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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


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1 July 2021

Solid cleaning service. Did a great job with my move out clean. Pricey but very responsive and dependable

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19 June 2021

OCD recently did a phenomenal job on a move out clean up at my last place. Normally I do the cleaning for my family, but I just had a baby and I've been focused on that.  We hired them kind of last minute when places recommended by our friends were booked up. After I texted OCD, they gave me a quote, I paid the deposit and they confirmed within 15 minutes. Although my initial thought was that they were pricey I am so glad I went with them because they job they did was PERFECT. I have never seen a better job done by a professional cleaner. You couldn't even tell people had lived there by the time they were done. Seriously, Anyone could have eaten off any of the surfaces in the apartment when they finished. They were also very fast (within two hours). My husband I am have decided to use them exclusively when we hire professional cleaners in the city in the future because they were so good. I couldn't recommend them enough. More...

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15 April 2021

I hired OCD to do a deep clean of our 3 story home. I was pleasantly surprised to see many things sparkling when I came home that my usual cleaning lady misses. Light fixtures were like new, floors were polished, windows were clean. They arrived on time, left within the time frame they estimated, brought their own cleaning supplies and did a fabulous job. I will definitely be putting OCD's deep clean on a regular schedule! More...

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1 March 2021

OCD Cleaning did an excellent job deep cleaning my condo, paying particular attention to my much-neglected kitchen and bathroom. I was very happy with the professional service, and the thoroughness of the staff. More...

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24 February 2021

I asked that the focus of my deep clean was the floors and getting up the dog hair. I was very pleasantly surprised to see how thorough the cleaning was. They even vacuumed my furniture to keep the dog hair from inevitably ending back on the floor. If you have a pet in this wild Chicago weather and think your floors may never recover, I HIGHLY recommend! I will be using this service quarterly at least! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

31 January 2021

Clear communication and excellent work for a very reasonable price. I will use this company again.

Reviewed on Yelp

15 January 2021

I was looking for cleaning service ASAP and came on to Yelp to ask multiple businesses at once to increase the likelihood of finding a cleaning service in time.  Sam, from OCD, got back to me quickly and was able to schedule people to come to my house the next day.  They bring all their own cleaning supplies which made it easier for me since I didn't have to scramble last minute to find supplies. They also are pet friendly and we're on with my dog being home even though I wasn't. At the end of the service they promptly texted me photos of my clean place (I was at work).  The accept cash or zelle/quick pay which i find to be super convenient. More...

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4 December 2020

We recently moved to Bridgeport and needed a new cleaning team. I've used Handy and several other services throughout the city over the years, and I've historically been disappointed. This was not the case with OCD. The providers wore masks, brought their own supplies, and moved swiftly and efficiently through the house. It's spotless, and they consistently go above and beyond. The owner Sam is super responsive and easy to schedule with. If you're looking for the right cleaning team, OCD is it! More...

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30 May 2020

Great cleaning service. I needed my new condo cleaned thoroughly before moving in. The service was spotless clean and made the move in process so much easier.
Thank you OCD Cleaning!!

29 June 2017

Zero stars for responsiveness. I have filled out the online form, sent an email, left a voice message, and texted. To date, no response. Happy for them if they have so many customers they don't need to reply. But this doesn't bode well for reliability. I'll be looking elsewhere for cleaning services. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

21 June 2017

I strongly recommend OCD cleaning services. They did an excellent job and the house is sparkling. They dusted, cleaned baseboards, windows n mirrors. ..even the microwave. After 3 years in the city and trying out multiple services, I have finally gotten my money's worth and more. Thank you Tony n Maria! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

27 April 2017

Excellent cleaners, great price, absolutely horrible customer service.  Expect phone calls to go unreturned, texts to be responded to days later, if they're responded to at all, and this is when attempting to book an appointment.  I can't imagine the runaround you'd be given if any sort of problem or dispute were to arise.  Wanted to continue to support these guys as they're in the neighborhood, and, again, the work they do is superlative, but I will be looking elsewhere.  Not worth the trouble. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

27 June 2016

I had been a reoccurring customer with OCD cleaning for a little under two years. The cleaning staff is SUPER FANTASTIC, very professional, pays close attention to detail, personable and you feel good about them being in your home. However, the scheduling/operations persons is very unprofessional rude and disrespectful. She recites policies that have never been communicated and yet expects the paying customer to adhere to her rude approach and spend their hard earned money....ummm nope! Again, GREAT cleaning staff very unprofessional scheduler. The combative attitude is not a pillar of good customer service. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

23 July 2015

Just had my second cleaning with OCD. I am SO pleased with their service. I only have cleaners about once every three months to do a good, thorough cleaning of my apartment. Normally I'm so good about cleaning but I know sometimes my home could use a little TLC. <br><br>I've used a couple services in the past where the first cleaning was perfect and the second left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, this was NOT the case with OCD and I will definitely be using and recommending them for cleaning services in the future. <br><br>Prices are very reasonable for Chicago. The cleaning for 2 beds, 1 bath and a small office clocked in at $95 for a crew of two. I also appreciated that they actually cleaned the baseboards and ceiling fans since previous cleaners advertised this service but just did the bare minimum once in our home. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

11 April 2015

Amazing! They just completed a deep clean of our condo we just moved out and we are stunned! So professional and really took the time to make sure it was done well. Will be a repeat customer!

