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I have compassion for my clients that strives me to do the best possible job for my clients. I have over 30 plus years experience in surveillance of infidelity, child custody and child visitation cases. I conduct the majority of my cases myself and do not hire outside investigators. I keep in constant contact with my clients regarding their case.

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6 August 2023

Have you ever felt insecure in your relationship? Well I had a partner who was particularly jealous and overly controlling. He once told me that he was really bothered when I went out with my friends of which he knew. In the last days of our relationship, he stopped texting or calling as frequently as he used to. He would not return my calls for hours either. I tried to have conversations with him several times on what was happening between us but he seemed so uninterested. My intuition told me he was probably seeing someone else and having an affair. Apparently, I got a recommendation on the internet and Tv program about a phone spy expert who has many years of experience catching cheating partners. I reached out immediately on their verified email address through TheSpyPegasus@ Gmail com.

Many thanks to Pegasus for helping out with valid concrete proof. I wrote to their email address explaining my situation and ordeal. We agreed on a fee that was quite affordable, with a full money back guarantee if I wasn't please with the service. The spy expert then proceeded to clone his phone and within few hours, I could listen to his phone calls, read his texts, track his GPS location and I had complete access to all the apps installed on his cell phone. It was unbelievable because I didn't see my ex-partner as a cheating type after all the promises which I figured out they were all lies and deceitful. Nonetheless, I am thankful that I found out the truth. Why don't you stop wondering if you have this similar issue or doubts and find out for sure, and move on with a decision ? Contact Pegasus experts if you ever find yourself in this situation. I highly recommend the services.

2 August 2022

Sherlockstorm Investigation Services comes highly recommended. I had to contact Sherlockstorm Investigation Services when i needed more information because my husband strange behavior arouse suspicion. He was always with his phone and never drops it, his phone is always locked so it could only be accessed by him. i was worried and had to reach out to JEFF on SHERLOCKSTORM (@) YAHOOCOM i carefully explained my hunch in the email, i provided the information that was required and we agreed on an affordable fee. It took few hours till i eventually got complete access to his device without having physical access to his device. I had access to his text messages, phone conversations, locations, photos and videos, deleted text messages, the most shocking is that i listened and recorded live conversations he had on the phone. All i saw and heard broke me into smithereens, I reached out to my attorney and was able to file a divorce with Jeff's help, I found out who he was and how much i had been played. If you find yourself in this quagmire or you require this type of service reach out SHERLOCKSTORM (@) YAHOOCOM. More...

8 May 2022

After so many years of stress and anxiety wondering, the answers I was looking for came quickly. I had the opportunity of working with this private professional investigator. Sherlockstorm Investigations gave me a different approach to catch my now ex-wife. With their services I was able to gain access to her mobile phones and this gave me the chance to have access to everything she has been hiding from me for years. I could read all live messages(both sent and deleted), I was able to listen to her conversations she had when calling the man she cheated on with me, I saw all the dirty pictures and videos they shared. Basically it looked like I had her device in my hand. This things broke my heart into a million pieces, but most importantly I thank (SHERLOCKSTORM @ YAHOO)COM, that was very kind of you, felt like I was important and not just another client. More...


I specialize in infidelity, child custody, child visitation and workers compensation fraud surveillance.