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Hello and thanks for your consideration of Misenheimer Creative, Inc. for your Marketing/Design needs.

With a 4-year degree in design, Mark T. Misenheimer of Misenheimer Creative, Inc. has been providing Graphic Design/Marketing services since 1987, and was nominated in 2004 as one of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce's 'Small Business of the Year.

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30 August 2018

Mark saves me time and money. He makes me look great to my prospects & customers. His ability to quickly grasp an idea, turn it into a visual concept (better than I hoped for) and in short order give me a great website, logo or marketing peice.

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1 July 2018

I love working with Mark. He is easy to work with and takes suggestions well. He designs a monthly newsletter for us, prayer cards for missionaries, business cards, and all kind of promotional and informational materials for us. I highly recommend him!

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27 May 2018

Mark did a great job on my CD, his eye for detail and friendly disposition just made for an enjoyable artistic experience. ...his skill set is off the charts.....BRAVO!!!!!!! More...

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27 May 2018

As a booming non-profit; community outreach (which includes branding and marketing) is the life blood to expanding our missional footprint. Not a week goes by that we don't receive gushing compliments specifically regarding our branding and marketing pieces...and for which we are delighted to receive ALL the credit ;-). (Thanks Mark Misenheimer!!) More...

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27 May 2018

I have used Misenheimer Creative for over 8 years now for creative design, printing and overall brand support for our company. Initially, I leaned heavily on Mark for any input he could offer regarding our initial logo, branding ideas and design. He was patient with me and asked a number of questions to understand our target audience. Little did I know where it would go from there. Not only was I extremely pleased with his designs, but he knew what I was looking for even when I had no idea how to explain it. From there Mark was hands-on with our brochure, printing and trade show booth designs, incorporating a perfect sync between print material, trade show materials, booth and company image. Graphic work...SPOT ON!! I would recommend Misenheimer Creative without reservations. Worth every dollar we invested!! More...

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27 May 2018

Mark is always incredibly creative, professional, and such a pleasure to work with. We have worked with Mark on a number of projects and have loved everything he has created for us. We could not be more pleased with his services and highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented graphic designer. - Janine Maxwell More...

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27 May 2018

I've known Mark for close to 20 years, and worked with him at my roles at Acuity Brands and Kimberly-Clark. He was truly an extension of our team. Mark has great vision and creative ideas, and he can work with businesses large and small More...

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27 May 2018

If you are looking for a someone that can help you tell your story Mark is your guy. I have used Mark for creative design and branding for 10 plus years. Every time he has the ability to surprise me. Below are just two of the last logos he has designed. He is currently working on a new project for me as well. Thanks Mark for always helping tell the story.. More...

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27 May 2018

Mark and his team at Misenheimer Creative do an outstanding job. I've commissioned Mark to design multiple projects over the years from web design, flyer design, and cost sheets. Each time he's professional and timely in all his communications, and delivers a great product that suits our needs. His customer service and attention to detail is top notch. We have a longstanding business relationship and will continue to use him in the future. More...

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27 May 2018

Mark Misenheimer designed an outstanding author website for me. He kept me in the loop every step of the way. When I needed changes, his turnaround time was almost instant. I highly recommend Misenheimer Creative for website design, graphics, and marketing materials. More...

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There are lots of things we could say, but the essentials are:
We believe a great website is one that successfully communicates our Client's message about their product/service/cause to site visitors, is easy to navigate, functions well on mobile devices as well as desktop computers, has great design and photography, is easily found on search engines, was affordable to create, is self-maintainable by the Client (easy to update), and scales to grow as the Client grows.

ok, a few Qs to ponder when starting a web site development project (I’ve removed some that did not apply, so fewer than it would have been!)

Regarding this new or refreshed site in question:

2. Do you need any password protected areas?

3. is this a refresh or a new site and what will the domain (site address) be?

5. What is your time frame?

6. Is this a brochure site or an ecommerce site (selling and sending purchased products from the site itself)

6B. if ecommerce, what is the number of different products you will sell, and will shipping need to be figured at that time, as well.

