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During the recent pandemic I noticed that there were many people looking to get in to better shape for their physical, mental and emotional health. Due to the increase of people searching for help to live towards a healthier lifestyle I founded my company Reinforcement Fitness.

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24 June 2022

Great workouts, knowledgeable, and experienced. Made me want to push myself and go for greatness!


Having a healthy diet is essential to someone's health and well-being. You cannot outwork a bad diet.

1. Building a Great and Trustworthy relationship. I want to be able to understand and communicate well with whoever I work with.

2. Clear and realistic understanding of Client's Goals. The client and I will know where they are in their fitness journey and where they realistically want to be.

3. Build A Personalized Workout and Nutrition Plan. Every person will have a personalized plan made out for them because no person is exactly alike.

Patience, Consistency, and Discipline.
Getting the body of your dreams does not happen overnight. You have to be willing to endure the process until the goal is achieved naturally.

I Love helping everyone I have the opportunity to work with become the best version of themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. It gives me a great sense of joy seeing a client become the person they always dreamed of being for themselves and their loved ones.

The first time I had the opportunity to work for a fitness company I was 16 years old and the conditions were pretty good and I learned a lot. Once I moved on from that company and started working for corporate fitness industries, I got a clear understanding that it was more of a business and less about making sure trainers and clients felt like they enjoying the journey they were on. I got tired of not being paid for all the work I put in for everyone else. I decided it was time to go out on my own and give the same quality results and earn a living my family would be secure having.


Reaching your best potential through healthier living!
1-on-1 training
In-Person and Virtual Training
Nutritional Guidance

Now offering athletic performance training for all sports and ages, starting at age 5 and up! Parents and athletes will be shocked at the amount progress you can see in just 12 weeks!

Helping individuals who enjoy being in a more group style training session.
Group Fitness: 2-8 people
Fitness Bootcamp: 9-20+ people