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Hilliard, Ohio

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I am an independent personal trainer with space to train in HIlliard, OH at Self MAde Training Facility where there are no gym memberships. It is only for the trainers renting, and their clients. State of the art facility, InBody scan, supplements and nutrition.

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I talk with my clients to understand exactly what it is they are wanting to achieve, a deeper "why", and get to know their style so they can have the most seamless, simple, direct approach to their reaching their goals. We discuss their history, current fitness levels, and what has worked or has not in the past.

Consistent, quality nutrition and activity are the number one key.

What I love most is seeing someone get excited about making a change and the more they see change, the more excited they become. When it comes to working in the health, wellness, and fitness fields, helping others is the end goal.

My own journey directly led me to seek out the change in career. As a marketing analyst for 20 years, I decided as I approached 40, a change was needed. I was at least 60lbs over weight, no energy, sleeping all the time, depressed, low libido, constant fatigue, joint and muscle aches and pains. I ate terribly, I smoked, and I was desperate to seek out change. It took a chance encounter for me, the right person at the right time, and 5 days later I was in a gym. 3 months later I was shedding weight and seeing visible muscle. 6 months, I began to see so much change I felt more confident, energetic, and within a year - I knew I had found a new healthy obsession. I decided late 2017 to pursue certifications, and completed my NASM CPT in Feb. of 2019, followed by Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and OTF's Online Fitness Coach, launched my brand end of 2019 and here we are, just about 2 short months in, and I am having an am zing journey myself - as I help YOU along on yours.

I have been there. I know aches and pains. I know overweight. I know fatigue, depression, body image issues. I relate with you- anyone can look anything up and try it - the reason you seek a Coach is motivation, encouragement, structure, someone to do the planning and tracking while you get to focus on YOU. Personal experience has taught me, along with the education, how to lose weight effectively, build muscle, eat better, stay consistent, adapt the formula to changes in my body, be it wanting to build more or slim, needing to adjust any variable due to injury, strain, chronic issues. I have been one who thought I could not get help, there was no help - until I realized that was my own inner demons attempting to keep me down. Positive thinking, positive acting, lead to positive changes.


I keep it simple - you come to me, we discuss what your goals and needs are, what has worked and has not, and decide on a plan.

You do the physical work, I provide the motivation, structure, accountability, nutritional guidance, goal tracking, encouragement to help you reach YOUR goal.