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Rivera & Associates has been a leading licensed Bilingual (Spanish-Speaking) California Private Investigations since 1998. With offices in Northern and Southern California, serving Nationwide and International clientele for over 25 years with an in-depth industry specific knowledge in all facets of Investigation and Risk Consulting.

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36 customer reviews

6 September 2023

Responded over a holiday weekend. Processed my documents the next business day. Very happy.

Reviewed on Thumbtack

8 October 2022

Mr. Rivera was the best choice I could of made for this. He helped me serve papers out of state, which I thought would be an impossible task. I provided him with the information he asked for and he took care of business. He was always available to communicate and made the whole process easy. I’m so thankful for him and his help. Thank you More...

Reviewed on Thumbtack

8 March 2022

Private Investigators

He was understanding and provided fantastic results in a short period of time. Very happy with the results.

6 January 2022

Private Investigators

Rivera is great, he was able to find the information I requested very fast and provided me with options that helps

2 December 2021

Private Investigators

I received the info I needed about my missing family in less than 20 hours with pictures. It was a huge relief to know they are ok and doing well. It was affordable, as I have to budget income from paycheck to paycheck. I have to give 5 stars for that! More...

Rivera & Associates Private Investigators

Reply from Rivera & Associates Private Investigators

Thank you for your review. We understand how a missing family member's safety and security is upmost and we are glad we were able to expedite your request.

9 October 2021

Working with Roberto Rivera proved to be very professional,
fast, result oriented and elegant.
I would love to recommend him to others and continue working myself
when opportunities present themselves.
I am also grateful to his staff for support.

9 August 2021

Rivera and Associates were quick, professional and efficient. We would thoroughly recommend this company.

2 May 2021

I got divorced earlier this year after two years of marriage. For me, it came really out of the blue. My husband came home one night and told me that he had fallen in love with someone else; when I asked about our marriage, he said it was over, i was shocked everything gone. I couldn’t comprehend anything but I was able to get closure to my husband because i love him and couldn’t just let go, i contacted SPYNETING @ yahoocom). These people have surveillance experience and will have a good idea of all the relevant privacy laws and hacking solutions. I saw all the positive recommendations and I decided to make inquiries too and got what i needed urgently. I have no regrets giving this recommendation. More...

2 December 2020

The service was very professional at the beginning. He was willing to listen to 'why' I needed his service. However, once the money was wired, he changed his attitude towards me and the project.

He was not responding to most of my messages towards the end and reluctantly answered if I actually asked him at least twice. Also, he was not really updating me on how the case was being handled which was really frustrating.

To sum up, it started off well and ended quite badly. The quality of the work he has done wasn't bad but he didn't really give me the answers that I wanted in the end.

Hope he doesn't do this to the rest of his clients.

Reviewed on Thumbtack

26 September 2020

Roberto was very professional and responsible. He got great views and videos of a cheating husband. I highly recommend working with him. Everything was seemless.

Reviewed on Thumbtack

9 September 2020

He is Very responsive ,Helpful ,easy to communicate with, very fast service. I appreciated Mr. Rivera's guidance and I recommend him .

Reviewed on Thumbtack

18 July 2020

On the spot! He was really in-depth with his service....his responses were straight to the point! Thank you so much!

Reviewed on Thumbtack

27 June 2020

Very good experience.. he was flexible, thorough, communicative and very professional... got the job done!!!

27 June 2020

Good value of course but he surprised us with his professional, diligence and flexibility on the fly... we had initially booked him only from 11 to 2pm. .. but he agreed to help us out by extending till 6pm...and succeeded in promptly serving him... Yeah! We would hire him again if necessary without a thought... More...

27 June 2020

Really good experience.. we booked him for service for a few hours and he was promptly there stakingg out the place including sending us pictures to identify the vehicle, etc. . We wanted to extend it on the fly and he was finally there from 11 to 6 though we had booked him initially only till 2pm... he was flexible and very professional... not to mention good value to... So we are thoroughly satisfied and would use him again at the drop of a hat... More...

