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Welcome to North Mountain K9, your trusted dog training specialist. At North Mountain K9, we believe in Training Both Ends of the Leash®. Our dedicated team is committed to not only training your beloved pets but also equipping owners with the necessary skills to effectively communicate with them without resorting to fear or intimidation.

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11 July 2023

Cindy is an amazing trainer. She had our fur baby responding to her with in the first 2 minutes. She knew what he needed and how to give it to him. She worked through several issues he brought to her and overcame them. It was hard being separated from our family member, but Cindy took wonderful care of him and kept us informed on all progress and concerns. Cindy took such amazing care of our boy. She was so attentive of all his needs even ones not related to his training. I would highly recommend North Mountain K9/Cindy . More...

6 March 2023

Cindy is a very talented trainer who’s very passionate about her work. She has a knack for understanding dog behavior and is an excellent trainer. Lien has developed into a self confident and well behaved dog and I’ve learned so much in the process. The journey just begins once training is complete! More...

12 December 2022

Cindy gives loving individualized attention during the dogs individual sessions. She also has sessions where the dogs socialize and learn respect for other dogs. Field trips to community locations such as the vet, a department store, parking lot etc. are places the dogs are taken with training reinforced outside of the training room. My dog came home after 3 weeks of training with Cindy. She had a huge grin on her goofy face, a tail that was wagging non- stop and a strong desire to please instead of being the boss. She no longer drags me along on our walks. She stays out from under my feet and is now my partner in adventure. I'm so pleased what we both learned during this training. I'm excited for follow up visits to fine tune and broaden our success. Thank you Cindy. You are wonderful! More...

11 December 2022

I feel extremely blessed to have Cindy Hallen and North Mountain K9 in our area. Cindy is an extremely talented dog trainer who lovingly cares for every pup she trains. It's the best investment I've ever made to have a dog who is not only obedient to basic commands, but can become a certified service dog to be my companion for the rest of my life. More...

10 December 2022

Cindy is very knowledgeable and great with the dogs. Within the first weeks my two 7 month sheepadoodles had learned an amazing amount. They walked in not knowing the first thing about leashes and manners and came out dogs with skills. Definitely worth the investment in their future. More...

22 November 2022

Cindy is so intuitive of the needs of our dogs and her experience shows how to teach them. My 100+ Lab 2.5 years old Moose would chock himself out when on a leash and was OCD about balls. He is so well mannered and can be walked with two fingers. Best part for me is that it didn't change his personality at all. More...

19 November 2022

I was impressed each visit, my 101 lbs lab was an extreme puller and OCD about balls. Cindy had him walking with two fingers in a week. He came home a well manord boy, with the same sweet personality More...

10 November 2022

Where do I begin? I have a pup (Daisy) in love with people with no self-control. Jumping, licking, etc. After 3 weeks with Cindy, she's a different dog. Obedient, waiting 4 commands. Although she's been trained extremely well, I'm not as well trained or confident and she knows it. But...that being said, Cindy trained me well when we came 2 visit for my training sessions. Cindy made this training a partnership between my dog n I. Now, we're learning together. I believe as I continue with North Mountain K9 training I will have a dog as capable of off-leash obedience as I do while on-leash. I'm not gonna kid myself thinking that since she's been well trained, it's done. I'm learning that it's up 2 me 2 continue the training Cindy started. And Cindy told me that if Daisy fails, I need 2 look in a mirror. I'm finding out fast how true that statement is. The rest is up 2 me. But Cindy has made herself available if I flounder n I can turn 2 her 4 help.
Would I do it again? Absolutely. In a heartbeat.
I went through 3 trainers in my area. Not all trainers r created equal.
Cindy prepares you n ur dog 2 take over where she leaves off.

8 October 2022

Cindy helped me with my puppies fear of leashes. I was very upset that my new puppy bit me aggressively as I was trying to put him on a leash. She called and checked on us numerous times as we were waiting to get into the class. He was in the basic obedience class for 3 weeks and is now more confident and seems to enjoy our leash training. He works very nicely on a leash now. I truly am grateful for her help and plan to keep working with him as it’s fun for us to do together. More...

6 October 2022

Great trainer. Excellent facility. Our dog did really well and we are excited to continue training at home.

22 August 2022

North Mountain K9 is amazing! Cindy took our very hyper lab puppy and was able to teach him in 3 weeks what we hadn't been able to get him to do in a year. He now listens to us and is able to heel while we walk! She is very caring, not only to the dogs but the people as well. Any questions or concerns we had were answered right away and even after our puppy was done with his training she's still willing to help us correct any issues that may come up. Cindy was worth every penny and we can't wait to take our dog back for advanced training! More...

2 June 2022

Clear communication, concise training, and most importantly, kindness that manifested RESULTS! I could not be more pleased. I never would have dreamed that my 10 year old pixie daughter would be able to safely walk our giant VERY protective dog past aggressively barking dogs—without him ripping the leash from her hands and yet, that is exactly what has happened. He is obedient, safe, and so happy to understand what we need from him! He’s just SO easy now! More...

