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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Now is a good time to be RESILIENT, GROUNDED and FOCUSED. I work with men who are ready to grab the bull by the horn and take their life to the next level. For a limited time only, I have reduced my price significantly to help during the crisis.

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21 April 2020

I have been working with Mickey Feher for a number of years and he has been a tremendous and extremely valuable resource. A very experienced executive coach, with tons of experience of working with various executives across the world . He is extremely thoughtful, helps to get to the core of issues and provides invaluable guidance when navigating difficult terrains. Could not recommend him strongly enough!!! More...


I help men find and understand the secret sauce that makes them uniquely them. A human’s whole self includes the best of what we traditionally considered masculine and feminine. It is being decisive and fierce but also tender and playful. It is about showing up in our true beauty as an inspiring human.

I was leading teams and become fascinated with how I can get my people more engaged and willing to go the extra mile. I thought it was about them, but it turned out it was about me. After going through intensive training and coaching I have changed my career from corporate to entrepreneurial and I founded and led my own business to success. My leadership style changed from autocratic to a more versatile and coaching approach. My relationships improved and I was able to turn my dreaded conflicts into constructive opportunities. I have truly changed my life.

I have a unique combination of being pragmatic and action oriented and I can also help enhancing your "inner game" (that's in your head) to help you building your life on solid foundations. I now how many core tools we are missing from our education such as how to find Purpose, how to handle conflicts; and how to lead with self-awareness. I decided that I want to share my success with others. Since 2007 I have coached thousands of people on getting to the next level in their life and business.


MANTORSHIFT coaching will help you to master the tools, techniques, tips, and habits that will help you to be more you.

Learn the core life skills of relaxing and taking care of yourself; how to listen; how to ask instead of telling; how to get real and connect with yourself and others. This will help you succeed in your roles as a leader, spouse, or friend.

Learn from your past and turn your future from mystery to a personal vision. As my yoga teacher says, “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift.”

Attract the right people and opportunities with this new vision and clarity.

These coaching/training sessions are 60 minutes and recorded for your reference. They are intense but are incredibly effective!

If you think you are ready, the personal discovery mini-session is for you (30 minutes for $30).

Let’s get you started today. Ask questions, see if we’re a fit and explore needs and options.