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Hi all! My name is Kathryn and I am a professional dog trainer located in Sterling, VA. I am Animal Behavior College (ABCDT) certified, and I have five years of experience working with dogs of all breeds and sizes. My primary focus when training a dog is to teach the owners how to best work with their pup in order to achieve their training goals, even after I leave.

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27 April 2019

Kathryn worked for my business KSR Pet Care as a dog Walker and dog trainer. She took her education to become a certified dog trainer very seriously and did a fabulous job teaching at our dog training classes.

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29 December 2018

Best trainer we have worked with! After just one lesson, my Sheltie has improved 100%. She loves walking now and I love taking her so she can explore and see more than her back yard. No more barking at nothing and everything, no more wanting to chase everything...just amazing. More...

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28 August 2018

Quickest advice ever!

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28 August 2018

I got myself a stubborn Puggle who REFUSED to be potty trained even after 9 months. Kathryn here helped him get potty trained in such a short amount of time, and now, my puggle ALWAYS asks to go to the bathroom. She's also helped me with obedience and leash walking. She's also very caring and very rewarding of well-behaved pets! More...

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28 August 2018

We just adopted a retired racing greyhound. Kathryn was able to see us quickly and we were able to see immediate results with our grey using her strategies. She knows dogs and she knows her stuff. And she is very good at people training, too! More...

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28 August 2018

I messaged Kathryn the other day and she was thoughtful and thorough in our conversation. She gave advice on how to I could change my behavior so I could more effectively train and communicate with my dogs. She also gave me specific drills to practice in the house. It has been SO SUCCESSFUL. Kathryn knows dogs and her results show it. She did all this without trying to trick me into costly sessions, so I know she is honest and really loves helping dogs and owners communicate better. More...

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23 July 2018

Choosing the right trainer is a difficult and overwhelming task.
The following is my experience with Kathryn and Perfect Poochies.

Kathryn is amazing. I have a whole new skillset at my disposal. My dog is calmer, has less anxiety and if new issues surface, I am better prepared to deal with them. If you are a new dog owner looking for a starting point or find yourself struggling with any number of unwanted behavioral issues, she can help. Kathryn is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, versatile and patient. She was never condescending or judgmental while helping me understand areas I needed to improve. She has an uncanny ability to understand dogs and what makes them tick. Once she gets to know you and your dog, she will provide an honest assessment of what she considers to be the underlying issue(s) and lays out a plan for correcting or managing it. The love she puts into her work is evident in everything she does from designing your personalized sessions, her regular follow-up and her encouragement to reach out any time you have questions or issues.

I am a first-time dog owner. Our 18-month, 170-pound Great Dane, Odin has been part of our family since he was 2-months old. We immediately enrolled in the first two puppy training classes at Pet-Smart. Our family has consistently applied what we learned. Everything was going great with Odin until somewhere around 7-months of age. Odin would occasionally start barking at a person for no apparent reason. This behavior gradually increased to include anyone reaching into his face, unexpected fast movements and large groups of people swarming in on him. We solicited advice from our Pet-Smart trainer and studied tons of training materials – books, training guides, Internet. Some of the techniques we tried helped, but if Odin was truly upset, the only thing we could do was apologize and leave. Odin remained excellent with dogs and children but the number of adults that triggered his barking was increasing.

During the summer, I was having work done on my car and I brought Odin because there were plenty of paths nearby. It took longer than expected for the car to be finished and when we returned Odin was exhausted. A young man approached, and I quickly warned about Odin’s anxiety and in his over-tired state, his behavior would probably be worse than normal. The man assured me that he had experience with dogs, and slowly bent down near Odin, leaving plenty of space and not making eye contact. He gave Odin time to get used to him and smell him and soon enough Odin was comfortable and enjoying being petted. Unfortunately, when the man was ready to leave, he jumped up which surprised/scared Odin who then also jumped up and started lunging, growling and barking at him. The man was very kind and understanding, but it was time to seek out professional help.

I searched online for trainers and dog-behaviorists and there were a number of options. As we were trying to choose one, I remembered a friendly and outgoing woman who had hosted a free local dog training session. Odin seemed comfortable around her, so I reached out to see if she would be interested in private training sessions. The woman was Kathryn of Perfect Poochies. Not only did she offer private training, but she had ample experience with large dogs and the exact behavior I described.

Our first training session involved getting to know our family and Odin. She asked questions about what we were experiencing and what we tried to mitigate it. Next, she analyzed our actions and body language as well as Odin’s behavior, response, reactions, attitude etc. She used this information to create a custom training plan for fear-aggression. We met once a week wherein she would teach me new techniques and verify I could perform them correctly. She would evaluate my actions and behavior and if anything I was doing contributed to his anxiety, she would help me find alternatives. At the end of the session, she always left me with several things to work on before our next session – as with anything in life, the key to success is repetition and consistency. Occasionally, she would introduce me to new products that could help with Odin’s training. The products were not a ‘company product’ or money-making gimmick - they were products she had success using with other dogs. If I wanted to try them, I had to find/order them.

Following six sessions, Odin had less anxiety and I am able to successfully manage what remains. Odin now looks to me when he gets nervous instead of instantly reacting. By changing my leadership style, he obeys commands more readily and consistently. Before Odin would lurch and jump to get to anything that excited him (squirrels). Now, he just gives a light tug on the leash or stares. When he is told to “Leave It”, he settles down immediately. Previously, I would make large loops to avoid passing people. I was worried he might start barking at them. Now we can walk right by and all I have to do is tell him to “Leave It.” Odin’s responding immediately to my commands has increased my confidence, which in turn has decreased much of his anxiety.

There are a couple of dog walkers in the neighborhood with whom I walk Odin. In the beginning of our training, Odin had limited contact with people and dogs. When I had the chance to meet up with them again, they marveled over the transformation in Odin’s behavior and how calm he bad become. Another technique she suggested is Odin wearing a bright vest that says, ‘In Training’ and lists a couple of items not to do around him (things that trigger his anxiety). The vest has helped make others aware of Odin’s ‘special needs’ well before they approach him. I have also gotten much better at recognizing things that may trigger his anxiety so I can avoid, prevent or discourage it.

Thank you for reading my review. I am very grateful for the help I received from Perfect Poochies. It was worth every penny. Speaking of which, don’t stress about the fees, Perfect Poochies is perfectly affordable.

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27 April 2018

Kathryn is a miracle worker. It was nearly impossible to even get a leash on my foster, nevermind trying to go on a walk without her attacking bushes, grass, the leash, hell, even the front door. Maggie would spiral out of control when the leash was presented, but now she actually pays attention, doesn't try to take me down & makes eye contact while on walks. No more pincher collar, just a regular slip on leash. Thank you so much Kathryn! Hopefully soon Maggie will find her forever home (if she doesn't become a fail foster). More...

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