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Guaranteed to build Confidence.
Padron Tutors NYC specializes ONLINE ESL, (English Courses for children and adults) & Private 1-on-1 tutorung.

Not only do we care about the quality of the educational session but the experience for the students and their families.

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I love to engage with my student not only on the academia aspect but also through the humane aspect of the child--- social and emotionally (SEL). I'm a Pre-K (3 and 4 year olds) teacher who has taught in Manhattan, Harlem, and the Bronx borough. I enjoy spending time with my students by conversing and relating to them in ways that go further than education. I love providing a space for my students that allows them to be their authentic self which helps them embraces their creativity, fundamental life learning movements, and the concept of self-love and gratitude for self and others!

Established in 2021.

After working in Atlanta, GA and NYC as an Early Childhood Educator. Yaraimis Padrón decided to establish Padron Tutors NYC LLC to better aid the educational field for the youth via remotely. Padrón's passion, knowledge and expertise and experience in Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and Social and Emotional Learning has helped numerous students achieve academic success through. Our CEO's desire and ultimate goal to guide and mentor the youth by helping them thrive successfully to achieve the impossible

I'm a former SPED Early Childhood Educator who has taught in Atlanta, GA, Manhattan, Harlem, and the Bronx borough. I'm also an active corp member of Teach for America and proud alum of the illustrious Clark Atlanta University. I'm bilingual (Spanish and English) and have services for Dual Language Learners (DLL). I'm in a Masters program for Early Childhood Education with a dual certain in SPED (Special Education).

I observe to see what's the best mode of teaching for child's learning style: Visual Audio Kinesthetic Logical Linguistic And then finding their personal interests in order to be culturally relevant and inclusive. Lastly, I always include SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) because it's a great concept to have student's develop from a young age. At the end of the day, I care about what makes the student(s) best comfortable, what makes them feel welcomed in order to provide an environment that'll help them learn!

Yes, my business is based on online/remote services.


For additional support All subjects and grades welcome! (K-5th)

Beginner friendly course that aid English Sepaking learners to feel more confident in oral speaking, grammer, ans understanding. Taugth and lead by Billingual Instructor.