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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Randy Fuhrman Events is an award winning catering event planning company. We have won awards for our food and presentation, to our amazing decor. What is great about Randy Fuhrman Events are we are a one stop shop and you can be a guest at your own event.

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22 September 2019

I have known Randy for over five decades. He has built a fantastic reputation as an event planner to the wealthy. So, I was a little hesitant to ask him to cater my mother's 100th birthday party, as it was a more modest event for him. However, Randy was the perfect choice! His attention to detail, the lovely ambience he created, the delicious food, and the impeccable service was everything I had hoped for. The best part was he accomplished all of that within our modest budget! I highly recommend Randy for any event no matter how large or small and intimate. He is a professional who will take care of ALL the details. Thank you, Randy!! I look forward to working with you again! More...

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7 August 2019

As an event producer, Randy is one the most creative and easiest people I have worked with.   As a caterer, his food is is boutique restaurant quality, put them together as a one stop shop that does both, there is no reason to consider anyone else.   Randy turned a shell of a studio in Culver City, into a club that could rival those on Sunset and people are still raving about how good the food was.  I am looking forward to the next time we do an event so that I can work with Randy again! More...

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30 July 2019

Randy Fuhrman Events is the official caterer of the Costume Designers Guild Movie Night. He has a unique vision in designing his food with a theme of a movie we screen. Very detail oriented. Randy and his team will provide the best service in Los Angeles. He always makes us happy! More...

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23 April 2019

I just hosted a Seder at my house, and it was a bit of a stretch for me, so I asked Randy to help with the food. He knew exactly what I was looking for -- a mash-up of traditional and contemporary/healthy cuisine -- and he produced a great meal for us. I'm still enjoying some leftovers -- the servings were quite generous.One of my guests has extremely high standards.  She's of Italian descent, and she used to proudly tell me that she never would go out for Italian food, because the food she makes at home is better than most of the restaurants.  And she asked me for Randy's contact information, so she could call him about her upcoming events.  That's as good as it gets! More...

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21 February 2019

During my time at the Walt Disney Co. doing special events for theatrical film publicity, I hired Randy to help with the catering and design for several events and post-premiere parties. From inception to execution, Randy is magic -- and with a clear vision.  His ideas are cleverly creative, his enthusiasm is infectious and the food is delicious (the brownies!!) He is a consummate professional with clear attention to the small details that make a big difference when planning high profile press/celebrity events.  I now handle special events for a boutique PR agency specializing in studio entertainment clients, and have enjoyed connecting with Randy again.  There is an ease I feel when working with him and I don't have to worry that anything will be overlooked -- it's just handled.  I think he's exceptionally talented in so many areas: ideation, decor, and menu planning -- what an exceptional chef and baker! But he's also a good human who does great things for people when he's not planning an event or spending time in the kitchen.  My film studio clients have been absolutely thrilled with his work and I wouldn't dream of holding an event for a client without reaching out to Randy and have him by my side. More...

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3 January 2019

I just had a birthday party this past December and Randy was recommend to cater it. I wasn't sure I wanted to cater my party but it was the best decision to do so. Randy was AMAZING! As was his staff! I didn't do one thing but enjoy my own party. The food was A+, it was presented beautifully, and there was an abundance of it!  The kitchen was left in perfect shape after. I could not have been happier. We are still raving about the chocolate cake Randy made (best ever!) More...

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5 September 2018

So  as it turns out I wasn't able to attend the big event but as luck would have it I came across the best DOLMAS I've ever tasted in my life. At a picnic my bestie showed up with the "leftover" dolmas and all I could think of was Who? When? Where? And I want more!!! I'm not sure if I will ever get the opportunity again but if you're considering catering your event you cannot go without Randy's Dolmas! I'm wondering would he, could he share his recipe? More...

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26 July 2018

Outstanding attention to details and a real passion for the event planning process. Randy and Team have a wealth of knowledge and will help delivering the best experience.

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12 February 2018

Amazing is an understatement.  The food was over the top and the staff was best I have ever seen.  Floral that Randy did was beyond amazing. I do not have even one criticism.   Grade is 100/100. More...

