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Love Your Life, LLC

Rochester, New York, Monroe


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‘20 Certificate of Excellence, 2020


Life Coaching for people who want more but feel stuck. Our sessions will guide you to look inside yourself and discover your true power so you can stop loving a circumstantial life. We all have way more and are capable of way more than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

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26 February 2019

Five stars +! I met Randy through a friend that highly recommended him, and wow, was she right! Randy has shown me life skills for overcoming fear and living in the moment, as well as lowering my anxiety level to help me pursue my hobby of photography to levels I had only dreamed of. I have gone from not knowing how to operate my camera, to now having done four weddings, and two more coming up on my calendar! Our weekly meetings have brought my fears and anxiety levels into a healthy perspective, and I cannot thank him enough. Truly skilled at what he does, and I will be forever grateful! More...

25 February 2019

A little over a year ago I had hit rock bottom, I was recently divorced and still very much in the healing process, I put my life savings into opening a business with my partner and the business did not do what we had expected it to and we were three weeks away from Christmas with nothing but bad credit, debt and no money for rent let alone Christmas. We were so stuck in our situation we could not see our way out. My mom against our wishes brought Randy over to talk to us. My partner was so embarrassed he would not come downstairs , so I sat and talked to Randy and within an hour and a half I was already realizing I was bigger than my situation and it will only defeat me if I let it. I would like to say I hired him that night but like many of us I was so caught up in my circumstances that it would be another month of self pitying before deciding enough was enough. It has been a year now and my life has shifted for the better. I am almost completely off my anxiety/depression medication. I have found peace within me. My self growth has been so apparent that it has inspired my partner to want the same for himself and he has hired Randy. With both of us working with him it has catapulted our lives into a positive direction. I know some people believe a life coach is like a therapist, but they are not. They are another set of eyes to help guide you to living a life of your dreams. Your sessions are spent working through your limiting beliefs, reprogramming and preparing yourself for the life you want not retelling stories of your past that have held you prisoner from living a life of your dreams. Randy is very easy to open up to, his life experiences and wisdom make him a great coach. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, Randy is the answer. More...

24 February 2019

This guy had an AWESOME weekly coaching radio show on WDNY93.9! I never missed a show! Randy has helped me focus on my strengths and helped me define my purpose. He will not shy away from calling you out on your BS, and he offers the expert perspective I need every time. More...

23 February 2019

Randy is eager to help his clients get past the things that keep them stuck. In my conversations with Randy, he has frequently given me new perspectives and help focus me on what's truly important.
I recommend Love Your Life, LLC!


The moments when my clients really understand how I’m control they are of everything around them. It’s the reason I do this.

I went through a bad divorce, lost my “dream job”, and had no clue where to turn. During this time I met my coach Keith and he showed me a new way to look at things and a new way to think. From then on there was no way I couldn’t start this business. I want to help people that aren’t feeling fulfilled.

I have your complete best interests in mind. I help you find your path, I don’t tell you what to do. The conversations we will have together will not only sharpen your focus towards the things you want in life, they will also help you become the person you were born to be. When that happens, all things shift and you really start living.