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What sets me apart from others is that I'm driven, determined, passionate, hard working individual who will stop at nothing to get what needs to be done. No matter the sacrifice and risk, even on thing that holds others back, which is the lack of accepting opportunity when it comes knocking.

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Being able to see beyond the eyes view is more than the brain can obtain its like having your third eye open to angles and and colors you would think you'd never see.

what makes you feel happy and helps expresses all your emotions?

what I love most at what i do is making people feel good about themselves.

What inspired me is to become my own boss and help people love what they do instead of feel miserable most of the time.

when I'm brought to preform, I preform, I bring the life to the party and I'm well rounded a hard worker, I'm passionate about anything I put my mind to and I'm ambitious and can't be stopped once started.

Both, reason being is because I like to be flexible.

I've never token my mask off and I also sanitize every piece of equipment I have, therefore, I also like to locate and meet up in airy places.


what I'm able to do is accommodate to the customers liking and really engage in what the guest want and feel they need done.