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Napa, California, USA

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‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


We are a 23 year old photography company with a focus on people and what they do and also landscapes. This work started when I first worked for a newspaper in Wyoming and then after two years went freelance. It's a great feeling to know my closest partner is my camera.

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6 September 2018

A beautiful, kind, woman who immediately puts you at ease in her presence. Her talent is unmatched. We were very fortunate that Mary agreed to be our wedding photographer and we cant begin to express our gratitude to her for her time , talent and patience! she captured our day and made it look as magical as it felt to us. Mary captured some wonderful moments without making anything look posed or uncomfortable It was a day full of excitement and anxiety and Mary made our family and bridal party photos fun and easy. Ive followed Marys work for many years and have become good friends with her since our wedding. Her landscape photos are absolutely breathtaking. Shes passionate about her art and capturing the beauty of her hometown of Napa. Her knowledge of wine country and the wine making process is impressive. She is so respectful of nature and truly appreciates every opportunity to "shoot" photos even if shes standing on top of her car at sunrise in freezing temperatures. Nothing will stop Mary from getting the perfect, magical photo. More...


Learn all the rules of taking a good photograph and then carefully begin to break them. It's okay to shoot into the sun, if done properly, and it's just fine to keep images simple, as in just one horse grazing with the Teton Range towering in the background. Cameras can be best friends and love to go to the parties, just keep them close and be ready for when something magical happens. Cheers to creating!

Date of event? Number of guests? Location? Budget (so we can do our best to stay within)? And, wishes for the final product?

Love, love, love the ability to create! Love that it never turns off, I am always composing images, even in my dreams. Even at church, there was the Priest blessing the water on Sunday, standing in the wisp of bright light filtering in the high window, in his vestments he grew in stature, he seems to glow. No camera at church so it's just a memory, a rather perfect memory of a Powerful touch in our days.

I started my own business to fulfill the needs of others, to capture the moment when the couple simply look at each other smiling or when a group of friends or colleagues start laughing. Perfection!

Dedication and delivery of a great product in a very short amount of time. Often the turn around time can be next day or a few days. It's never long as I want clients to have their images and I suppose relive some of the fun! They should know I am totally tuned into their event, their people and their location. All that makes their time, day and moments.