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Morgan Lynn Fitness



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NASM certified personal trainer offering group classes, 1 on 1 training, and online coaching.

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1 July 2020

The knowledge of working out correctly. Fun staff & atmosphere.

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9 March 2020

Very good understanding in physical movement in Middletown, ct meaning learning how to work out, the trainers give independence to you to the extent where you don’t feel out of place in completing exercises. Best workout experience so far. I strongly recommend this workout program. More...

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20 January 2020

I love Core 4 and their different kind of workout. Finally something I can stick to! Andy and Kevin are great!

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8 January 2020

The only workout out I have ever stuck with! Been with Kevin since October 2018

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I see all of my clients at least once a week. I train them in-person but I also hold them accountable outside of training with me. Clients have access to me through text and email where I check in with them regularly. I also give them weekly to-do's and recommendations to keep them consistent and help them achieve their goals quicker.

There is no secret. It's not only having a good trainer who provides support, accountability, and a solid program designed for your needs but also you having the drive to improve your health and your life.

I love the people. I have some really awesome clients and I'm very lucky. Everyone has such a great attitude and they try their best every time they come in to see me.

I didn't want to work in a big corporate gym anymore. I like the private gym setting-it's not as crowded and loud and I like having different types of equipment you wouldn't see in a corporate gym like the Edge.

I am very thorough with my clients. I go over everything with them and really try to get to know them so I can better help them reach their goals. I also have a lot of personal experience with injury and I'm very focused on my clients having good form. I'm there for my clients not just when I see them during their session but I also try to be there for them as best I can outside of the gym.


Group fitness classes, 1 on 1 personal training, and online coaching.

Small group and 1 on 1 soccer skills training.