7. Who is your specific audience? (builders only, contractors, single family home buyers, etc.)

8. Do you have any specific website functions you want?

9. What are the website addresses of your competitors?

10. What should the site visitor do after visiting (call you, email, some other call to action)

12. What is your main message?

13. Did you or someone else register the domain?

14. How important (in terms of budget allotment) is search engine optimization?

15. What are several websites you like?

19. Does the site launch need to coincide with a product launch or any other important milestone?

22. Do you have good quality, high res photos that you want to use?

22B. Do you need photography done?

23. Will several people be editing the site?

24. How many pages do you need?

26. How do people find your current website?

37. Please list the buttons for the main navigation, as best you know them, at present (such as, About Us, History, Team, Products, Store, Contact Us, etc.)

37. Do you have your text content done (and, approved/reviewed, by all pertinent parties within your organization) for each of the buttons you listed above?

47. What is your budget?

49. Do you need an image gallery?

52. Do you need this to integrate with your existing identity pieces or a newsletter?

57. What bugs you the most about websites?

59. Do you need social media tools built in, like FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

61. Do you need the website to tie into any particular 3rd party online web-tied applications? (billing functions, scheduling, fleet tracking, etc.). If so, which ones, and provide a link to their site, please.

62. Do you need a contact form and a location map?


MisenheimerCreative.com ::: 678.777.3165 ::: @misenheimer ::: Strategic Marketing That Propels Brands
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

1) Determine need of prospective Client and determine if we provide the design service(s) they need, and proceed if so:
2) We listen carefully to the Client's requests for their site/print piece/logo/etc.
3) We suggest options and discuss ideas to make sure we understand, and possibly suggest (totally optional) alternate or additional services that might better meet their needs, based on our experience
4) We develop a custom Estimate for the Client
5) Estimate Approved
6) Develop sketches, copy or similar 'visual baselines' to share our initial ideas with Client, share thought process
7) Listen carefully to Client's initial feedback and make notes
8) Develop a tighter version of design, based on input, and keep refining until the Client is pleased
9) Deliver site/print ready/vector files of final design to Client; and/or handle printing, website installation, etc. as desired
10) Be available to Client after the project for questions and updates
11) Before long, typically start project #2 for same satisfied Client!
12) repeat steps, starting with 2) above

Creative Brief / Client Questionnaire

Thank you for choosing Misenheimer Creative, Inc. for your web and print graphic design needs. Our goal is to create Graphic Design solutions for print and the web that increase your marketshare and mindshare for your clients and prospects.

A Creative Brief is vital to any design project as it will provide us with all the information needed to exceed your expectations. It should primarily focus on the results and outcomes of the design and the business objectives of the design project. It should not attempt to deal with the aesthetics of the overall design. The primary stages of a design project are consultation, concept development, production and delivery.

The Creative Brief also allows you (the Client) to focus on exactly what you want to achieve before any work starts on the project and, if answered fully, will ensure that you get a high quality design that meets your needs.

Have fun answering the questions and remember, provide as much detail as possible!


1. Current Naming
The name of this specific project, and the full title of how it should appear is: ____________________ (example: 'Advantier Corporation' - (Logo Development); or, 'Web site for Associated Tech Systems'; etc.)

2. Service or Product description
In layman's terms, what does your business do and what is its unique selling point?

3. Perception
Please use three adjectives to describe how the company/product/service should be perceived by the audience through your marketing efforts.

Tip: Assume that we know nothing about your company.

4. What are the goals for this /logo/branding/web site/collateral piece? Why?

* What is the overall goal of the new design project?
* What are you trying to communicate and why?
* Are you trying to sell more products or get awareness of your product / service?
* How do you differ from your competitors?
* Do you want to completely reinvent yourself or are you simply updating your promotional material?

Tip: Please provide any of your previous marketing materials to us. (pdfs, site URL, printed pieces, etc.)

