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Richard Lui

Sacramento and Roseville Offices, Sacramento and Placer


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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I offer individual and couple counseling giving my clients practical powerful tools to heal stress and anxiety issues due to relationship, work, chronic pain, addiction or financial issues. We all get stuck in our lives. I will offer you not only compassionate and caring talk therapy, but also safe mindfulness practices, hypnotherapy tools, books, cds, and community resources to do short term cost effective counseling and coaching.

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4 customer reviews

28 January 2019

Richard Lui is truly an amazing counselor/therapist! I have seen him both individually and in couple counseling with my wife and he has been of tremendous help! He has many, many tools at his disposal and is a very compassionate and skilled therapist. More...

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29 December 2018

I have been a client of Richard's now for 5 months, for both couples and individual counseling, and I can honestly say that he is amazing. Richard has many teachable tools that he has used to help me to understand and deal with the issues that I am facing. I do understand that there are no quick fixes and these tools take time to learn, but they do work! More...

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28 May 2018

Richard Lui married my husband and I in Maui, after a year of couple counseling, as well as individual counseling. Be prepared to have your relationship go to another level of intimacy and love. He literally walks the talk and does what he suggests in his own 40 year marriage. I highly recommend him if you are prepared to do the work required for the best relationship, ever. FYI, I was hesitant going again after 10 years of marriage, thinking my husband and I just needed to talk more. We are currently seeing him every 2-3 weeks for a refresher! I feel my marriage is my best because of his counseling. More...

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28 May 2018

I have known Richard for about seven years. He has shown me wisdom through various methods and practices and with his sense of humor. Richard has been a big help to me through my journey of life decisions. More...

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I love giving practical scientifically proven mindfulness tools and other stress reducing methods to my clients. I love seeing clients patiently grow and become happier and get unstuck who are honest, open and willing to do the work of self
Love and loving others with limits and healthy boundaries.

My desire to make a
Difference in people’s lives and contribute. There is far too much needless stress and suffering in our personal lives and relationships. I have so benefited in my life and want to share these tools. What gifts I have been given by others! I would like to share them.

Because of my passion and enthusiasm for helping those who are willing to do the work of loving self transformation. I truly care about my clients and more importantly I show them ways of improving their own self-care and creative imagination so they can be happier and
more joyous and free. They then can contribute to their love ones with balance and a caring presence.