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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


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My clients are ambitious women in their 20s + 30s, women struggling with career confusion and women who are ready to launch their first business. If you're seeking a coach + mentor to help you find your passion (push through that "stuck" feeling), improve your confidence and shorten the learning curve to success, you're in the right place.

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4 May 2019

When I first approached Mira, I was in a stage in my life that I knew needed extra guidance and support. I wanted to live toward my potential and start filling my life with action steps instead of being in my head all the time. Coaching with Mira has been very fulfilling. She aligned well with my social justice lens, along with really giving me concrete action steps to work toward reaching my goals. She is full of resources, challenged me to unpack my excuses and has supported my growth in my overall personal life and in my passion projects. I am more fulfilled spiritually, mentally, and physically since working with Mira. More...

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7 May 2018

During my birthday month, I gifted myself a life coaching session with @MiraJoleigh of Ambitionista.org (and I want to share about my experience)

Our call was one-hour long and came with homework! We discussed relationships, financial hardships, career and heart projects. She helped me assess some of the flaws in my thinking that have been holding me back and offered me valuable feedback. We created a 30-day plan to focus on some of the problems I feel are affecting my life.

Mira made me feel heard, supported, I really feel she is rooting for me 100%. One of the most useful things she suggested is a simple mantra, that I have used again and again…

“You are the ocean; deep, calm and infinite. The waves (ups + downs) on the surface will always be there. Witness them, but don’t get caught in the current. Remember who you are.”

Coaching helped me complete tasks knowing that I had someone to be accountable too who really is looking out for my best interest.

If you’ve been struggling to get to the next level in your life without without a support system, you need to meet @MiraJoleigh. She’s inspiring and powerful and I have full faith that she can help

21 February 2018

Mira is a leader in the community and for this, and many other reasons, a wonderful coach. She brings people together through social media, advocacy and networking in a way that provokes meaningful conversation on societal and personal growth issues. Her dedication to advocacy for and working with minorities and the LGBTQ community is really inspiring.I really appreciate her take charge, bad ass personality which is also balanced with a kindness and softer side. She makes those of us she works with feel inspired, supported and confident in her abilities. Mira has a lot of great knowledge about psychological topics, business building, and just adulting in general which she shares freely with her followers and of course, in more depth with her clients. I'd definitely recommend working with her and have learned a lot from her in our time working together. More...

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17 May 2017

Mira is the real deal. She helped me face my fears and turn all that negative energy into something that's productive and positive, and it has made a real difference in my life.  She listens to understand and helps you stay on track.  If you are looking for someone who walks the talk and is an honest, genuine person, Mira is the right life coach for you. I am now pursuing my dreams and it all started with that one conversation I had with her that guided me in the right direction. More...

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14 October 2016

Mira is FANTASTIC.  I just happen to find her website and her steps to action and since then, I've been hooked!  She's very kind, compassionate, bold and such a great person to get you revved up about your life, your possibilities, and anything you want to do! I'm a naturally driven person, but I've been getting stuck for the past few years and with her guidance she has managed to make me recognize my strengths, wins and capabilities, which has made me more passionate and confident in myself!  Even if you think you have it all figured out, talk to Mira!  She will help you discover a lot of things you have not thought about, thus, helping you make better decisions and being much happier!!! More...

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13 October 2016

Before working with Mira, I was in search for someone who could help me discover and validate my passion in terms of a career. I was stuck and unhappy at my job at the time and was at a lost at what to do. I've never worked with a coach prior to Mira, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I ended up with her for 4 months and within that short time she helped me to discover my passion, I actually left my job, and she helped career coach me more than life coach. I love and respect how she was able to adapt her expertise to support me. She ended up becoming my weekly accountability buddy and she saved me weeks of time in terms of learning what resources and tools I needed to establish to get my business running! The top 3 things I love about Mira are: 1) How resourceful she is 2) How she is able to adjust her lift coaching skills to specific needs 3) How she addresses fear! Thank you Mira! More...

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14 November 2015

I started with Mira last year, in what would become the most transformational year of my life. Her guidance inspired me to lose 50 pounds, become more confident, and grow my freelance business. She's full of suggestions for how to rethink a problem or roadblock and resources to check out if you're stuck. I often found comfort for personal inter-relational problems through writers or speakers she would lead me to.And she's well-connected in the community! She knows groups, events, and other resources around LA you may need to check out!This gal knows her stuff and is a fantastic human being to boot! More...

