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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


We are a full-service digital marketing and business consulting company that helps your business more effectively attract, convert, and retain customers. From SEO and social media that engages your target audience, to content marketing and chatbot development that engages customers, we offer flexible packages that help grow your business.

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10 January 2022

I just withdraw my profit of $15,500 from my trading account thanks a lot Miss Katherine Lawrence. I now have full trust on you now, I started with $650 you can also give a try, Miss Katherine Lawrence is real and legit Contact her via her details below WhatsApp: +14326522748 Gmail: katherinelawrence070@gmail.com

Reviewed on Facebook

25 January 2021

With Local SEO, you get better visibility in Google search by using a very affordable and cost-effective marketing solution while targetting customers who are ready to buy... Very recommended.

Reviewed on Facebook

14 January 2019

The diverse knowledge, intellectual guidance and humanistic approach exemplified by Michael Krieger; End Business Consultants, made the consumer experience for The Parker Team a true joy.

Reviewed on Facebook

14 January 2019

The Parker Team at Carrington Real Estate Services (US), LLC recently sought the professional advice of Michael Krieger, CEO of End Business Consultants. We were impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of social media, and his overall congenial demeanor. We would not hesitate to seek his advice again, and we would definitely recommend Michael to those needing that extra incentive to succeed!

Catherine and James Parker

Reviewed on Facebook

28 May 2018

Michael is always helpful with tips and feedback in an effort to maximize results. Additionally, he gets back to you in a timely manner when you have questions. If you are having a hard time getting your business into high gear, working with him will give you the kick start it needs to move it to the next level. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 May 2018

Michael is a very talented business consultant, and is an exceptional videographer. He takes great pride in his work and puts his heart into the end product that he produces for his clients. I have had Michael tape two different presentations for me and I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to grow their business, especially through the use of video marketing. More...

Reviewed on Google Maps

28 May 2018

The Parker Team would Highly Recommend End Business Consultants & Michael Krieger! We were 110% satisfied with his knack for in-depth Analytics, dynamic Problem Solving, offering comprehensive options, strategies and plans both short-term & long-term. His style and approach were personable, confident, realistic, fun & fundamentally sound. He communicated new and advanced material in a manner that was easily palatable to the listener. Overall Great Experience working with End Business Consultants. James & Catherine Parker More...

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A great website is mobile responsive and has a clean appearance overall. Also, the website shows how the business is differentiated from its competitors.

Who is your typical customer?
What is your budget? Our services are highly scalable, and are more impactful as you are able to invest more into our services.

I love that each day is exciting in its own way, plus I love having the satisfaction of helping businesses grow by deploying integrated solutions.

I saw that there is a lot of disjointed services that are provided to businesses. What I mean by that is you could go to numerous people to create a website, but many of those people will ultimately

Clients should choose us because we will get to understand your company thoroughly so that we are growing your business in the most efficient manner possible.


Increase Lead Conversion With Marketing Automation
Our Marketing Automation Services leverages our partnership with SharpSpring that allows you to turn your once anonymous website visitors into a list of prioritized highly converting leads.
Your website is constantly getting traffic from the social media, links from other websites, and other sources, but are you sufficiently capitalizing on that traffic?

Our affordable marketing automation service ensures that your business accomplishes this by leveraging state of the art software and adept management strategies to deliver the right marketing message at the right time. In turn, this allows you to create more meaningful business relationships by turning currently anonymous website visitors into a stream of prioritized, highly converting leads. We use behavioral based tracking that will result in the hottest leads going directly into your inbox daily.

The marketing automation service also includes DKIM-verified email service, which typically increases open rates by 400% due to the higher credibility these emails have within recipients’ email accounts, such as Gmail, Yahoo, and others. Emails are more likely to be delivered into the primary inbox accounts because DKIM prevents domain spoofing and phishing attacks as there is assurance that the domain owner sent a valid email campaign to the recipients’ emails.

