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New Jersey Investigation, is a licensed New Jersey private investigation agency serving the entire state of New Jersey. We have 20 years of experience serving local, national, and international clientele with in-depth industry specific knowledge in all facets of investigation services.

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29 March 2023

I had strong suspicions that my husband was cheating on me. He continually told me that I was paranoid, mentally ill and he pushed me to go on anti-depressants and isolate members of my family who believed he was cheating too. I met with PRIORITY INVESTIGATIONS and they took on my case. We got along and eventually i provided all the information he needed to hack into my husband device. I was able to gain access to all he had on his device and pc, WhatsApp messages,Email,Gps location pinpoint,Snapchat,instagram,Facebook messenger all his Social Media Accounts, i was able to see the deleted messages, and monitor voice call from my phone without touching his phone, you won’t believe what the asshole has been hiding for years. They didn't just help me get proof my husband was cheating, they found the birth certificates for the children he'd fathered behind my back in which he was named as the father on them. PRIORITYINVESTIGATIONS@YAHOOCOM were so supportive and helpful. They were so professional and confidential in how they handled things. I would absolutely recommend them. More...

16 October 2022

Best at monitoring and running anything spying and hack services related. Honestly recommended, I’m sincerely and literally thrilled to this successful service and results I got afterwards. By contacting and writing the investigators at PremiumSpyglobal @ gmail com on their private email and it eventually and came out legit. My peace has been restored totally. Thank you More...

2 August 2022

Sherlockstorm Investigation Services comes highly recommended. I had to contact Sherlockstorm Investigation Services when i needed more information because my husband strange behavior arouse suspicion. He was always with his phone and never drops it, his phone is always locked so it could only be accessed by him. i was worried and had to reach out to JEFF on SHERLOCKSTORM (@) YAHOOCOM i carefully explained my hunch in the email, i provided the information that was required and we agreed on an affordable fee. It took few hours till i eventually got complete access to his device without having physical access to his device. I had access to his text messages, phone conversations, locations, photos and videos, deleted text messages, the most shocking is that i listened and recorded live conversations he had on the phone. All i saw and heard broke me into smithereens, I reached out to my attorney and was able to file a divorce with Jeff's help, I found out who he was and how much i had been played. If you find yourself in this quagmire or you require this type of service reach out SHERLOCKSTORM (@) YAHOOCOM. More...

15 August 2020

When we are single, and before we get into a relationship. We think that a cheater can get caught red handed easily, because we think that they are dumb. We just think that one day we will get home and there he or she is! with somebody else in bed. That itself is a given reason to break up, or worse divorce. But in reality, A private investigator like SHERLOCKSTORM is different, he is smart! meaning to say good at hiding. So instead you are becoming paranoia, or you are dying to know whats going on to give yourself a good reason to run away, because you know the signs are there but there is no proof of cheating!
There are cheaters who can be remorseful, that can happen after you've shown your wounds (since you have no proof, she can brush it off as a joke and keep on doing it) or years later after a break up/divorce, but than you might have long forgotten her already. If you were to find proof, than she better be remorseful, and feel bad for you than doing that or feeling like that later in her life.
The best advise i can give you is to contact a professional that can help you get a proof to confront him/her and get them caught. I know a professional that you can reach on SHERLOCKSTORM@yahooCom

16 August 2019

New Jersey Investigator get the job done and their clients come first.

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12 May 2018

My family and I had a personal situation and we needed someone that can really work in the community. This company service was top quality and professional. I would definitely use them again and refer them to friends and church members he really knows this line a work very well. More...

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11 May 2018

New Jersey Investigations did a great job on my request. Professional and timely. With their assistance and discoveries, I was able to make critical decisions to benefit my company.

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11 May 2018

My experience with New Jersey Investigation was excellent. The investigator, Paul, was professional, punctual, and kept he me updated throughout the entire process. His investigation skills were able to save me money and time. More...

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11 May 2018

I was impressed with the professionalism, knowledge and service I received from this company. Paul help me locate a relative I haven't seen or heard from in 15 years! The joy I experience reconnecting was priceless. Thank you again, New Jersey investigation! More...

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4 May 2018

New Jersey Investigation is always professional and courteous. Paul always goes the extra mile to help his clients. If you need investigational services that are the best contact Paul at New Jersey Investigation today!

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5 April 2018

Paul’s my go to guy in N.J., whenever I need him he’s Jonny on the spot he doesn’t complain and he gets the “money shot” every time. And when it comes to mobile surveillance, forget about it he’s the guy that won’t lose the subject. More...

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5 April 2018

So I needed to get proof that my girl was having an affair and I hired Paul. from New Jersey Investigation, because my girl worked in NJ and thought she was safe to cheat on my because I wouldn't come to her job. Well she was right because I sent Paul, and he got video and still photos for me to confront her with. Needless to say we're no longer together and I have a wonderful woman who loves me and respects me thanks Paul, you really saved me from marrying the wrong woman. More...

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9 February 2018

Very reliable service

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9 January 2018

Mr.Saint Louis is very dedicated and devoted into getting results on every case. He was able to canvas a hit and run situation where the party fled he discovered whom did the hit and run, he bought justice to the table. Worth every penny!!!!!!! For all insurance Attorneys please contact New Jersey Investigation for quick results!!!! More...

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I love helping my customer. I like to look at my customer face to see them happy with the evidence we provided to her make her life better.

What to make sure people are paying to much for this services.

Our clients come first that is our philosophy . We enjoy when we hear the client are happy and building a relationship with them. Give us a try today.


We have undertaken over 25,000 investigative cases and perform the following services:

High profile investigative cases
Local political cases involving various government officials
Cheating spouse
Criminal defense
Appellate matters
Workplace slip and fall
Fraud investigation
Insurance investigation
Internal/external investigations
Employee theft
Asset protection
Sexual harassment
Workers’ Compensation Defense
Counterfeit investigations
Background research
Location of witnesses
Discovering hidden assets
Forensic investigation
Missing persons
No matter where your case is located, we are happy to discuss how we can assist you. Please call our local Mount Laurel office toll free at 856-497-2296 for a free consultation.

We can conduct surveillance Investigation to help you find if your love one is cheating. We will provide you with the evidence.

We will provide you Investigation to show how you're children's is being treated while you're not living with them. The evidence you can take to court to lower you're child support or get custody of children's. Give us call today.

We can locate how much money that inside the back accounts or we can aslo find where the assets is hiding. We will provide you the evidence.

We can locate people that want to find dead or alive. We will provide you with the evidence.

We aslo do criminals background check for work companies before they hire someone or gets to know someone. Evidence.

We locate missing people all over the state of New Jersey. We are aslo connect family and friends with they loved ones.