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Hi I'm Caroline and I'm a house cleaner for 03 years
I believe cleaning houses is more than dusting, scrubbing, wiping, vacuuming, mopping
When we offer a house cleaning service, we also give to our costumers a peaceful and relaxing feeling

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I worked for big companies for 3 years, and then I decided to have my own business
I`ve been managing my costumers for about 06 months

I have everything I need: products, vaccuum (floor and carpet), duster, towels and cloths, sweep, squeegee
I prefer to use products I already knew , but I can use the costumer stuff too

I love the feeling to get home after a working day and feel the peace of having a clean home. Further, I have more time to spend with my family and not worry about the domestic chores. That's what I offer to my costumers

I like to have a respectful friendship with my costumers. We can feel that we take care of each other

I love what I do. A clean house means peace. I am experienced, friendly, trustworthy. All these years I've learned to work with different houses and lifestyle

I wipe all surfaces, handles, door frames
I use good and antibacterial products


If it`s a deep cleaning you need, or just a touch up, or maybe a special event or occasion, let me know what you need

With recurrent cleaning you will have your house clean the way that works better for you

When you are moving to a new place, we can clean the house you are leaving, or the one you are going to live

As there is no furniture, it's included:
inside the gabinets

When a guest rent a house for vacation, more than just fun, they look for a clean place to feel like home
We offer washed bed sheets
We clean inside drawers, gabinets, closets, refrigerator and oven
We also do outside / pool area
We care about the details, the guest will feel how is special to have them staying at your place