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Lansing, MI, Clinton County

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What I do for you:
Teach you to formulate your workouts

Show you how to do each exercise correctly (there's so much more to effectual exercise than just form!).

Build lean muscle tissue via resistance training now shown in research to ward off heart attack and stroke just as effectively as cardio.

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I use a combination of PitFit™ Mindset training and a mix of exercise modalities and fitness nutrition to help clients. Not every client needs the exact same mixture of exercise types. It's important to know your material and know what your clients needs are. Many trainers simply don't understand how to do this well and can often end up either hurting the client or having them not eating right. I've been in the fitness arena for over 30 years and I have a great foundation of knowledge on all of the fitness front, as a trainer, leader, and working with people as well. I've been certified 3 times over now and always loved fitness and people. It's the passion for helping and what I do that keeps me going.

I like it when my clients answer that question.
"In the process of looking for a trainer that could help me quickly lose weight I found so, so much more. Jerry not only helped me lose weight, but he taught me the ins-and-outs of how we lose and gain weight in the first place. He showed me how to structure a workout and how to do each exercise correctly. I, sadly, had to part ways with Jerry when I moved to Chicago, but the lessons he taught me have kept me going ever since. I've lost 60 lbs since first starting with Jerry, which has me at the lowest weight of my adult life. I also have more muscle than I've ever had, ever. Most importantly, my outlook on fitness has been transformed — it's no longer this daunting terrible thing. The gym isn't scary. The workouts don't hurt (in ways they shouldn't). I look forward to each workout and exercise knowing it's all part of a plan that keeps me healthy, fit and happy. Jerry is the best. Period." -Tyler Nall