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Hey there! I'm Michael. I'm a podcaster, coach and lover of all things related to personal growth and development. In my career I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of people to help them grow spiritually, professionally, and relationally.

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11 September 2021

I have worked with Michael and different projects and been shoulder to shoulder in different seasons. He is dedicated to his work and passionate about seeing others accomplish their goals. It’s been a joy to watch him practice what he preaches and work hard toward desired outcomes. I trust Michael to speak into my life and aspirations. More...

26 August 2021

Michael is incredible at leadership and coaching. He coached a group of 3 of us and did an excellent job! Highly recommend Michael!

26 August 2021

I am a YouTuber now but when I first met Michael I had under 100 subscribers. He helped me flush out ideas, grow myself and become a better person. I now have 160,000 subscribers and I am still growing. Micheal continues to be a source of encouragement and feedback. What he is best at is bringing the best out of me.

If you don’t want to improve he is not your guy.

But if you want to grow and gain momentum in life he will help you crush it.

Micheal is a solid coach I would recommend him any day of the week!

26 August 2021

Michael has been huge for me and my business. He's such a good listener and does an excellent job of asking pointed questions and giving direct and specific help. He's helped my business work through challenging problems with long term goal planning, daily/weekly execution and behaviors, and habit forming and disciplines. Highly, highly recommend working with Michael. More...

24 August 2021

I have never worked with Michael in a professional setting but I have known him for almost two decades. He is an intelligent man, full of honor and integrity. He genuinely cares for the individual and their well being. He holds the highest of character and it has been an honor to call him friend! More...

18 August 2021

Michael has been a source of tremendous help and encouragement to me. Very quickly into the launch of the Future You podcast, I felt engaged with the material and his style of coaching. I've begun to integrate new habits (journaling, forcing functions, and morning routines specifically) into my daily life. The difference it's made already is pretty extraordinary.
As a newly married husband, a teacher in the beginning of a new year, and a soccer coach, it's easy for me to spread myself thin and lose track of my own mental health and motivations for my future. And while I have always had dreams for my future, it's easy to get distracted by daily stressors and muddled by small frustrations.
Michael's content and advice has helped me to keep the healthy dreams in focus and cut through the life stuff that is keeping me unconsciously captive.
I can't recommend him, his content, and his coaching enough.


I believe the principle that when others win, I win too. My success in business is interdependent on your success. My favorite part of coaching clients is the joy of getting to be there as they celebrate their biggest accomplishments and create their dream future.

After being a pastor for 7 years, I knew I loved working with people. I also knew I wanted to do it in a different way. My philosophy is that I would rather go deep with the right people than trying to make a little impact with a large number of people.

Because of my motivation to make a deep impact in the lives of my clients, I strictly limit the number of people I work with. I commit to never take on more than I can handle so I can always offer my clients a world class coaching experience where they are the focus and get the attention they deserve.


We call this the accelerator program. This is a high touch point, 90 day coaching program where we will determine the single biggest outcome you want to see measurable results in over the next 3 months. If you are feeling a little stuck and want massive results in the least amount of time, this is the package for you.

Package includes:

• 45 minute On-boarding call to assess area of focus
• Twice a month 60 minute Zoom calls for growth, encouragement, and measuring progress
• 24/7 Q&A Support
• One-off phone calls as needed

This is our most popular option. We will identify 1-3 focus areas that you want to experience breakthrough growth in. We will determine your Big 3 and then create the strategy and pathway to get you there.

Package includes:
• 60 minute On-boarding call to assess areas of focus
• Twice a month 60 minute Zoom calls for growth, encouragement, and measuring progress
• 24/7 Q&A Support
• One-off phone calls as needed

This is our elite program for individuals who know what they want their future to look like, they just need help getting there. If you already have a strong idea of the top 1-3 areas you want to experience massive growth and you recognize consistent work over time is the way to get there, then you need the 12 Month Mastery Package.

• 90 minute On-boarding call to assess area of focus
• Twice a month 60 minute Zoom calls for growth, encouragement, and measuring progress
• 24/7 Q&A Support
• One-off phone calls as needed