Reviewed on Yelp

4 April 2015

By far the best house cleaners I have hired in Chicago...and I have tried tons of services.  Sending the team of two is genius and Tony and Maria really do a killer job without shaming me for how many dust bunnies live under my credenza.  I love that you can schedule by text too.  Highly recommended. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

19 January 2015

After a few bad experiences with various services, it has been over a year since I've had someone clean my home. I finally broke down and reached out to OCD on a Friday and luckily they were able to come over Monday. <br><br>They sent a two-member crew (that came early) equipped with their own supplies and a vacuum. They did an awesome job and their prices are very reasonable! Usually I find one or two items that weren't done to my satisfaction but not the case with OCD. I hope to use them on a regular basis going forward. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

19 November 2014

Excellent job by OCD cleaning.  They came in, cleaned my 2.5 bedroom/1 bath apartment in 2.5 hours.  Very professional and they even fixed my loose bathroom sink handles &amp; toilet paper holder!  Even the hubby noticed the place was spotless when he came home and he NEVER notices when I clean...<br><br>Thanks!  Will definitely use them again. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

7 November 2014

OCD cleaning is simply the BEST! Easy transactions- they do a wonderful job keeping my unit clean for my rentals, plus they are a local, family owned company in Pilsen. I live in this community and love supporting local business. Thanks for always doing such a great job! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

2 July 2014

Boom.  Finally. Great.<br><br>I have had a few poor experiences with Homejoy Cleaners and was very against getting a cleaning crew, period.  I was going to go ahead and clean myself, when my girlfriend told me she had booked cleaners for us when she was out of town.  I figured, one last try.  So they show up, I tell them my thoughts, and get to work...<br><br>2.5 hours later I come home, they are gone, and my house is spotless.  I asked for base boards, tall windows (if they could- they are like 18 feet tall), top of a vent pipe (loft style) and more... they hit it all.  I was very pleased with the timeliness, and quality of the service.  I may have found regulars. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

1 June 2013

I love you OCD!  After few failed attempts at finding the right cleaning service, I was about to give up until OCD came into picture.  All I can say is "wow!".   They are amazing!!  They get through all the nooks and cranny and don't miss a thing. I had them clean my bf place where the stove was caked on with grease and not only did they get it clean, it was shining. They are extremely professional and genuinely nice.  I would highly recommend them!!  Also, the staff is extremely friendly and professional. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

8 December 2012

These people are lifesavers!! I'm not going to lie, we were in dire need of some help.  With two dogs and two new jobs with long hours the hubby and I were simply struggling to stay on top of household chores.  Insert OCD.  Thank God.  Always on time, always spotless, always bring their own supplies, and never miss the smallest nook or cranny.  We are always impressed at how well they do when we get home...they have gone above and beyond standard services every single time they have been here. To top it off, they are affordable and I feel that we really get our money's worth every month.  Bonus: they are VERY pet friendly!  You can't go wrong with OCD. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

20 September 2012

They do a fabulous job, are on time, cheerful and leave our apartment smelling divine and gleaming from every countertop. My husband and I have figured out that it's totally worth $80/mo to get the place deep cleaned so that we can enjoy our weekends . Plus, they love Scotties, so they practically had me at hello =)<br><br>Also, I really like that you can prepay for the services online. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

29 August 2012

Yea, I concur OCD Cleaning rocks. My hubby and I are super messy, but damn, do they get our place shining like a mofo. I'm not sure what sorta magic they pulled on our stove -- that thing looks good! We also have two super annoying cats who have a tendency to try to run out the door but they do a great job working  around them. Yay, OCD! More...

Reviewed on Yelp

19 August 2012

Every person who writes a review for a cleaning service says they aren't a messy person. I'm just going to say I'm not always a messy person. But, due to insane schedules, various illnesses and just life in general, stuff got a little out of hand at the house. So, enter OCD.<br><br>They showed up on time, two people, and proceeded to blitz my house. It is clean in here! The kitchen actually sparkles! It wasn't this clean in here when we moved in! The bathroom looks amazing, and they got all those little annoying places that I never seem to get clean enough. <br><br>Their prices are wonderfully affordable, enough so that I didn't feel bad about spending money to have people do something I could easily do myself, but no where near as well or as fast. I couldn't recommend them more and I will definitely be using them again. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

31 March 2012

I decided to try OCD Cleaning after finding their advertisement in my boyfriend's mailbox a few weeks ago. They gave me a $5 discount for my first cleaning because the woman who made my reservation had a mix-up when I called their number. I didn't think anything of the mix-up at all, but it was a gracious gesture to give me a discount for seemingly no reason at all.<br><br>The two team members who came to clean my studio apartment arrived 10 minutes early, which threw me off guard because I was a block away coming home from the gym, but I was really impressed by their promptness and appreciative that they weren't upset that I wasn't home on the dot to let them in.<br><br>The actual cleaning job was superb. I'm not a very messy person, so I was really looking for someone to take care of my bathroom (which I hate to clean) and give everything a good dusting, but they went above and beyond. Everything was spotless &amp; my place smelled wonderful. I can't wait to use them again. More...

Reviewed on Yelp

25 March 2012

Best ever! So much better than the other cleaning services we've used, which were completely competent. The place is totally spotless and scrubbed. I keep discovering little places where it's unexpectedly sparkling. My husband didn't recognize our bathtub. We're not animals or anything -- I regularly bleach and wipe it down, but they scrubbed the #$%@ out of it! Amazing. More...

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OCD Cleaning Chicago has been serving quality since 2012

We bring our equipment and supplies.
We carry CDC and EPA approved disinfectants as well as Eco-friendly and Hypoallergenic products.

OCD Cleaning Chicago is the first residential cleaning company to incorporate Steam Cleaning and Disinfecting to our sevices.