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Orlando Indian Food Catering

Tangelo Park

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9 customer reviews

17 January 2021

I tried Indian food for the first time here 4 years ago and everytime Im in orlando I stop by. I always look forward to going to Orlando because I know i'll get to eat here. The food is incredible, everything is authentic and home made. We had butter chicken, naan, and vegetable samosas. We also tried Gulab Jamun for the first time and it was amazing. I love and recommend this place to anyone. Definitely an experience you can't miss! More...

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27 December 2020

Incredibly delicious. I cannot recommend this place enough. My family and I ordered the Chicken Bhuna and the Chicken Tikka Masala along with garlic nan. If you do not like spicy food then the light spice should be perfect. I enjoy the medium heat option. I've ordered the Butter chicken and the chicken jalfrezi before. Those are also delicious dishes. The woman who took my order over the phone and gave me my order was very kind and overall I have had only great experiences with their service and food. I will absolutely be back. More...

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26 October 2020

This has been my favorite restaurant for at least the last  10 years. It was my first experience to Indian food and it has changed my life. I've traveled all over the world and I know when I'm back in Orlando I can count on this gem. The food never disappoints and it's a staple!! This restaurant has been open longer than I've been alive if that tells you anything about the quality.  10 out of 10 recommended! (They also catered my best friends wedding years ago) More...

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20 October 2020

This is the WORST restaurant in Orlando. Me and my wife went for lunch because bawarchi was closed. We ordered dal Makhni , panner masala . The women messed up the order and gave us yellow dal. I send her back for the right order. That was the most horrible daal makhni we ever tasted. We could not even eat two spoons. Then she says she will not charge for the yellow daal that was equally horrible as if it was our mistake. And said you HAVE to pay for the makhni , wow just wow when she can see we only tasted like 2 spoons.Guys if you want the worst customer service go there and see for yourself.This is the first restaurant I came across in America where they will make you pay for an item even if you hated it , worst customer service EVER ! Btw I never asked for discounts , just good food. More...

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25 August 2020

What a hidden gem! After a long and very wet day at Disney we needed hot food fast. We called to make reservations and they told us to just come on over, which was even better. We show up and everyone is so friendly. We got seated right away and were given water. They were so quick with our water refills, it was really nice. We love Indian food and because we were military and have to travel constantly, we have l learned to order rice separately and to ask for sides of chili which are little things yes, but the meals came with rice and that was a plus.We were given fried crisps with dipping sauces, another first and it was delicious. Our food came and WOW! When they say creamy they mean it. We ordered one very spicy dish and one mild to medium dish and did they delivered! The heat was so smooth and it tasted amazing!The Naan we ordered was huge and also amazing, and despite staying in a hotel with a mini microwave and no silverware I asked to have the leftovers packed and we actually stopped by the store the next day to get a bowl to heat it up properly because it was THAT GOOD.They had bollywood videos playing on a screen and we stayed late just watching them while our server explained to us what was happening in the videos, it was such a great ending to our day. There is more than enough space for all sized parties to eat and the atmosphere is very inviting.We would suggest this place to not only every Indian cuisine lover but those who have never tried Indian food because THIS is where your first experience should be. We will continue to visit this restaurant every time we are back in Florida and you should absolutely check it out. More...

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8 June 2020

We moved to Orlando in mid 2018 and immediately started our search for good Indian food. Orlando being the tourist hotspot was quite disappointing on the Indian food front. Either you eat the heavy and snazzy version or just eat a poor version of what we call Indian. New Punjab stands out for the following: 1. Good quality wheat tandoori roti. This is the best roti I have had in a lot of places(I previously stayed in Plano, Texas which is like the 'Mecca' of good Indian food in the US) 2. The food is made in simple ways and not overdone either in spices or in heat, just the way a normal Indian would like their food. 3. Also, you must know what is good in here, rather than just judging the proverbial biriyani for judgement of taste. The best things here are: Chef special chicken/paneer, Kadhi-pakoda, Saag chicken, Goat curry, simple saag etc. I will recommend the dal makhani as well. I have entertained friends from different US based places, and have noticed that all of them pretty much enjoyed the flavors here. When in Orlando, and craving for 'good' Indian food, New Punjab will not disappoint at all. More...

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16 February 2020

This place sits off the road. Smaller very sweet place. Place was clean and free of strong spice smellsVery relaxing environment, soft music. We ordered lamb curry & chicken Korme. More...

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15 February 2020

Nice place, great food !!

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14 February 2020

We are new vegetarians so we are constantly on the hunt for vegetarian friendly restaurants. (There is only so many salads you can eat). We were in Orlando and found this spot. When dealing with restaurants we always go by what we call the "121 rule". What's is that? That means that when we pull in the parking lot, the first thing we look at is how many cars are in parking lot. A lot of cars=good food, no cars=bad food. Well, when we pulled into the parking lot there were no cars! We would usually turn around and go somewhere else, but this place was highly recommended. So we plunged in....WOW! the food was amazing. We feel like we were in New Delhi sitting in someone grandmother's house. The food was comfort food mixed with a fine dining. Don't ask me to spell what we had, let's just say it was delicious! Oh yeah the Naan was the bomb too! Don't let the parking lot fool you. Oh yeah one more thing...I'm a real person, the owners did not pay for my recommendation. They EARNED it with excellent service. More...

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