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Personalized fitness program that is tailored to not just motivate you, but coach and support both women and men aged 40 to 75 who were once active and as a result of a now sedentary lifestyle, or surgery, suffer with poor health, mobility issues and dysfunctional movement patterns and want to look and feel better again and take back their health to your desired level of strength, flexibility and performance, all in a one-on-one, fun, and friendly environment.

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When it comes to setting goals with clients, it is important to identify both the desired outcome and behavior goals. If we only focus on the outcome the client wants to achieve (i.e. weight loss, increased muscle mass, rehabbing an injury,ect.), we miss the opportunity to encourage the development of behaviors that contribute to successfully achieving the desired outcome. In other words, outcome (fitness) goals are often beyond the client’s control; whereas behavior is within the client’s control. When we combine both, then the client can truly be successful at attaining their goals.

The SECRET to getting the body of your dreams.... That's an interesting question. I get asked this all the time. How does being self-confident, loving how you look, being full of energy, having a low risk of disease development and leading a higher quality and quantity of life sound to you? It sounds pretty good to me!

How do you get this, what's the secret? There is NO Secret per say. There's NO miracle pill, it's not a fad diet, and it's not the latest greatest thigh master machine, or the latest exercise gizmo on late night TV, or potion or secret elixir some self-proclaimed guru came up with.

You want to know the REAL SECRET to success and getting that body of your dreams? Are you ready? Okay, here goes.... The key to reaping all of these amazing benefits is this... drum roll please... proper nutrition and exercise! Consistently.

If you make healthy eating choices and exercise (cardio and strength training) on a regular basis your DREAM body CAN BE a REALITY. What's even better is that the rewards you reap by living fit go WAY beyond what you can see on the outside. That's the SECRET.

What I love most is the ability to help people take back their health and realize things they thought were not possible now are a reality as a result of regaining their health and taking them to new heights! There is nothing more satisfying, no, gratifying, than helping someone get back their health and feel great!! I believe that's what God put me on this planet for.

Why you should choose me? 5 simple reasons:

1. Experience... I've been training for 20 years now

2. Credentials... I have a Master's Degree in Kinesiology (the science of human movement), Nationally Certified Trainer through the American Council of Exercise, in addition to being a Certified Youth Conditioning Coach, and a Certified Nutrition Management Specialist.

3. My Unique Philosophy... To offer safe programs where program design takes into consideration all health factors and treats each person as an individual. Not everyone has the same needs or goals. This is attained via a holistic approach to health and fitness that encompasses cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition, stress and lifestyle considerations.

4. Niche... I have a specialty in that I love to help people not just lose weight, but regain their health as a result of aging, surgery, diseases, poor health conditions so they can lead a both a high quality and quantity of life and bring some joy and happiness back in their life!

5. Reputation... Because caring and empathy go into everything I do to help you with your health! Feel free to check out what my clients have to say about me: http://www.peakconditionfitness.com/testimonials.html