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6 December 2017

I had such an amazing experience at Metahuman fitness! The coaches were kind and understanding and they will work with you if you have pain and/or injuries. I highly recommend this gym because everyone is so close and connected. I took part in the 6 week challenge and I feel better then I have felt ever in my life. If you take part in this challenge you get a special meal plan made for your body and you get to work out 3 days a week with personal trainers that are right beside you every step of the way. My meal/fitness plan changed my life because I used to struggle with major anxiety and I tried all different anxiety medicines and nothing worked for me. Then I went to this gym and changed my life by eating healthy and by exercising. I have never felt better! This food/exercise plan has helped me more then any anxiety medicine I have ever taken in my life. I feel so much more energy. My confidence level has gone up and I feel so much happier! Again, I recommend this to anyone who wants to get their life back on track mentally and physically! More...

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2 December 2017

Well, I've finished my 6 week challenge at Metahuman. My goal was to drop 5% surplus bodyfat that I've been lugging around for a bit. Tomorrow I'll get the final result of where I ended up. My experience here has really been great. Lisette and Dave are both supportive and knowledgeable coaches who know how to push you hard without killing you. I definitely feel stronger, firmer, and leaner. The bonus has been that friends have noticed the difference in my appearance as well. The last 6 weeks here have renewed my interest in a regimented fitness routine to complement my other activities. If you see these guys running the 6 week challenge, jump on it. You'll be tested, but supported the entire time. Follow the meal plan, show up, and put in the work. That's it. It really is that easy. Commit to it and you will see results. More...

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30 June 2017

Metahuman Fitness is like my second Home! I always look forward to each and every class I attend. Each class is different, Coach Lisett & Dave always tend to surprise us (i. e.300, Killer birthday workouts) ,. The staff is amazing, they always support and motivate each member. If you haven’t checked out Metahuman Fitness I recommend you do. More...

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21 June 2017

After going to this gym i turned into meta human flash. I now have super speed due to this gym. It made me very amazing. This gym has changed many people like my two brothers. My younger brother got the ability to turn anything into snow and my older brother got the ability to be super duper strong. We use these power every day to save the earth, mostly California. We sometimes visit Bow in Washington and Mexico to save the Earth. I love Mexico and Bow because they fascinate me. I carry my brothers to there. They also love it too. We have a very fun time there. Anyways thanks to this gym we got this cool superpowers. We are now meta humans. You can search us up in youtube or google and we will be there. This is why i recommend this gym to you guys. More...

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23 May 2017

Absolutely LOVE working out here!!! The people are great, the instructors are INCREDIBLE, and the classes are amazing!!! ! Highly recommend this place! Everyone makes you feel super at home and very comfortable with wherever you are at in your personal fitness. More...

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25 February 2016

I love this place!!! I had been looking for a smaller type gym where everyone knows each other's names and is genuinely concerned about you and your fitness/health, and I finally found that with Metahuman Fitness! !! I like it because most small gyms typically have people who are already into fitness or are in shape which can be scary for someone like me who is trying to be that way. Metahuman fitness is a place where all kinds of people regardless of their goals meet to workout and train together. Also, having been in the military I am used to the togetherness of people when working out and this place is it.....and who doesn't love the name If you watch Flash then you already know what it is!! Lisett and Dave are wonderful and all I have to say about them is DAMN DANIEL!!! More...

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1 February 2016

I was just a local mom trying to figure out how to lose weight and keep it off. I needed accountability and I needed the knowledge of how to work out with results. In 6 months my whole life has changed for the better. My posture has improved dramatically, I have muscle tone that was never there before. I have improved sleep, way less pain, improved mobility, and most importantly I have a sense of well-being that only strength training brings.
I'm way stronger than I ever thought I could be with the correct form and personal training I have received. It has given me the opportunity to show my teenage children to set goals, and find ways to achieve them.
In addition to being a facility with super cool equipment and a great gym in itself, Metahuman is like a little family! Now I have the support and team to stay on track with. Dave has a new tailored program for me every month and every member gets personalized programs built for them.
Everyone is nice and welcoming! Everyone is supportive of each other, not just the owners. Every time I show up; everyone is having FUN!
If your looking for a gym where you can be more than just a number walking around aimlessly or a way to not be an out-of-shape unknown with a name tag you make each day and still don't get called by name then I highly recommend Metahuman Fitness.
Worth every penny.

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