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24 June 2019

I wanted to thank ***** so much for helping me with hypnotherapy. I had a really positive and successful experience with hypnotherapy and I employed the techniques she taught me. It has helped me out tremendously! I was really calm during a stressful experience I had to undertake and the EFT tapping techniques helped me too. Thanks so much again. Hypnosis has been life changing for me. I've never felt so positive and self confident like this before going to hypnotherapy sessions with *****. She is so compassionate *** will help you through some of life's most difficult situations. I highly recommend ******** Hypnotherapy it has helped me so much in my life. More...

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1 April 2019

I am very happy with how our sessions have been progressing and I believe that Julia has equipped me with very vital tools moving forward.  I am grateful for all that she has taught me and am looking forward to more sessions!  I highly recommend her services. More...

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30 March 2018

I have struggled with low self confidence and bad habits for as long as I can remember. I've researched that hypnosis would be most beneficial, so I went straight to Julia. She was extremely helpful and patient. The first time I went under, I felt extremely light afterwards, which made me very happy...like I can take on the world. The next 2 times she taught me how to deal with breaking habits and changing my mood. I have more self love and feel more in touch with my feelings. I understand why I had the problems I had. Thanks to Julia, I know how to handle them.I also did the past life regression from her, which was a bit different from what I expected, but definitely intriguing. I also recommend that one for finding an answer to questions or any issues beyond understanding. I felt like I could relate to each life I saw. Of course it's open to one's own interpretation. More...

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23 January 2018

Julia is one of the most patient people I've ever met. She helped my 9-year old son with a chronic "habit cough." It was so severe, he could not attend school for almost 6 weeks, due to anxiety that manifested itself in a psychogenic cough. He wasn't the easiest patient, and she helped him learn to relax and work through his anxiety. He is back at school and totally fine. I recommend Julia for anyone trying to find solutions to problems that lie "within our subconscience." More...

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12 July 2017

Julia is a great hypnotherapist and really does a good job, I started working with her for hypnotherapy for weight loss. She is great. Also had some help with cigarette smoking More...

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28 May 2017

Julia is a fantastic hypnotherapist. I have been to others but I got much better results working with Julia. She is professional and very thorough. She really addresses the issue you are concerned with. She is also a lovely person to work with. If I could I would give her a million stars!! More...

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28 May 2017

I found Julia to be a kind and caring person. She is very committed to her profession and dedicated to her clients. I took my granddaughter to Nizinski Hypnotherapy, because she used to panic when she was around dogs. She would not even go into a room that had a dog even if the dog was tied up. After three hypnosis sessions with Julia, she no longer fears dogs! She is even volunteering now at a dog shelter! More...

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16 May 2017

Julia is a very capable and coscientious practicioner of hypnotherapy. I enjoy each session and it's very easy to follow her instructions. I am already seeing progress after just 2 sessions! I will be back for more. More...

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25 October 2016

My experience with Julia has been profound. Through hypnotherapy, Julia has helped me regain confidence in myself and find happiness within. She has also given me exercises and techniques to try at home to continue to work on my goals of self betterment and forgiveness. Julia is caring, thoughtful, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. More...

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7 August 2016

"Woohoo as good as it gets" is exactly what I experienced with Julia.  She is the best hypnotherapist.  I have been to others but with Julia I experienced better results.  She is professional and very thorough, she discusses the issue you are concerned about and really hits upon the problem.  She is also a very kind spirit and great to work with. More...

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11 June 2015

Julia is awesome! I didn't know anything about hypnotherapy before I met her. Now, I know about it, and I know it works! With her guidance, I reached an incredible level of relaxation. Very soon after meeting her, I felt I could trust her and give myself over to the hypnotherapy. She's a very caring, gentle person, and she really knows what she is doing. Thanks, Julia! More...

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11 July 2014

When I first went to see Julia I  was deadly afraid of birds especially pigeons. The main reason I decided to start hypnotherapy is because  I was going to Europe this summer and I know the streets are filled with pigeons and I wanted to be able to freely walk around. Before my session with Julia started I wouldn't even be able to walk on the same sidewalk as a pigeon, eat outside at cafés, or even just walk around without looking for birds. After just about 3 sessions I noticed myself not paying attention to pigeons anymore. I walked next to them closer than I ever had before and I started to call them my friends. Both me and my little sister had the same problem and our Europe trip went great!  We didn't stop and hesitate walking once when we saw a bird. Julia has changed my life and  has provided me with the opportunity to live my life freely. I will forever be grateful!! If you need any help I highly recommend visiting Julia. Thank you Juilia!! More...

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28 March 2014

Julia is a nurturing, kind soul that really cares about her work and results. She is professional and is very committed to seeing the patient's issues get addressed and understood. I feel like she is more than a therapist-it's like having a friend. Brava Julia! More...

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28 August 2013

Julia puts care and time into her hypnotherapy session. The questions she asked helped to pinpoint my main areas of concern and since our session, I have felt much calmer and happier. I feel now that I have the tools to start over, with a new attitude and more confidence in myself. I'm looking forward to our next session. More...

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