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Pro Trainer Will

Beverly Hills, California, USA

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PRO TRAINER Will Thompson, has worked in Health, Sports and Fitness. and has been featured on T.V. Shows including; EXTRA! (The BodyShop), The Discovery Health Channel's Body Challenge Hollywood and FitTV's Secrets of SuperStar Fitness, as well as in Magazines including;

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28 May 2017

Will is the best personal trainer that I have ever worked with. I lost 32 pounds in 4 months due to two main reasons - Personal training sessions with Will and an extremely strict diet. I used a fitbit tracker and kept track of my weight. Here are the recorded weights - I weighed 222 pounds on June 23I weighed 214.5 pounds on July 23I weighed 202.8 pounds on August 23 I weighed 196.9 pounds on Sep 23 I weighed 190 pounds on Oct 23On average, I had about 2 sessions a week, every week for 4 months. Will's understanding of the human body and muscles is really good.I have always had lower back problems when i worked out. I have had trainers in the past who did not pay too much attention to that. Will understands back pain very well because of his personal experience with it. He was able to suggest exercises that helped me strengthen my lower back. In general, Will was very particular about maintaining good form for all muscles throughout the workouts. One other benefit of working out with Will is the diversity of the workouts. Since, my main goal was to lose weight, we incorporated boxing sessions into our workouts too. Will is a certified boxing coach. The boxing sessions were really intense and were a huge reason I lost all the weight. One other major difference between Will and other trainers is the intensity of the workouts. I have never worked so hard in my life during a training session. During the workouts, I was able increase the intensity to really high levels while still maintaining good form. Will was also able to suggest diets to complement the workouts. Will was constantly motivating me to make healthier choices with my food so that I was able to continue losing the weight.I highly recommend Will. You will not be disappointed and you will lose the extra weight. More...

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29 May 2014

As seen in "Hollywood's Top Trainers" Men's Fitness magazine

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