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Torrance, California, Los Angeles

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Paradigm Payroll Services is a full-service payroll company that specializes in providing payroll, human resource, bookkeeping and financial services for small businesses. Our number one priority is caring and listening to the needs of our clients.

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What I love most is helping small business employers with their financial matters. Most often employers are trying to grow their business, pick up new clients, and manage the day to day operations and finances. But so many times things go lacking because they are doing everything. They can't afford to hire an extra employee to handle the finances so taxes get behind and other expenses go lacking. We assist you with getting your business finances in order, therefore the everyday stress of finances will begin to leave daily.

Because I have been a tax preparer for several years, I am able to sit with employers year after year and see the frustration of filing business taxes simply because their books are not in order. They didn't have time because they are doing everything. Quarterly Payroll Taxes have not been filed, Bookkeeping is not in order so they have written the expenses on a piece of paper. Then when they are audited by the IRS, fear goes to another level. I want to turn that around for my clients. It doesn't have to be this way if we take care of finances monthly. It is affordable because I am sensitive to the needs of small businesses..

Clients should choose us because at Paradigm Payroll Services we focus on the client. Many of our competitors are after the numbers and tend to not give the attention needed to small businesses. Taxes and Finances can be confusing and scary to business owners but we want to relieve their fears and hold their hand through the process. We want to make the transition as easy as possible. We like to think, we are a human resource department that operates for the small business off site. Our compassion for the clients helps them to see Paradigm Payroll really cares.