Reviewed on Thumbtack

1 March 2020

Private Investigators

Terrible....wrong information given on the person we wanted info on not once, but twice. Any correct information was stuff we already knew and could be looked up with a Google search. Never again will I use this site

Rivera & Associates Private Investigators

Reply from Rivera & Associates Private Investigators

Jaime, I am sorry you found no value in the information I may shared with you however in true transparency, I must point out that at no time did you choose to hire our services, pay for any information shared with you for absolutely free and whatever information was shared with you came from the limited amount of information you provided via text. I never even verified your true name. This information was acquired through proprietary databases and confidential sources only afforded to licensed professionals, which needed to be validated and verified though the very investigation you chose to decline and not hire us to perform. I trust you have resolved your questions at that time and understand you chose not to hire us.

24 February 2020

Thanx again

Reviewed on Thumbtack

6 February 2020

Roberto understood the situation and did a great job in communicating what he would do to help. He was responsive to my calls and texts and worked quite quickly to produce the information I needed. I would recommend him to any of my friends who need a private investigator. More...

Reviewed on Thumbtack

9 January 2020

Communication was a breeze and questions were met with prompt responses. Very happy with the quick completion of service and level of professionalism. I won’t hesitate to return should the need arise in the future. More...

Reviewed on Thumbtack

5 January 2020

I needed someone to do some investigation for me in a rather short time period.  Rivera & Associates was definitely the right team for the job. ... from the first phone conversation I had with him he was honest, very informative, and extremely helpful.  I wouldn't hesitate to call on them again if ever needed. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

19 December 2019

Efficiently located the defendant, highly recommend this firm to anyone needs assistance, thank you once again.

Reviewed on Thumbtack

18 December 2019

Efficiently performed a skip trace service, located the defendant within hours from initial request, very satisfied with Roberto's team and would highly recommended to anyone that needs assistance.

Reviewed on Yelp

22 October 2019

Reviewed on Thumbtack

12 June 2019

Professional, efficient, prompt service. Roberto was knowledgeable of the relevant laws and knew how to serve an evasive individual. I'm so relieved to have this done. Well worth $85. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

26 April 2018

Great service and communication. Was able to assist me in my matter and provided prompt communication that made the process flow smoothly. Good on price too.

Reviewed on Yelp

26 April 2018

I called to ask if my particular concern would be something he could assist with. He was very polite and informative and quoted me a good price. Provided great communication and information that answered my concerns, even with minimal information to start with. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

4 April 2018

Roberto Rivera managed to serve the defendant, who was very hard to find and was out of county, which enabled me to finally secure the court date. There was some delay in obtaining the payment receipt due to them being out of town. Beside this small issue I would recommend this agency for your PI needs. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

26 March 2018

Good communication and professional delivery on the service.

Reviewed on Google Maps

23 June 2017

I have dealt with process servers all over the US. I needed a quick filing of court papers and service to follow. Roberto immediately filed the papers with the Court.  Service was perfected immediately after. Roberto was quick, efficient and was knowledgeable of the local rules of the Court.  I wont be going anywhere else! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

11 January 2017

Very fast and professional service for serving the defendant. He located the new address of defendant and finished the work in a timely fashion.

Reviewed on Yelp

7 September 2016

I was only given a short time to serve and file before my court date. I put a request for a process server through Thumbtack and was supposed to get 5 quotes. I got an immediate response from Roberto of Rivera & Associates. I did my own research on his website and was impressed with the company and what they had to offer. I called Roberto and he gave me a great price that was worth every penny! With his assistants that are located near and far, they were able to get my paperwork served and processed in a short amount of time. I am thoroughly impressed with Roberto and his team. I don't give 5 stars out freely when I do reviews, Rivera & Associates deserve the highest ratings possible. This has provided me a huge amount of relief during a difficult time with custody and court. Thank you so much Roberto and all your staff for all your help! I greatly appreciate it!!! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

