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5 Becker Terrace, Delmar, NY, USA

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What’s sets this business apart is the Uniqueness of Trish Heitz. Her personal experience with healing and her gift of healing touch.
After her diagnosis and then eventual survival of kidney cancer Trish studied everything she could on mind and body wellness.

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Helping people release the negative they live in to allow for and create the dream life they deserve.

My experience being diagnosed and surviving kidney cancer. This experience took me on a learning journey that helped me heal my negative subconscious beliefs that drove all my thoughts and behaviors into new beliefs that reflected the truth of who I really am and the gifts of me I can share with the world.

Because no matter what negativity someone is struggling with in careers, relationships, money, weight, health, it is all about your belief of who you are. Once you change your belief about yourself, EVERYTHING in your life changes!
What do you believe about you?
If you allow me to, I can guide you through The process I learned how to do for myself in creating a life I could’ve only dreamed of many years ago!
Allow yourself to receive a dream come true life!
Let’s get started today!

I have a 6 week program that includes my workbook. Each week you have the homework of Reading and answering all the questions in each chapter. We then meet online to review your answers, help you get through your “I don’t know” spaces, and how to take this new learning and apply it in your life for the following week.

By the end of 6 weeks your beliefs have been reconstructed to support the dream life you want to live and you are on your way to more joy, abundance and love!

As we meet remotely, there is no risk factors.

In person meets utilize proper spacing and, if necessary, depending on levels of risk at that time, masks are worn.