31 May 2022

Cindy did amazing things with my 5 month old lab. She left as a wild child and came home wanting to please and with manners. I would recommend North Mountain K9 to anyone with a dog. More...

5 May 2022

North Mountain K9 exceeded all expectations with my Berger Picard puppy! Cindy’s patient and balanced training changed him from a shy, fearful guy, into a confident, obedient, happy boy, Picards are a quirky, but intelligent breed that require a gentle, controlled training method to bring out their confidence, and Cindy did just that. She read him perfectly and knew exactly how to train him without breaking down his spirit.
Her facility is absolutely spotless! Cindy provided me with frequent updates on his progress and also was so attentive to his health, as he suffers from tummy trouble, and is a very picky eater. She truly goes above and beyond for her clients. Oz and I can’t thank Cindy enough!

16 April 2022

Our 7yr old Boston Terrier had
some aggression issues with other
animals it was also a chore to take
him for a walk he pulled so much.
We are amazed at his
transformation! He is now
socializing with other dogs and is a
joy to walk. Cindy is amazing not
only did she train our Luke but she
shared her knowledge and tools
so we can train our new puppy as
well. We are so happy we found Cindy!!

16 April 2022

Dalley, our fur baby, was a hyper, distracted, obsessed girl. Cindy worked wonders with her and us! Truaning both ends of the leash is amazing! Dalley is still a typical lab, but we can actually take her in public, to family gatherings and so on, and are able to enjoy ourselves and Dalley. She is obedient and sweet! Thanks Cindy! More...

1 April 2022

Cindy is a perfect fit for Layla and me. She taught us to work as a team, changing a list of undesirable behaviors into each a positive, socially acceptable behavior. Layla is a calm, focused, and balanced dog after completing Cindy's instruction. Advice to anyone thinking of getting dog training: Know your dog's inbred traits, make of list of undesirable behavior you want changed, and be prepared mentally and physically to become a team with your dog to faithfully complete the drills daily that Cindy will teach both of you. She's the best!! More...

23 March 2022

This was the best training I could of given my self and my dog! Cindy is the best, her training methods are solid and the tools she has provided will make my life with my dog so much more rewarding. Thank you Cindy

23 March 2022

The training that Cindy provided was wonderful, she is very knowledgeable and professional. She has provided both my self and my dog with confidence and tools that will make us great partners. Thank you Cindy you are one of a kind! More...

24 November 2021

I highly recommend Cindy and North Mountain K9! Before his training my dog was difficult to handle and did not do well around new people. After training he is heeling easily on and off leash, following other commands with ease, and is much more pleasant with new people. I can take him on a walk without worry. So thankful for all the great work that Cindy did with my dog and with me! More...


Introducing North Mountain K9: Your Premier Dog Training Solution

Are you seeking professional dog training services that prioritize your pet's well-being and ensure effective results? Look no further than North Mountain K9. We are a certified and accredited dog training facility, having graduated number one in school from the esteemed Top Tier K9, the best-balanced dog training school in the country.

Nestled in the heart of the picturesque Idaho mountains, our 80-acre livestock ranch serves as the perfect backdrop for your dog's training journey. With a focus on animal behavioral science, we remain at the forefront of innovative training methodologies. Our flagship program, Classical Conditioning, known as, The Foundation Dog®; and has been endorsed by veterinarians as the most effective training approach available.

At North Mountain K9, we understand that every dog is unique, and training should be tailored to their individual needs. That's why we offer personalized one-on-one private board and train services. Whether your goal is impulse control, obedience training, or mastering complex commands, our experienced trainers are equipped to help you achieve success.

We firmly believe that no dog is untrainable, and our undivided interest lies solely in the well-being and progress of your beloved pet. When you choose North Mountain K9, you can rest assured that YOUR dog is our number one priority.

For more information about our comprehensive training programs and how we can assist you in reaching your training goals, please reach out to us. Discover the difference of Training Both Ends of the Leash® with North Mountain K9.
No pet is untrainable, and we have no divided interest, YOUR dog is our #1
Inquire for more information.


Puppy Kindergarten Class
All training are below is one-on-one in our board and training facility. Private lessons occur weekly with the owner and pet.
Balanced Obedience
Advanced Obedience
Behavior Modification / Reactivity
Service Dogs
Personal Protection Dogs

Welcome to our exclusive board and train facility, where we offer a truly exceptional training experience for your beloved dog. At our facility, we believe in providing unparalleled one-on-one training and attention to ensure that your dog receives the highest quality training available.

Our unique program entails intensive training sessions conducted five times per day, spanning over a comprehensive period of 22 days. This world-class immersion engagement training approach is designed to maximize learning for a lifetime of retention for your furry companion. We go above and beyond to deliver results that surpass any other training method. 🐾