7 September 2016

I was only given a short time to serve and file before my court date. I put a request for a process server through Thumbtack and was supposed to get 5 quotes. I got an immediate response from Roberto of Rivera & Associates. I did my own research on his website and was impressed with the company and what they had to offer. I called Roberto and he gave me a great price that was worth every penny! With his assistants that are located near and far, they were able to get my paperwork served and processed in a short amount of time. I am thoroughly impressed with Roberto and his team. I don't give 5 stars out freely when I do reviews, Rivera & Associates deserve the highest ratings possible. This has provided me a huge amount of relief during a difficult time with custody and court. Thank you so much Roberto and all your staff for all your help! I greatly appreciate it!!! More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

1 March 2016

I have worked for a group that employed Rivera & Associates.  I have known Roberto Rivera for many years, even before he established his current firm.  I have always found him to be professional, competent and he kept us well informed on the work he was doing.   I have had occasion to meet many different investigators so I feel my praise is based on experience. I would very much recommend him to others. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

28 July 2015

As a former Law Enforcement Officer from Northern California I feel qualified to recommend the services of Rivera & Associates to anyone seeking remedial responses from ongoing disputes whether they are Civil or Criminal. Roberto is very well connected in Santa Clara, California and the Santa Clara County area.

Roberto is extremely effective in exhausting all levels necessary to fulfill his obligations with the scope of the law. He has the timely “Integrity” to get the job done in a proactive manner. What you come to Rivera & Associates for is intellectual integrity and the results are phenomenal. It is primal to say that we are all accountable to get the facts straight no matter where they may lead. The laws of economic gravity are you get what you pay for. With the information that you provide to him in the course of an investigation, he will give you feedback needed to make an informed decision. The bottom line here is there is no bottom line of what can be accomplished. Do not caught up in it, don’t get emotional, go with the numbers, this is a science.

It is very easy for clients to voice their feelings via a blog post without taking into consideration the overall circumstances, abilities, and legal ramifications set as priorities necessary in order to do the job that he is capable of doing and that you are requesting that he do. In my experience and with all due respect for Roberto in my unbiased opinion, what it comes down to is providing the information to locate, track down, and come to conclusions (whether they be in your best interest of not) as to the outcome of any and all proceedings. Ultimately Roberto Rivera offers and gives superb service with request’s that will exceed your expectations. Negative comments and feelings are not necessary, and very easy to produce.

As for me personally, I am just another satisfied client going through a divorce, having trouble locating an ex-wife and getting her served to appear in Court, and with a young daughter involved, this concerns me a great deal.


Steve in Oregon

Reviewed on Google Maps

17 July 2014

After leaving a few reviews I was contacted by Roberto and finally given the full results of his work, along with a complete refund. While I feel that better (ok, ANY) communication would have made this a completely different experience, I do appreciate that he was willing to acknowledge the problem and honourably issue the refund.It does appear that the R&A team are skilled at what they do - perhaps just too busy? Or maybe we caught them in a bad time.Bottom line: We were out of options, and R&A could have just taken the funds leaving us with no recourse - but instead they chose to fully return the deposit to make things right. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

28 January 2013

Roberto Rivera is very professional, skilled, smart and hard working. I've never gotten an PI before, but was cought in a child custody situation where I really needed one. I am a single mom and my financial status is not the greatest. But I was desperate. Roberto helped me at the fair price.After this investigation concluded he presented me with a very professional report with pictures and detailes that I needed.I am very happy with the result. So, if you are in need for a private investigator, I highly recomend Roberto Rivera!Thank you, Roberto!Alicia, San Jose More...

Reviewed on Yelp


Our Background services include developing evidence to support a claim or a defense, identifying, or locating witnesses. Our extensive range of domestic and international searches / information will help in deciding whether to seek legal action, employ alternative dispute resolutions, negotiate a settlement, seek a restraining order or verify potential risks and threats. These searches are performed by trained and experienced Record Researchers.

Surveillance is conducted when there are reasonable grounds of suspicious or fraudulent activity, and when other methods have been utilized but have found to be ineffective. The person requesting the surveillance should weigh and balance the need of the surveillance to the privacy interests of the subject of the Investigation.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers that we use for investigative surveillance are different from the GPS devices on your dashboard or windshield that makes sure you don’t get lost. These investigative GPS trackers show you exactly where a vehicle, asset, or person is located and will track and document the historical position of that vehicle, asset or person over time. Most GPS Trackers have software that allows Investigators to generate a detailed GPS Tracking Log of the vehicles historical location(s).

