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Rochester, MI, Oakland

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MINT Marketing offers services which include web design, social media marketing, social media monitoring, social media consulting, photography, video production, event videography, marketing planning, social media management.

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A great website is clean, to the point, shows the right information on the front page, is interactive and looks inviting, and modern.

What target audience would you like to reach?
Is that the best market for your product?
What are your year end goals?
What would you like from my company?
What is your end goal?

I am a problem solver, because I am not directly in a niche market that gives me the advantage to think critically and from an outsiders view, where possibly the customer can be thinking of. Sometimes when you spend a great amount of time and work in a certain industry you develop a certain jargon and knowledge that the common consumer might not know or have. I will be that buffer to bring your ideas and goals to consumers and customers. This is grow your business and develop brand loyalty by staying relevant and in touch with your clients and customers.

A monthly budget, a plan of attack, a goal, and a detailed description of what you would want the final product to look like. Also if You (the client) are interested in my ideas or thoughts before I start the project.

The ability to meet many amazing people who are motivated and inspired to be great. This motivates me to make my work even better than the last. Also the ability to be creative and solve problems, then to see my thoughts and ideas in action, then I can look back and say I created that, or we created that.

For all the work I do I would like to be compensated fairly. If I make a company a good sum of money I do not want 3% or 15% for my work I want the majority for it.

I have a different and effective approach, thoughts, ideas, and know how to grow your business. I come up with ideas and plans, then go into detail of why I thought this way and used this approach. My style of doing business is goal and team oriented. It can be interactive if you (the client) like to be involved in the decision process or I can take over and give you updates while still telling you ( the client) why I am doing what I am doing.


Developing Social Media platforms for your business to thrive in and connect with the community.

Creating your website from scratch. Also making sure it is able to be seen by people and everything is completed on google business.

Creating videos for you to market your business and events. Commercials, Documentation, and Testimonials.

Look over and interact on behalf of your company on social media. This helps you connect with your clients and customers to help repeat business.