Our state of the art marketing automation services includes a CRM, email marketing software, and a landing page builder. It also features numerous 3rd party integrations, such as Zoho, Wufoo, WordPress, and more!

We charge a small fraction of what many other marketing automation providers charge, which makes our marketing automation services the best deal in town. Full service consulting and management is available for our marketing automation at an additional charge based on your company’s specific needs.

Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services uses a multitude range of strategies to help you get found using leading search engines, including Google and Bing.
Millions of people turn to search engines to find products and services they will likely utilize. We create and execute the most ideal customized strategy to bring you long term, relevant high ranks in leading search engines on the most keywords possible. Our ethical, results driven approach utilizes the latest tools that leads to improved search engine rankings in the most relevant keywords. In turn, your website receives more traffic, which leads to more business for your company.

We approach improving your website’s search engine ranking by conduct a SEO Audit. We review your current keywords, and identifying relevant keywords that may drive exceptional SEO results. Afterwards, we analyze your competitors that currently rank on the first page of leading search engines. Necessary revisions to your website’s content and keywords will be made, but your website’s physical appearance will not change. We produce measurable results as we provide your company with monthly reports with clear, detailed data that shows the success of your SEO initiatives. The report details search engine positions and traffic levels of identified major keywords.

Our SEO services are supported through ongoing blogging, on-page optimization, link building, consultations, and strategy revisions to ensure that your business stays ahead of the rapidly evolving search engine and competitive environment. Many clients opt to enhance their SEO results through our pay per click (PPC) management services as it increases your visibility in your targeted keywords, while decreases competitor visibility. In addition, we can use data from your PPC campaign results to more effectively refine our SEO strategy.

We analyze and execute the most ideal Pay per Click (PPC) Search Engine Advertising campaigns to grow your business fast.
Our PPC Advertising services allow your business to be on the top of search engines.

Our search engine advertising services allow your business to instantly increase conversions and gain new customers by instantly appearing on top of search engines. These campaigns allow your website to receive the highest quality website visitors and conversions possible. We analyze your campaigns and results to ensure that the value per customer acquired exceeds the price per conversion.

Boost employee productivity, and increase conversion by offering 24/7 assistance to your customers and prospects.
Need further evidence of why you should implement chatbots? Consider that 51% of clients want businesses to be accessible 24/7 and 45.8% of them want to send a message to a company instead of email.
With leveraging AI and NLP capabilities, here are the most popular types of chatbots we can develop:

Customer Service Bots
Chatbots have become a crucial element to efficiently delivering exceptional customer service with a very quick response. We can incorporate AI and NLP to deliver an end to end solution to automatically fulfill routine customer inquiries in a humanoid manner. We can also develop buttons that direct visitors to areas of your website that are relevant to your inquiry.
E-Commerce Bots
Chatbots can be adapted to an E-Commerce business. Provide exceptional customer service 24/7 by anticipating your users’ needs, while upselling and cross-selling solutions at key times during the buying cycle.
Travel & Tourism
Anticipate user needs by providing recommendations based on past travel history. Provide recommendations what people should see based on nearby locations.
Best of all, we sell chatbots with the same functionality that we have in our service for only $59 set up fee plus $59 per month! You remove or do light editing of our responses at no extra charge, and we can develop additional responses for an additional charge.

Of course, if technology is unable to answer a question, the chatbot gently transfers the inquiry onto a live person, so what do you have to lose? Contact Prime Marketing Experts for an initial discovery session to start exploring how chatbots can streamline your business!

We offer customized website services that are tailored to your needs and budget. Our highly experienced team of experts will ensure that your website projects optimal visibility, thought leadership, and creativity.

All of our websites are responsive, which ensures an excellent user experience regardless of which device your website is viewed and it contributes to good Search Engine Optimization Practices.

We can help you do that as well. We can help you optimize the speed of your website, and we help implement functionality that helps your business effectively increase conversion rates.