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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We are a full service, marketing and video production company that takes a broader, holistic view to marketing. Every aspect of your content, message, and visibility affect your success. We understand that and aim to improve the way people see, find, and interact with your business from every angle.

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2 customer reviews

12 December 2018

So very impressed with the products RML has brought me! Corey is a very helpful hand in trying to maximize contact with my marketing. RML has been nothing but professional and terrific. Can’t wait to work with them again! More...

Reviewed on Facebook

12 August 2018

The service that Corey and his company, Redmond Media Lab, provides has not only netted excellent results, but the lengths that they go to to support their clients goes above and beyond what any business would or should expect - they will amaze you. Redmond Media Lab is the fourth company we have used for SEO and by far the best. Corey is smart, talented, creative, honest and tireless and I would recommend Redmond without reservation to any company looking to improve their internet presence. More...

Reviewed on Facebook

24 July 2018

When I first met Corey at Redmond Media Lab, I didn't really know what to expect. My business was new and my social media knowledge was limited. I knew that I needed to get content and information out there about my business, but I wasn't sure what approach to take?

Corey was prepared with numerous suggestions and walked me through each and every one. He is an honest up front person. I felt very comfortable with him and trusted him to take the reigns and get started with an entire social media campaign.

He went through and updated my website, shot and edited videos of my business and ran my social media accounts for me until I was comfortable doing these tasks myself.

I let Corey produce and work with his own ideas that in fact turned out incredible content, but he always kept me updated and made sure that I was in agreement and signed off on each project.

I am thrilled with everything Redmond Media Lab has created for me and I am looking very forward to doing more with this company in the very near future.

Skip's Cycle Shop Inc.

Redmond Media Lab, Inc.

Reply from Redmond Media Lab, Inc.

Thank you so much for your kind words Skip! It's always been a pleasure working with you.

24 July 2018

I’ve worked with a lot of companies and I usually am let down because I hold my expectations very high. Corey over at Redmondmedialab always delivers and you’ll always leave speechless after you’re done working with him and you see your final product. He is very easy to work with and always is making sure if you are satisfied with what he offers. Thank you Corey! You have never let me down and I will be a lifetime customer! Can’t wait to work with you next time. More...

Redmond Media Lab, Inc.

Reply from Redmond Media Lab, Inc.

We love producing videos for you and your business Jose, Thanks so much for your everlasting support!


Simplicity, Function, and Performance.

Everything must be seen from the customer's point of view: Can they see what you are selling (services or products), who you are, where to find you, and can they develop a relationship with you, just from seeing your website?
If the customer can start to build a positive relationship with a business, just from seeing your website... then your website is off to a good start. Keep it simple!

Function is crucial, does the website work on mobile and desktop, is it easy and appealing to navigate, and does it draw customers in wanting to learn more?

Performance is probably the most overlooked aspect of web design for small businesses, 53 percent of visitors will leave the website if the loading process takes more than 3 seconds (Google, Mar. 2016.) So then, if your website doesn't actually perform fast and reliably, your investment and efforts in all of other aspects (SEO, Social Media Marketing, Adwords, etc) has gone to waste. For many small business, a website is their gateway to the online world, so it is crucial that it is fast and reliable (on all devices, especially mobile)!

1. Realistically, what is your TRUE budget, the bottom line number you can afford to spend to invest into marketing or web design, or other services. don't think of it as a cost, think of it as an investment. We want to help and grow small businesses, not force costs upon them that they cannot afford in the long run.

2. Is your business currently stable, are you looking to grow it, maintain it, or just clean it up?

3. Have you had people help you with marketing or web design before? If yes, tell us a little about what they did for you, your favorite aspects of working with them, and maybe some of the things you would have liked to get more out of from them.. ( you can keep it anonymous, we just want to know how to improve )

4. What businesses do you look up to? For example, what are some of your favorite websites, favorite business social media profiles, instagram, facebook ETC. What are your tastes, as in, how do you want the online world to see your business?

5. We generally have a lot more questions, and offer a free consultation, so these are just some of the most basic ones to really get you thinking about marketing and your goals :)

Seeing our clients succeed!! It's really as simple as that. We aren't doing our job if you aren't seeing results or improvements :)

I founded Redmond Media Lab out of necessity. Originally, I wanted to pursue just video production; but SEO, Advertisements, Branding, and just about everything else you could think of in Marketing have been crucial to my own business.

By developing these skills and growing my business to include these core principles of marketing, I've been able to keep true to my passion of Video Production, while also offering expert services in all areas of marketing to our clients. We don't specialize. We take a broader, holistic view to marketing. Every aspect of your content, message, and visibility affect your success.

We understand that and aim to improve the way people see, find, and interact with your business from every angle.

Honestly, any marketing agency that has managed to stay in business will probably work fine for you. People tend to notice really quick if your services aren't working. If you find that your marketing or web work is becoming a scary cost, and not an investment that is bringing in a return on your revenue, then that agency is not right for you. We try always to be the agency that brings a return for you, not a cost.

There's a couple things that Redmond Media Lab always makes sure to do:

1. Non compete. We don't provide Marketing services to different companies within the same industry, that are direct competitors. If we chose you and your coffee shop, you've got us on your team, we won't take our services to the coffee shop across the street as well. We are in it to make you #1.

2. Data First. We always focus on the Data and how many leads you are getting. We like to take some time in the beginning of our work with you to set a baseline, kind of like a science experiment. Gather data before we do ANYTHING. Then we get to work and can always compare it back to where you where when we started. Onward and Upward! Always!

3. There's some other stuff we like to do... but we are working on this list still :)


Full video production for advertisements, commercials, social media, client testimonials, product videos, etc

We can improve your Google Business Listing!!

Full social Media Management including photo procurement, posting, copy writing, with the focus on growing your social media accounts and bringing in viable leads from them

Full web design, or just a little freshen up and maintenance

Google Advertisements, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Yelp ads

Newsletters, follow up emails, sales, discounts, customer retention and lead generation

We can put various tracking numbers on all of your platforms, signage, etc. To see where your leads are coming from, when they are calling, and how they found you.... So you can see if paying for that giant Billboard advertisement actually got anyone to call your business!

For your leads, customers, web traffic, etc

Allow your customers to receive appointment reminders via text, email, and follow up emails for reviews

For Product photos, social media posts, team photos, we've even shot engagements and weddings before!