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Manhattan, New York, U.S

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Certified Personal Trainer Roy Hanson offers customized Training sessions which combine continuous challenge and a fun, motivational atmosphere. From basic movements to a more advanced training. Always keeps the client's specific fitness goals in mind.

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30 July 2015

Roy is a very well informed, smart, and professional trainer. He is great at what he does.I originally started working out with Roy because I was experiencing lower back pain. I had already worked out with 2 other personal trainers over a 12 month period in an effort to strengthen my core to reduce my back pain, yet my lower back discomfort persisted. From the first work out with Roy I could tell he was of a higher caliber than other trainers I worked with. By the 5th session with Roy my back pain diminished and I have been pain free ever since.I now see Roy on a weekly basis and I really enjoy working out with him. Never once have we repeated a session or a circuit. He is always giving me new exercises which really helps keep it fun. I feel fully challenged but never beat up or over pushed with Roy. He is astutely aware of and focused throughout every session which translates to him making sure I never have bad form; this way I am doing the work out properly and not risking injury.Working out with Roy is one of the highlights of my week --the workouts are continuously evolving in challenging new fun ways that keep me looking forward to the next session.Roy is an excellent trainer and a super nice guy. More...

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24 April 2015

An excellent trainer. With his steady guidance and wealth of knowledge in fitness and nutrition, I'm on track to achieving my weight loss and toning goals. In his strategic sessions, Roy puts clients through a series of well-thought out exercises that serve their specific objectives. He reminded me to focus not just on numbers on a scale but how I feel as my body changes - which I realize now is a more sustainable accomplishment! I'd recommend Roy to anyone looking to make small or big changes to their fitness. He produces long-term results! More...

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5 March 2015

Roy is a very skilled person trainer. I came to Roy after moving to NYC to develop size/strength in efforts to expand my fitness level past my own workouts. Couple of key things to note:1) No Gimmicks: Roy has over 10 years experience training and he knows his stuff. We don't waste any time with any uncessary activities, every session includes warm-up, lift, and cool-down/stretch. I remember when I first met Roy he shook my hand, introduced himself and simply asked, "Are you ready?". We started training immediately. If you communicate your goals to Roy right away he will set up a plan to get you there as effectively and efficiently as possible.2) Form: Whenever you lift on your own, you are going to cheat on form. Everyone does it. When you work with Roy, he is a stickler on proper form. You really feel each lift working the correct muscles that the lift is designed to train. He doesn't let you cheat on any rep, and if your form starts to break down he calls the set. I really believe that this attention to detail has been the key catalyst in helping me break previous plateaus and develop new strength.3) Intensity: Every workout feels like the ideal intensity level. If Roy notices that something seems too easy, he will up the weight. If you can barely pick up a weight, he will adjust accordingly. Toward to end of workouts, you feel pretty spent, but sticking to his plan gives you 24-36 hours to recover, which gives you ample time to be ready for the next session. I would highly recommend Roy's services to anyone considering hiring a personal trainer. More...

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Consistency, there is no magic pill or quick fix. Being consistently is the only way you will get to your fitness goals.

I enjoy the relative freedom I have from time to time. The type I people I get to meet are very interesting and that's great, getting to meet different people of different backgrounds and cultures, hearing their stories.

I am truly here to help each and everyone, I like working with clients who want to accomplish their fitness goals. I am not a drill Sargent but I know how to challenge my clients.