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Rocky Mountain Investigative Services is a private investigation firm, serving all of Colorado, offering affordable services for all your Investigative or security needs. Our investigators are highly trained, and have all received accredited training in criminology, forensic lie detection, forensic science, and OSINT.

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6 November 2022

In every situation that needs confidential evidence to dissolve any allegations against you or your loved ones, there’s a careful need to choose wisely what you would believe or agree to and who to trust with your case. If you are still not sure how to go about tracking or monitoring your spouse/partner, Reach out to TRUTHEXPERTS @ YAHOOcom! , you can consider hiring this private investigator. TRUTHEXPERTS @yahooCom helped expose my cheating spouse, what i saw broke my heart into pieces, TRUTHEXPERTS got me full access to my husbands device, GPS Tracking, Call Recordings – Call Logs Retrieval, Updates on his Social Media Activities, Unrestricted and Unnoticeable access to his, Text messages, Emails, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Hangout, Tiktok, you name it. Just make sure you ask for your preference and your anonymity remains intact. He is a professional ethical investigator. You can contact him for any other hacking related problems like hacking websites, bank statement, grades, and many more. He will definitely help you at an affordable price. These people have surveillance experience and will have a good idea of all the relevant privacy laws and hacking solutions. I saw all the positive referrals as well and I have no regrets giving this recommendation about TRUTHEXPERTS @YAHOOcom! More...

15 November 2021

Don’t waste your money. Nothing after the first payment and exactly nothing after a second was solicited. I was told refunds are never issued even after being mislead about the ability to find the person I was looking for. The first payment is a loss but A second payment never should have been asked for or accepted. More...

Rocky Mountain Investigative Services

Reply from Rocky Mountain Investigative Services

Thanks for the review Julie, although we like the first one you left much more, it was still a pleasure to work for you!

20 September 2021

Private Investigators

Eryn got in touch with me very quickly and did an excellent job. The price was very reasonable and I was more than happy with the service. I would highly recommend her to anyone. More...


I love that every day, every case, is something new. I also love being able to help and support the people in my community!

I was a stay at home mom for 10 years, and in that time started taking college courses relating to criminal justice. Its something I've always been fascinated with, and wanted to learn more. After taking a few courses and gaining knowledge and confidence, I decided it was time to put that knowledge to work!

I am very dedicated to every single client. While I am working your case I stay in contact and give updates about the investigation, and I dont quit until I have an answer!

Yes, we can provide services remotely. Consultations are done over the phone, and the client and investigator never have to actually meet. If information is all you're seeking this can be done completely remote also.

We changed our consultation process, instead of meeting in person everything is done over the phone. We wear masks when we do have to meet in person, and all of our investigators are fully vaccinated.


We can deliver court documents relating to civil and criminal matters. Our investigators are expert skip tracers, and are highly trained on how find hard to locate individuals and information.

We offer surveillance for many reasons, including corporate fraud, insurance fraud, custody cases, criminal investigations, unfaithful spouses, and much more! We are experts in blending into any surrounding so as to not tip off the target to the surveillance.

Our investigators are expertly trained in how to conduct a forensic interview. We use cognitive interviewing techniques, combined with building an excellent rapport, to help subjects open up. We conduct these interviews to obtain eyewitnesses accounts, to get victim statements, and to gain information on our target.

If you are a corporate employer you should absolutely run a background check on anyone your company is considering hiring. We have access to the most up to date, accurate information available, and will ensure you are receiving the most information possible.

Rocky Mountain Investigative Services also provides personal and corporate security needs. Our security personnel are efficiently trained and have passed extensive background checks. We can do roving patrols, check IDs and keep alcohol inside a venue, escort hostile employees off the premises, and even provide personal body guard services. We can provide armed and unarmed security officers.

Our professional skip tracers are efficient and effective at locating hard to find individuals. We work together with bail bond agencies to locate and apprehend wanted individuals. We take pride in providing this service to our community, making our communities safer for everyone.