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I've spent nearly 20 years coaching and consulting clients all over the U.S. I founded MPower Coaching LLC in order to create a company specifically devoted to my life and business coaching. I am an entrepreneur who created and built a highly profitable and successful company.

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28 January 2022

Business & Career Coaching

I absolutely loved working with Monica. She is compassionate, intuitive and knowledgeable. I appreciated how she made sure I was getting what I wanted out of each session. Every phone call we had I was left with inspiration and drive. More...

19 January 2022

I was hesitant to even try coaching, I had never thought about it being helpful for what I was looking to do. Monica certainly changed my mind! The questions she asks are spot on and in only a few sessions, she has helped me see my goals more clearly. She is helping me organize the scaffolding on which I will use to make my business even better. She is very compassionate and caring, things that I look for in professional relationships, she makes me feel at ease when approaching difficult conversations. More...

19 January 2022

Monica is exactly the kind of coach I need to call me out. She goes beyond the surface level answers and doesn't let me off the hook without going deeper. Her drive to help me level up as a business owner is complimented with just the right amount of encouragement to keep me moving beyond the barriers I'm facing. More...

16 August 2021

Monica is superb! Her coaching style is engaging, enthusiastic and encouraging. She is very perceptive and knowledgeable. You will exponentially gain self-discovery and how to develop and meet the goals for your business and your life. More...

16 August 2021

Monica is a master at organizing and framing the information I provide her. She has consistently identified and crafted solutions that I can immediately implement. Her guidance has been transformational to every area of my life and career! More...


I love so many things - seeing the light bulb go off with my clients around ideas and directions we've developed together; the confidence they experience when achieving specific goals; the progress each client makes and the profound impact that has on their lives and businesses; and inspiring and motivating clients to bring out the very best in them in all facets of their life.

I have been an entrepreneur for 20 years, already founding and building a successful coaching and consulting business in the healthcare industry. Once I sold that business I really wanted to grow beyond that industry and bring my wealth of expertise and knowledge to more people. I founded MPower Coaching LLC because I am passionate about leading others to personal and professional success, bringing my wealth of knowledge, skills, insights, tips and motivation to guide and support them on their journey.

I have 20 years experience consulting and coaching - as well as developing a personalized, successful and rewarding experience for my clients. I am truly committed to each and every client and personally inspired and motivated by my clients' successes. That is what gets me up every morning to do this job that I love so much. There's nothing better than helping others get where they want or need to go in their life or business.

I offer either a Zoom call or phone call - whichever the client prefers and is most comfortable with.

Because I don't see clients in person, there are no Covid-19 protocols that need to be considered at this time.




I am committed to creating a meaningful connection with my clients, so I offer an initial complimentary discovery call to learn more about you and how I can best help you. I also strive to develop a coaching plan that works for your timeline, pace and budget. You can book this no-cost call with me directly using the link below.