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When it comes to throwing a party, the life of the party is both the host and the DJ. The host gets you comfortable and the DJ make memories for you to relive for the rest of your life. What makes us different, we make memories and create an experience unlike anyone else in the industry.



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In my opinion the best kept secret to keeping the party dancing is to both give the crowd the same amount of energy they are giving me as they dance and to always find the genre that is getting them dancing and sticking to it. In order to make sure that the crowd enjoys themselves is to play the golden songs and to keep them moving and to always have them sing along.

My style is more upbeat and party style. I like to dance and have fun and am not the type that likes sad or slow songs so i always tend to play fun and dancing songs to keep the crowd energized.

I love that the crowds i work with enjoy themselves and have a great time and never want to stop. It is always great to see people leave drenched in sweat knowing that i did my job.

I started out by hosting and then switched to DJ'ing as i had an interest and then just continued on learning it and started DJ'ing clubs and weddings all over as well as fun little parties around the country.

With my you will get a customized plan and every detail will be looked at. This is your special day and I will be there to ensure that you enjoy your special day to the fullest and I am there to ensure that you do enjoy it and everything happens perfectly.