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28 October 2015

As a coach who just started my own practice, Mira has been tremendously helpful in teaching me to build my brand. I was looking for a coach to help me develop my practice, teach me how to reach my audience and to grow my business. I reached out to Mira and she agreed to coach me. I have to admit my personal brand changed significantly after even just a few sessions with her! She is very professional yet personable and we were able to talk through just about anything. By working with her, I have started building my own "tribe," am working with more clients of my own and am more clear about how to not only reach but also serve my ideal clients. Whether you are a coach yourself and looking for a mentor coach to guide you as you grow your business, or are a young ambitious woman seeking a coach to help you succeed, Mira is an amazing coach to have by your side. I highly recommend her! More...

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9 January 2015

I was in a huge slump, feeling sad and angry that I had all these goals I wanted to accomplish but didn't know how because I was once again back in the same place month after month, year after year. I wanted so much to not keep doing the same things I was doing because I wanted to create a different life but I was just so stuck I felt helpless. Finally, I decided to do a life coach search just to see what was out there. I found Mira and she seemed like the best, the one my gut felt most connected to of all the ones I saw and read about. So I called to do the hour exploratory phone call and loved what she was saying and the support I felt even in just that one hour. She understood me.So I began working with her after that and I'm so glad I decided to. Not only do I admire her immensely for what she's accomplished as far as her business, which I aspire to do so much of what she does, but equally- the wonderful, supportive community of lovely ladies she's created. The resources I've learned from working with Mira and the new insights she's given on time management and branding and much more has allowed me to get unstuck and help take myself to a higher level. She helped me to start thinking in terms of brand and helped me to hone in on it which was key. She's put me in touch with amazing people- I  have my new website in the works based on her recommendations, I am more focused and have more tools for working through procrastination and exercising my time management skills. Above all, she's there as the biggest support system which is incomparably valuable. I would recommend Mira to anyone however, as always, you have to go with your own gut but just take the step to connect with Mira and see for yourself what a wonderful asset she and her support can be. More...

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9 September 2014

No matter where you may be in your personal and professional journey, vocalizing your battles and victories to someone is an incredible way to gain insight. I came to Mira on the brink of an important career crossroads with a tentative plan, and Mira gave feedback that helped to focus and bolster my choices by giving me specific ways to stay accountable to myself and my goals. Mira has extraordinary empathy and insight, and she asks questions that gently turn you towards the focal points where you can work to improve. As a 24-year-old college grad, I've been through enough ups and downs to admit that in spite of all my planning and ambition, I sometimes feel like I don't know what I'm doing. To Mira: a million thanks for your work and this amazing community you've set out to build - I'm so grateful to have found it! More...

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21 June 2014

I spoke with Mira on two occasions just to see what she was all about and I was blown away. I walked away with many helpful tools and loved how she did not make me feel pressured at all to continue. I would have if I had the funds. She is a very genuine and innovative person. More...

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12 June 2014

After attending many of her #Ambitionista chats and teleconferences, I thought it was finally time to schedule a call with Mira. Her scheduling system is incredibly easy, and when it came time to talk to her she was incredibly helpful. I'm a recent college grad with ambitious online-entrepreneurial dreams that can sometimes leave me a little nervous and unsure. She helped me gain some clarity and confidence and showed me the the next steps I need to take towards my goal.She kept me accountable with some tasks that I needed to complete in the next week. Not only did I have something realistic to work towards, but I also felt a renewed excitement for my dream. I love her concept of the Ambitionista, and I definitely feel like she's great at showing others how to get on that path. Mira is confident and collected and is just what I needed. I would definitely suggest her to anyone looking for coaching be it in life, business, love or other. She's great and leading and guiding you there on your own. I loved working with her! More...

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9 June 2014

Being an Indie Filmmaker, I have a few projects that I am currently working on, and Mira has really helped give me the jump start to get the energy moving forward with them in a structured way. I am grateful to have found Mira through a recommendation, and appreciate Mira's unique combination of wisdom, compassionate, and practical tools. She uses a coaching system that keeps you accountable and on track with projects.Not only is Mira a great coach, she is a really cool woman, and enjoyable to be around. We had some great laughs while getting things done and I always felt positive and uplifted after our sessions. I would highly recommend Mira if you are an ambitious woman that could use some extra support in your career or life. More...