GPS tracking law is determined at the State level and each State’s laws are typically different. It’s part of the Private Investigator’s responsibility to know the law and ensure that the device is being used in compliance with the current law. Both the client and the Investigator could be liable if the GPS tracker is not used appropriately.

​California Penal Code section 637.7 prohibits "individuals from using electronic tracking devices to determine the location or movement of a person with the exception of registered owners, lessors, or lessees of vehicles to use electronic tracking devices to track their own vehicles."

We will require the client to show proof of registration and must sign a written authorization that grants the Investigator permission to install the tracking device.

Almost everyone is traceable; you just need the tools, knowledge, time and techniques to get the person found. Rivera & Associates has just those tools as well as specialists specifically trained to locate missing persons. Our Missing Person Investigators will work with law enforcement, network with non-traditional resources such as non-profit missing organizations, conduct online database research and utilize offline resources to pick up where the police may have left off. Many police agencies are not equipped to spend an excessive amount of time on an investigation, especially when the leads have run out. Rivera & Associates will dedicate the time necessary to find your Missing Person or Locate.

Locate Investigations
Biological Parents
Missing Children
Old Friends
Debtor Locates

Our Investigators have access to some of the best online proprietary databases, public record resources, open-source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and investigative networks in the world. Some of these private databases are not available to the general public. Only detectives and licensed investigators have the credentials to access them. These online and unique databases span worldwide and can be cross-referenced to locate just the person you are looking for.

What Do We Need to Find or Locate a Missing Person?
The more information you can provide the Investigator the better when trying to locate a Missing Person, Locate, Child or Runaway. If you have the full name, date of birth, birth certificate, social security number or former address or city that would give us a great start. But we will begin working with the information you can provide.

Locate, interview and evaluate Witness and defense credibility
Research Background of Victims, percipient Witnesses and Experts
Locate and Interview case specific Experts
Canvass crime, arrest and/or accident scenes for additional Witnesses
Subpoena and Witness preparation for trial
Transport Witnesses to and from Court
Take written, video or tape-recorded Statements
Prepare declarations for Witness signature
Act as liaison between attorney and family members​

Rivera & Associates is dedicated to achieving quality professional service on a timely basis. When you need an experienced and dedicated Registered Process Server (Santa Clara County, RPS #1521)in Northern California, throughout California or Nationally. Serves are made during the day, evenings and weekends. We schedule our attempts to better connect with the person or persons being served.With over 24 years of business experience we understand the importance of customer service and communication. We provide timely service of process as well as proof of service, inclusive within one simple flat fee.

Common documents served include:

• Civil Summons & Complaint
• Family Court Papers
• Small Claims
• Unlawful Detainers
• Subpoenas
• Restraining Order

As a private investigator, you have to keep in tune with the ever-changing online social landscape. Trends are constantly changing when it comes to the wealth of information available to private investigators through social media and online sources. With social media at our fingertips, investigators have abundant access to information regarding every detail of people’s lives. This information can be obtained easily and almost effortlessly.

Social media is often used as a tool for insurance claims investigators to extract evidence while investigating suspicious claims. The subject may be bragging on their Facebook page about the deception against the insurance company and posting information and pictures, contradicting their limitations and restrictions.

After analyzing the victim’s Facebook photos and check-ins, investigators can gather additional evidence, beyond the traditional surveillance methods, which assist in successful investigations.

Social media outlets are commonly and routinely accessed by private investigators during the pre-investigation phase of any investigation. Before beginning any investigation, it is prudent to review all social media outlets for information on the subject. Many people post to their social media and investigators are able to obtain information such as a physical description from a photograph, the subject’s schedule and appointments, possible associations, addresses, employment status and the list is endless.

Social media is a powerful tool, and as a private investigator, it can be used as an excellent source of information on the subject of an investigation. Don’t ignore the fruitfulness of the internet, as it presents a wealth of information that is, at most times, easily accessible and available.