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As a life coach who reflects constantly, I'm driven by having genuine conversations and gearing them towards empowering oneself to create one's own positive thinking in order to grow sustainability.


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I provide a genuine conversation with someone outside of your personal life. One where we can dissolve each other's ego's, challenge one another, and build secure reasoning for how to think positively in life.

As someone who reflects constantly on how to enable secure, confident reasoning in life, I am inspired to share and reflect with others to enable it together.

My "coaching" is more of a genuine conversation without an ego. We talk through reasoning together and challenge perspectives in order to enable sustainable, secure reasoning to empower you to essentially create their own reality.

Yes, services are provided online. You can schedule a time at reedr.blog, where you will receive a Zoom link.


A genuine conversation with someone outside of your personal life. Provide me a topic and we will reflect together in order to empower oneself to create confident, secure reasoning that is sustainable.