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Welcome to Roxy Bella Photography.

As a national wedding photographer and portrait photographer for over 34 years, and with locations in Ohio and Florida, I have provided wedding and portraits to those wanting more than just a snapshot.


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17 December 2018

Our wedding pictures turned out beyond amazing! I held firm prior to our wedding that the photographer was the most important part of planning. The memories of that day are forever captured through a photographer's eye and I wanted to get that right. We couldn't have been happier with the level of professionalism, eye for detail and artistic creativity of our photographer. He was efficient and took his job seriously; capturing all the right moments without direction. His years of experience and knowledge was demonstrated fully on our special day. Our pictures have even been used for promotional purposes by the venue. A year later, I'm even more grateful our photos were so stunning as my husband suffered an injury 6 months after our wedding that paralyzed him from the waist down. These photos are some of the last we have of him standing, dancing, moving freely and the beauty of the photos will be cherished forever. The talent, artistry, personal attention and engagement from our photographer on our wedding day makes me so happy I made the right choice is choosing them! More...

13 December 2018

I am in the Wedding Industry by trade-Event Director.
I have done roughly 35 weddings in my 6 years in this industry and never seen a more personable, professional photographer.
I personally was married this year-and had a nightmare of a photographer to the point where we never received photos of the actual ceremony-and she has since stopped responding to me.
A very long story short-Jace was our saving grace, I met him at a wedding being held at my venue and we chatted; he offered to do a re-shoot if we wanted to get dressed up again in our wedding attire. He was able to capture images that are unbelievable.
He delivered quality product within an un-real turnover time frame to us that will hang on our walls for years to come.
Jace-I really can't thank you enough for preserving our special day in only a way you could-thank you so much!!

It was my Ultimate honor to do this for you both...I gained some good friends too.

13 December 2018

Jr Dee’s work is talented, amazing and original! You won’t find anyones work like his. He captured my 14 year old daughter in such a beautiful way that brought me to tears.
You won’t be disappointed with his work😂

12 December 2018

JR is an amazing photographer! His passion and amazing eye result in flawless photos! Extremely professional and makes shooting very enjoyable! He is so quick to get your images back, its impressive! I recommemd him every chance i get! More...

12 December 2018

Not only has JR been a friend of mine for about 20 years, but he is a fantastic photographer and is really easy to work with. He is polite and makes you feel a thousand percent comfortable. His pictures are phenomenal and his love and eye for photography is to me the best. More...

12 December 2018

I have had the unique opportunity to work with Jace on this side of the camera as well as doing family photos with him. He not only has a talent and gift, but also he has a skill set in photography that is in a class of its own. I am always thrilled and excited by his work.

Jace always seems to capture "the moment" ... the one you will want to frame and keep forever.

12 December 2018

Best photographer ever! Knows precisely everything there is to know about capturing an image; from the emotion to the impeccable technicality. Very professional and fun. Amazing with kids. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! More...

12 December 2018

Amazing Photography !!!! Very detailed and brings out the inner beauty of the model/client.

12 December 2018

Jace is so wonderful to work with! My family has used him numerous times and every single picture has been amazing. He has a way of capturing us like no one else can! We highly recommend him!

12 December 2018

Fantastic work! As an artist myself I can really appreciate and admire the creative artistic flair to his work. Truly a cut above the rest. No hit or miss here. Rock solid performance every time. More...


Evoking emotions from my work. The pleasure of bringing happiness to a client through art, is the one of greatest rewards.

The desire to bring my art to the world.
When I started my company in 1985, I was ready to be an individual in the Art World...

I bring my "ART" and soul to all my sessions.
After 36 years in the business, I have seen so many things that give me an edge over most, in order to bring that extra touch of experience and creativity.


Capturing weddings is just one of our favorite parts of our business. Knowing that two people are celebrating one of the highest points anyone could ever experience in one's life is awesome in itself...but being able to be there as the photographer, well, that is one of the highlights in our lives too. We truly appreciate the chance to see it all come together so beautifully. As you may know, weddings can contain very many nuances that are truly original to just themselves and witnessing those events is truly remarkable. All pricing is customized for your specific needs. Pricing ranges from 500.00- 3000.00 https://www.floridaweddingphotographer.org/Weddings/Sample-Wedding-Gallery/

The FINAL YEAR has finally arrived!!! What better to celebrate all you've accomplished than to have a photo session showing all the things that make you who you are and what you've become. RoxyBella gives you the RED CARPET treatment and lets YOU be YOU and what you want to tell the world. https://www.floridaweddingphotographer.org/SENIOR-PORTRAITS-SAMPLES/Senior-Portrait-Samples/

Having photographed Pro and College Sports for over 27 years, we can capture any event you might want to showcase. We have all the BIG gear for the job. Call and find out what we can do for you! https://www.floridaweddingphotographer.org/SportsSamples/

With locations in Ohio and Florida, we cover everything here, there and in between. Small projects. BIG projects. Home or business....our Commercial side of the business covers it all. Call for our Hourly/Half-Day/Full-Day Rates. https://www.floridaweddingphotographer.org/Professional