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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


*******LETS CREATE CHANGE *******

I have been coaching people all over the world for the last 18 years in the areas of finance
relationships and life coaching . I look forward to work with you .

This is done over the phone which comes with tremedous advantages

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11 January 2021

Life Coaching

Within the first 10 minutes of our consultation call I knew that Tom was going to be able to help me. I hired him the next day. He is extremely personable, relatable, a no pressure kind of guy, and you can tell that he genuinely cares about his clients. I’m very much looking forward to working with him, and I’m very hopeful that he can help me find success. I highly recommend Tom if you’re feeling stuck in neutral and looking for which way to turn next. More...

24 October 2020

Financial Advisors

To work with Tom has been an absolutely pleasure ! After a bad experience with another coach I took my chances and went with my gut and I’m truly glad I did. Tom has been a breath of fresh air. I reached out to Tom to help me understand financials. To show me how I can use my money wisely. I’m 26 years old and didn’t have guidance in my life in regards to money. Tom didn’t just give me advice and get off the phone, he took his time to show me in very clear detail exactly what we will be doing and more importantly how. I have no regrets and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND More...

25 June 2020

Life Coaching

Tom is awesome. Very attentive and honest. Genuinely wants to see his clients succeed.

21 May 2020

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18 May 2020

I've been working with Tom for almost a year.
When we started talking I wasn't all that sure what I wanted to get out of having a life coach. I just new my life was "coasting" and found myself in many bouts of depression and I new something needed to change.
We jumped right in getting down to the things in my life I felt needed to change and finding a plan to make that happen. It's been amazing to look back and see some of the priceless things I can now say I have jumped into that I otherwise wouldn't have.
I have picked up my passion for art and actually gotten to the point where I'm making prints and soon going to sell them. I have addressed relationship issues with my boyfriend and we've started counseling together to try and resolve some deep rooted issues. I have a savings account and a budget that works for me and helps me utilize my income to the fullest. He has seen me through some highs and unfortunately worked with me through many lows with a kind and non-judgemental attitude that make it easy to open up. Thankful for how he has helped me make the most of my life and taught me there are no excuses for not living the life you dream.

6 May 2020

Financial Advisors

So far so good. Straight to the point like I like it. Prompt in contacting you and getting things started.

19 February 2020

Couples Counselling

Just started working with Tom he seems very professional and has good listening skills. He is easy to talk to and immediately makes you feel comfortable to share with him your issues he also has a background in Finance which will be a big help in working on the different issues you are having with your partner

5 December 2019

Investment Advisors

Hes so professional and really wants you to do your best. Helps me feel like I’m learning and in control. Great guy! Definitely will hire again.

26 March 2019

Working with Thomas has been a pleasure. He has helped me focus pragmatically and consistently on managing my finances and organizing. He is a great listener. I am very impressed with how helpful he has been. He has an approach that immediately put me at ease and helped me have a greater sense of control in important areas of my life. More...

26 February 2019

Quick response was necessary in our cituation. I also felt Tom listened to my concerns. He has already started the process.
Looking forward to positive results

14 February 2019

Tom has been pure amazing
I was lost when it came to handling my money
i was an absolute disaster over 40k in debt no retirement in site.
toms walked me through the plan and provided me support during the entire debt and money process amazing!!!!!!!!!

12 February 2019

I have been working with Tom for the last 4 years
my life was a disaster in all areas
I'm happy to say that every year working with him was a monumental leap forward. My money has never been better
my relationship is amazing and i started a company from zero to over 20 employees .Tom has been there through it all his support advice and true feeling he cared are just amazing

12 February 2019

Tom did an outstanding job
me and my husband had horrible communication and constant money fights as well as many other problem areas.
Toms biggest highlight aside from really helping us is that he truley
seemed to care THANK YOU

12 February 2019

Tom was amazing
I was in enormous debt and had no control over my money
I am now debt fee ($75,000) and in control of my life


love showing people how to get control of there money
its such an amazing way to live

was buried in debt and want to show people what its like on the other side

Also was in a very bad marriage so I truly understand what your going through

love working with my clients
I make things very easy to understand
I create a support system and an accountability program