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12 May 2014

Mira is an awesome coach! She really makes you think about what you want, how you are going to get it, and why you deserve it. Not only has Mira been a beacon in a foggy quarter-life crisis, she has connected me to an entire community of ambitious 20 - somethings! Her personality is so welcoming it is easy to open up and explore your true potential.  Mira is consistent in her coaching sessions and always provides tools to establish and achieve goals and she will hold you accountable!Working with Mira has helped me to realize both personal and professional goals.  She truly is amazing at producing results that you can measure. I recommend Mira to anyone ready to see success in their lives! More...

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6 May 2014

I absolutely love working with Mira and would recommend her in a heartbeat from anyone to my closet friend to a stranger. Going into our calls, I usually have a blurred idea of what I'm wanting to find out and no idea of how she's supposed to help me . But without fail, every time, she knows exactly where we should start + how to help. Because of Mira my business is set for a successful launch and my confidence has grown immensely. If you're considering whether or not to give her a try-- just do it! Best investment in both myself and my business that I've ever made. More...

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5 February 2014

I had never thought about Life Coaching before - it seemed a little self helpy and fluffy to me. The I met Mira -The Alpha Femme model is such a great, modern concept. It takes women out of the box we are traditionally placed in to. I love that Mira encouraged all of us to take ownership of who we are as women, and not be shamed in to acting like a man or being a little woman - It's ok to be a confident, attractive, successful woman!  Being part of a group coaching plan was way more enlightening then I had thought it would be. There is something really special about a group of women who've never met encouraging each other, growing together and celebrating each other's successes. It was not only inspiring to hear how the tools we were learning were working for other members of the group it was also really eye opening to hear that I am not so different and other women are having the same career stalls that I am. Working through it together felt empowering and was rewarding.  It sounds strange but just committing to the coaching program and making the group calls each week was a big step for me, Mira encouraged me to do it because I guess she knew it was the right fit for me and it  was. Just telling people "oh I have a coaching call at 5pm, so I'm unavailable" was like announcing to them _ I'm doing something for myself! I'm bettering myself cause you know what I deserve it ! i felt like my husband and even my boss were very supportive and took me more seriously because of it. Even now months later I am constantly sharing the tools I learned from Mira with other women and men! If you are serious about committing to yourself and realizing your potential Mira can definitely guide you - and she's definitely not fluffy! More...

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I love seeing my clients go from stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed to clear about their goals, motivated and making moves!

My purpose in life is to be a role model and mentor for women, showing you that whatever you want in life IS POSSIBLE. My work inspires you to live life on your OWN terms and reminds you that the only limits in life are the ones you place on yourself. Together, we re-write your success story, and my hope is that you pay it forward by becoming role model and mentor to the next generation.

If you can see it, you can be it.

If we have any of these traits in common, we are likely a good match!

free spirit, open minded, navy brat, intersectional feminist, pisces, INFJ, LGBTQ, creative, outside-the-box, "Corporate America" success story turned adult entertainer (sex worker) turned life coach, #quarterlifecrisis survivor, Burning Man participant, obsessed with psychology, productivity and the science of developing habits, loves drag queens, hiking, green smoothies, international travel, makeup addict.

Basically -- there are many talented and qualified coaches out there. The one you're meant to work with will be someone you vibe with on a personal level who you feel comfortable opening up to and who you feel confident can help you achieve your goals. Schedule a free consult with at least 3 coaches and make a decision from there.


You’re ready to adventure through all the ‘what ifs’ you’ve been struggling with.

You’re ready to get focused, crush your fears and get back on track.

Once you’re crystal clear about your direction and we’ve mapped out your action steps…

I’ll be there to hold you accountable, call you out on your self-sabotaging habits and cheer you on after each big win!

The FIRST STEP is to schedule a call. During your ‘Breakthrough Session’ you will:

✔️Get REAL about what’s working and what’s *not* in all areas of your life.

✔️Complete a personality assessment to discover your IDEAL career path and work environment.

✔️Uncover your BLIND SPOTS and verbalize what’s been holding you back.

✔️Create an ACTION PLAN to get back on track!

$199 full price

$99 only for new clients!