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12 February 2018

I was introduced to Randy Fuhrman Events from an acquaintance, when I inquired about using a caterer, after I had offered my home for an organization's Christmas event.  It was to be a buffet. From the display of foods, to the unbelievable menu and execution of it, it went off without a hitch, and with fabulous reviews. AND my house was left spotless.But this review is really about last night, February 11, 2018, when I wanted a very special, elegant, sit down dinner birthday party. My plan was to give back to some very special friends.Randy gave me unbelievable options for a menu, that we agreed upon about two weeks prior to the event. It even accommodated certain dietary requests. I've never planned a personal catered event and he took the burden right out of my hands. The menu sounded amazing.  Well believe me, the reality of the meal (several courses with appetizers being passed around first) far exceeded what was on paper!  My friends can't stop calling me just to say that every part of that dinner was scrumptious!  Sometimes just one or two things will be good...but EVERYTHING was delicious!I got to enjoy the whole evening and not enter my kitchen!  His choice of staff upheld the highest standards and I requested Mina (?) again, because of her excellence!  It was a rare opportunity for me to do something like this, and I would call upon Randy Fuhrman Events for any of my catering needs in a heartbeat!If you haven't consulted with Randy, prior to an event, don't make any decisions until you do! More...

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5 January 2018

The highlight of my holiday season was having the distinct pleasure of attending an event catered by Randy Fuhrman. OMG, I felt as though I had been transported into another world of long forgotten elegance.  Not since the days of Milton Williams and early Mary Micucci who were considered the "creme de la creme" of Beverly Hills and Hollywood royalty have I experienced such a perfectly planned, stunning event.  The food was par excellence and the presentations were breathtaking! Everything he does is with precise detail and he plans and provides it all: seating, table coverings, lighting, flowers, etc.I have thrown screening parties, Oscar parties and Emmy parties in my PR days that earned raves but this guy is over-the-top perfection. More...

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27 December 2017

I decided to throw a celebration for my wife's birthday.  Having never done anything of this scope before, I was concerned about this daunting task.  I had been at a couple of Randy's events and decided to let him run my party.  First, I never should have been nervous about anything.  Randy helped me select the menu, provided decorations (some of the most beautiful roses I've seen) and even dishes, glasses and silverware.  They even enclosed and heated a porch area for extra seating space.Turned out that I didn't have to do anything.  They set up everything;  Took excellent care of my guests; left my house cleaner than they found it.  They cooked and did the dishes.  I did nothing!Then there was the food!  Every dish was unusual, delicious and beautifully presented. The  hors d'oeuvrs included Yorkshire Pudding Topped with Rare Tenderloin (my favorite), Louisiana Crab Cakes, Wild Mushroom Risotto Cakes and others.  All were passed around and well received.Main courses included Lamb served over an absolutely amazing cauliflower mash; Smoked Salmon with Red Quinoa and other amazing dishes.  The surprise of the evening was the Braised Short Ribs.  Not normally one of my favorites, but these were truly amazing.  "Fall of the bone" tender with a perfect sauce and baby carrots.Randy also helped me with a few surprises.  I supplied a tiara and he supplied a throne and bouquet of roses for my wife, the queen of the evening.  (She cried over that!  Definitely a "Kodak Moment".)All my guests complimented me on the evening.  And again, I didn't have to do anything.  Did I say that Randy did everything and I just greeted guests and ate food.Thank you Randy and all your delightful servers and cooks, for all you did. More...

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19 September 2017

One call and set up a meeting... Met... and a couple days later, he planned the best furniture for my event. Done, and DONE! My client was so incredibly happy with the furniture choices, and the service Randy provides is top notch pro. I am extremely happy that we met and now consider him a definite go-to source for my events. Thanks so much, Randy! I can't wait until the next time we get to work together! AND... OMGosh!!! THE BROWNIES!!!!! They didn't stand a chance in my house!! More...

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16 February 2017

I was fortunate to have worked for Randy in the 1990's and witnessed first hand his creativity as he envisioned and created these lavish events,.  We reconnected on FB and now at my current place of employment we often order Randy's amazing cakes and brownies.  We will never ever order from anyone else.Love Love Love this amazing man's cooking and baking. More...

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9 January 2017

We ordered Randy's brownies for our family Christmas dinner. I have to say, I'm still dreaming about them. They were unbelievably delicious. We had an assortment and honestly I don't know which I loved better. I've had Randy's catered food at parties as well and he is extraordinary. Everything he creates is a culinary artistry and beyond delicious! Okay...now my mouth is watering thinking about all the yummy food! More...

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22 February 2016

I have had the privilege of going to several events where Randy Fuhrman catered. Brunch, lunch, and dinner. Organized with beautiful presentation, friendly, and the best food ever. He makes his own BBQ sauce, and when you add it to chicken or ribs or whatever, it's mouthwatering. Don't get me started on his desserts. Kahlua Cake...the best. More...