5. Who is the target market?
* What are your target market’s demographics & phychographics? ie. the age, gender, income, tastes, views, attitudes, employment, geography, lifestyle of those you want to reach.

Tip: If you have multiple audiences, rank them in terms of importance.

6. What copy (text) and pictures are available, in a high res format, right now? What copy or images are needed? (either stock imagery or custom imagery, or custom text/copy - we can help)

* What copy needs to be included in the design? Who is providing the copy?
* What pictures / photographs / diagrams etc need to be used? Who is providing these?

Tip: The copy and pictures used in a design are as crucial as the design itself and you should clearly state who is going to be providing the copy and pictures if needed. As part of our services, we can provide professional copywriters and photographer as needed.

7. What are the specifications?

* What size is the design going to be?
* Where is it going to be printed / used? The web, business cards, stationery, on your car?
* What other information should we know in regards to specifications/needs, etc.?

8. Have you got a benchmark in mind?

* Please provide a few examples of what you consider to be effective or relevant design even if it is from your main competitors. This will set a benchmark for us.
* Please provide a few examples of things not to do, and styles that you do not like or wish to see in your design. This will give the us an idea of what to avoid and will avoid disappointment on your behalf.

9. What is your budget range?

* Providing a budget prevents both you and us from wasting valuable time and resources when trying to maximize your budget.

11. If commercial printing is involved, would you like for us to get an estimate on this portion, or do you want to get the final files from us and then you handle the printing? (For web site development, we will assume that we will handle the front end (design), as well as the back end (coding /programming) when completing the Estimate, unless you tell us otherwise.)

10. What is the timeline / deadline?

The End! Thanks for filling this out.

"The Public is more Familiar with Bad Graphic Design than Good Graphic Design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer Bad Design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes Threatening, the Old, Reassuring."
-Paul Rand

Contact Info
Misenheimer Creative, Inc.

With a 4-year degree in design, Mark T. Misenheimer of Misenheimer Creative, Inc. has been providing Graphic Design/Marketing services since 1987, and was nominated in 2004 as one of the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce's 'Small Business of the Year.'

Some of the clients we have created design work for include: Ron Blue & Co., Olan Mills, Wachovia, the City of Alpharetta, GA, City of Johns Creek, GA, Great American One Stop Auto Care (Denver), Lincoln Property Company, HLB Gross Collins, Lithonia Lighting, Hotwire Marketing, North Point Community Church, Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, Equip/Injoy, Dr. Tim Elmore, Lanny Donoho, Tiffany Alley & Associates, Buckhead Church, The Accounts Payable Network, the North Point Group, Life Impact, Maximum Real Estate, Network TwentyOne, Armstrong Glass, Dr. John Trent (Phoenix), Blackberry Creek Community Church (Chicago), Telegration Associates, Inc., Tentmakers (architects), and a host of smaller companies around the Metro Atlanta area.

Please visit our website for design samples:

Or contact us for a no obligation portfolio review.

Mark Misenheimer
Creative Director & President

Mark Misenheimer | Misenheimer Creative, Inc.

Elevating Brands Through Strategic
Web + Print Graphic Design

678.777.3165 | mark@misenheimer.com

Web: http://www.MisenheimerCreative.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/misenheimer
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/markmisenheimer
FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/misenheimer

providing design for:
identity/logos ::: web development ::: brochures ::: print ads ::: direct mail ::: stationery :::
packaging ::: trade show ::: POS ::: eblasts ::: signage ::: product rollout ::: and more

Helping Clients create the visual, branding or site they that dream of!

Had worked for others in corporations, ad agencies and design firms for years, and then i got laid off after Sept 11 attacks - so decided to go out on my own.

Experience, Attention to Detail and Client Requests, Easy to Work With, Pricing


all phases of creating, designing, installing and maintaining a professional web site

all phases of creating, designing, editing professionally designed piece; and printing, if desired

all phases of creating, designing and delivering a professionally designed logo, along with many file formats, including a vector/.eps version.