the behaviors and beliefs that prevent them from finding a romantic partner. I work with my clients to assist them in meeting specific goals. We identify where you need to make specific changes, and what has been causing you issues in past relationships while placing all of our focus on the present and moving forward to help you find a partner now. We aren’t here to do what you did/do in therapy- we may identify things to discuss with your therapist (past behavior) but we are here to be in and move through your now so you can find a partner.

Serve as a guide to a couple who are looking to be more open to each other and want their relationship to work as a team.

It is the coach’s goal to uncover a couple’s hidden emotions, help them resolve conflicts by making them realize their own issues and apply what they learn to achieve what they want in the first place.

These are some things that a I can do for couples:
Help the couple understand each other better.
Identify a better path for their relationship.
Address communication problems between a couple.
Emphasize accountability rather than blame and shame as a means to reduce arguing and tension within the relationship.
Restore the relationship back to a balanced one.