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22 November 2015

I have used Randy Fuhrman Events for two very special parties,  one with around 40 people and the other with over 150.  Whether it be a small get together or a large group event, Randy and his team deliver impeccably on all fronts.  He is unique in that he can both cater and plan your event.  His food is over the top in both taste and presentation.  As for the event planning, he covers every detail (many of which you'd never think of) and delivers a flawlessly coordinated occasion.  From the flower arrangements, to the mood lighting, to the musical set list, his attention to detail is nonpareil.  I look forward to working with him again, and I would give him my highest recommendation. More...

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8 November 2015

Randy planned and coordinated our wedding in Santa Ynez. He has many years of experience planning the most extravagant parties which made the entire process easy and enjoyable for us. His excellent tastes combined with his culinary expertise allowed us to deliver a wonderful experience for our guests with a piece of mind for the bride and groom. More...

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28 July 2015

Randy came to our home for our first anniversary as a close friend had given us a gift certificate for dinner for two and the experience was amazing!  Every detail was meticulously arranged from the table to the dinner. We forgot we were in our own home. I am not a cold soup fan, however Randy changed that. The gazpacho soup, the grilled Caesar salad, filet mignon with hummus mashed potatoes and root vegetables...WOW!!!  Just when we couldn't eat anything else, dessert was chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. Randy made everything gluten free and dairy free as we had requested and we never knew it could taste like this.  This was an incredible gift to receive as we would have never thought of doing it for ourselves. Now we can't wait for another occasion to have Randy come back. Thank you Randy Fuhrman Events for making our first year anniversary memorable. More...

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28 June 2014

We hired Randy Fuhrman Events to cater a recent wedding celebration which we hosted at our home. The woman I spoke with on the phone, Beverly, was very helpful in setting up the intitial meeting with the owner, Mr. Furhman. He called me back promptly and took the necessary information and promised a followup email with potential menu options for our 75 guests. We received this the next day and were intriqued by the choices presented. Mr. Fuhrman came to the house a few days later to advise on necessary rentals of tables, chairs, umbrellas, etc., and to give suggestions for timeline and coordination of the wedding. All through the process, he was professional and followed through with everything in a timely way. The office staff, esp Beverly was alway available to answer questions and deal with issues that arose. The party went off without a hitch, the food was beautifully prepared and presented and the quality univerally raved about. The staff he brought the day of the party were pleasant and professional and took great care of our guests with passed appetizers, drinks, and serving the beautiful buffet lunch. He also took care of the wedding cake which was a work of art in itself!! At the end of the party, everything was cleaned up and removed without any issues. There were no hiddeen charges and the cost came in exactly as anticipated. I can recommend this company to anyone who wants to throw a big party without sweating the arrangements.  Would defintely use Randy Furhman Events again. . . .and again. . More...

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4 March 2012

I was familiar of Randy Fuhrman and his Brownies and other sweets from the old Peter Dills time buy TV show on KJLA. You know, the station you always pass by when trying to get to a real TV station? Well, this was the one show I watched on this station and while it was clearly an infomercial of sorts, it did allow me to learn of companies like Randy's. Recently, I finally got to try Randy's brownies at the second edition of Indulge LA and these were pretty dense treats loaded with chocolate chunks and other goodies. He has some other desserts too, but it's the Brownies he specializes in, so stay the course. More...

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I love doing it all. As there is no one dish as I am always creating for my clients.

I listen to what they like and create from there. So many different dietary needs that have to be considered

I love to create and take the space and transform it for the client. It is about being about to let my client enjoy the experience and not have to worry about the details as that is why you hired RFE.

My mom was an excelant entertainer and cook and I picked it up from her. I loved beng in the kitchen and being able to create. Then I went to LATT and graduated with honors and that sat on the advisary board for 5 years. I have been teaching at UCLA for over 30 years on how to throw an event.

1st please read my reviews so you get an idea of how I take care of my clients.

As I have over 35 years of expereince I hope that would put my client at ease. When you look at my website and see some of the clients I have worked with which would hopefully make my client feel that they are in good hands. I want to make their experience an enjoyable one. One that they can actually be with their guest and enjoy their event. We are a one stop shop so it the client chooses we can handle everything and then they can relax. Our staff is professional and personable which for me is very important as staff and can make a break and party if they are not attentive to the guest.
I am blessed to be in an industry I love and get to creat the magic everyday.