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I'm Maddison (aka. Maddie) !!

Not gonna lie, I am super stoked to share a little bit more about me and thank you all for taking those precious minutes to read through this.

I have been intrigued with photography all my life and I have  entered the world of lens about 1 year ago and it has been fun,scary, exhausting, exciting, empowering and everything in-between.

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The ability to visualize through your lens and to communicate a story through your subject.

1) What are the styles of photography they are looking for?
2) What are the emotions or vibes they would like to portray ?
3) What are things they would like to stay away from or avoid?
4) Do they have an inspiration they are referencing from?
5) How do they plan on using the photos and where would they like the photos to be taken?
6) What would be their budget?

What i love most about taking photos is that it makes me open up my creative boundaries and also create a lasting moment in time.

I always had a dream to pursue photography and after years of struggles i have managed to start a small business and do what i am passionate about .

I am pretty confident in my work and that i can deliver great results. I also strive to imprint an everlasting memory through my photos so they would enjoy it as much as i loved capturing it.